• Are Millennials Starting To Rethink Social Media?
    There's a common perception among marketing types that all Millennials are all over social media all of the time. Hyperventilating headlines feed into the hysteria that the only sure-fire way for brands to effectively reach members of Generation Y is through a bombardment of messaging primarily delivered through a wide swath of social media channels. Turns out the stereotype of selfie-obsessed, share-happy Millennials might be flawed. In fact, recent reports indicate that Millennials have become more discerning about the social channels they prefer to use and a growing number of Gen Y are actually starting to opt out of social ...
  • Putting The 'Millennial' In Marketing
    The world of marketing is rapidly changing, and for many marketing leaders, millennials are at the top of the list from an engagement perspective. The question I regularly hear from marketing leaders in retail, consumer goods and broader industries is, "What are best practices for marketing to millennials?"
  • Three New Stats On Millennial Parents
    More attention is being paid to Millennial parents, who are growing in number and in influence. We've been keeping tabs on the next generation of caregivers for some time. Our 2014 trend New Parents on the Block declared: The era of Millennial parenting is about to begin...and understanding how they're approaching this new role will be vital for brands who want to attract them.
  • One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work For Millennial Women: Food on #Fleek
    A few months ago, we decided to do a multi-generational study to better understand women and food.
  • Millennials & Dating: What's Love Got to Do With It?
    When it comes to dating and love, Millennials often (undeservedly) get a bad rap from the olds for not being serious enough about their romantic pursuits. Thanks to technology and the proliferation of nearly 4,000 dating services coupled with many Gen Y singles' active participation in the dating game, Millennials have been broadly saddled with the decidedly unromantic conceit of Netflix & Chill, a new name for the age-old pastime formerly known as the no-strings-attached hook up.
  • Reaching Multicultural Millennials Anytime And Anywhere
    By 2030, all of the nation's population growth will come from the multicultural millennials of today, according to Nielsen's recent report, "The Multicultural Edge." These media-savvy, socially empowered "super consumers" are the imperative for both brands and publishers to understand. But where are brands supposed to invest their time and money to reach this highly influential and sometimes fickle audience?
  • As Marketers Chase Millennials, Millennials Reshape Marketing
    At this point, the laser-like marketing focus on millennials is a given. And when it comes to connecting with millennials, there's no media like digital mobile media. With the precipitous decline in traditional media consumption and the issues plaguing the desktop Web - from ad fraud to ad blocking - mobile is seen as the millennial marketing promise land, where ads roamed free.
  • Millennials' Top 10 Go-To Food Brands
    Our monthly survey of Millennials and teens recently found that 84% of 18-32-year-olds grocery shop, and 56% of those who shop say they do most or all of the grocery shopping for their household. Four in ten tell us they are grocery shopping about once a week, and over 20% are going more than once a week. We also know that though the majority of 13-17-year-olds do not do the grocery shopping themselves, 31% of teens say they have say in at least half of the groceries that are purchased in their household, and 60% say they have some say-so ...
  • Ambassadors, Transparency And Wi-Fi: Digital Engagement Strategies To Grab Millennial Market Share
    This year the millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, surpassed baby boomers as the largest living American generation in U.S. history. With a buying power of an estimated $1.4 trillion, or 30% of retail sales, according to the U.S. Census and Standard & Poor's, they have significant leverage to influence the product and service world that surrounds them.
  • Social Media Can Be Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy
    For business owners trying to engage millennials, social media can either be your biggest ally, or your greatest downfall. Either way, you have to utilize it. Knowing how to engage users on all of the different types of platforms, as well as socializing your own brand, is imperative to truly connect with your millennial consumer base and keep them committed to your brand. Here are some of my tips on how to bring a social component to your business strategy, both on external social networking sites, as well as internally - two of the most important puzzle pieces in the ...
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