• Marketing That's (Just) Missing The Mark With Millennials
    We know young consumers are picky, and not always easy to please when it comes to marketing. Sometimes a campaign can be so close to getting it right, but the slightest detail stands out to turn them off. From hashtag misuse to gender stereotyping missteps, marketing to young consumers sometimes feels like a land mine of mistakes-especially when targeting a generation who has no problem telling you when you've got it wrong. As we say so often, understanding the way that Millennials see themselves is a vital part to messaging to them in the right way. Here are two recent ...
  • Millennial Fashion: How the Times Have Changed
    Fashion trends come and go ... this is as true today as it was 50 years ago. However, for Millennials, particularly those in the younger half of the generation bracket, there has been quite a shift in preferences over the past decade.
  • 5 Management Lessons From Millennials
    In the past decade and a half since Millennials first entered the job market, there has been a huge amount of scholarship and prose about how to more effectively manage Generation Y workers. Much of the focus has been on the challenges associated with an older generation of managers who are struggling to understand and accommodate the needs and expectations of this younger generation.
  • How Social Businesses Can Engage Millennials
    Millennials engage with social media habitually, often checking their profiles daily (or even hourly) from their mobile devices, tablets or laptops. Despite their consistent presence, social businesses have faced many challenges connecting with this particular audience. One key issue: Following businesses through social media is not a priority for Millennials, who prefer to use it to connect with friends and follow celebrities. So how can a business earn the attention of this ubiquitous yet elusive audience and keep them coming back for more?
  • Don't Forget Millennials As Their Market Share of Auto Industry Grows
    Previously believed to be generally uninterested in the auto industry, Millennials have begun to surpass their predecessor (Gen X) in car purchases, as an analysis done by J.D. Power and Associates has proved. Millennials now account for 26% of new car purchases while Gen X accounts for 24%. Baby Boomers still account for the largest segment of new car purchases, holding a majority of 34%, however marketers are increasingly paying less and less attention to the demographic. Gen Y, the Millennials, are the fastest growing segment due to their age, more so, their youth.
  • I Want My Kid TV: What's The Real Appeal Of Millennials' Nostalgia Viewing?
    "Rainbow Brite," "Sailor Moon," "Powerpuff Girls," "The Magic School Bus," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"-though this may sound like a greatest kid's TV hits of the '80s and '90s list, it's also a list of just some of the recent entertainment reboots and revivals being brought back to life in order to play into Millennials' undying nostalgia.
  • Best Practices When Engaging Millennials Through Social Influencers
    It is no secret that Millennials are, by and large, social media enthusiasts. With the expansion of the social networking landscape in recent history, Millennials are not just connecting online with friends; they are connecting online with thought leaders, experts, idols, and any other figures they are interested in but might not actually know in real life.
  • How Millennials And Instagram Are Changing Advertising
    Advertising on visual platforms is being touted as the future of marketing. Marketers are increasingly shifting their strategies to visual platforms, and the era of Snapshot Marketing is beginning. But the look and feel of the content on these platforms are also beginning to seep outside of social, and Millennials and Instagram-style imagery are changing the way that advertising looks.
  • Branded Tools A Factor In Creating Loyalty
    Millennials are growing up. In my last Engage: GenY contribution, I highlighted the media's tendency to overlook the fact that many older Millennials are already far along in the "game of life," if you will. It goes without saying that the way this generation pursues life's steps is different from that of Boomers and Generation X. Technology has obviously played a huge role in the lives of Millennials and will continue to do so. Because of this, brands should focus on ways in which they can incorporate this technology into their everyday lives.
  • Instagram And Tumblr: Getting Visual With The Millennial Generation
    We are visual creatures. Images convey information to us more quickly - and often more emotively and powerfully - than text or speech. So it makes sense that, in a world full of more content than we can possibly absorb, images and video are the go-to format for connecting with Millennials (a/k/a Gen Y).
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