• Can A Social Media-Savvy Pope Attract Millennials Back To The Flock?
    With Pope Francis's history-making visit to the U.S., many Americans have succumbed to a bad-albeit probably temporary-case of Pope Mania. And in typical American fashion, it seems a lot of enterprising people (sinners and saints alike) are trying to cash in on the Pontiff's holy visit, merchandizing everything from cookies that feature Pope Francis's smiling face to smiling Pope Francis bobbleheads, not to mention the glut of moment-by-moment coverage of the Pope's three-city American tour on broadcast and cable television.
  • Four Tips For Marketing Cars To Millennials
    Coming of age in the Great Recession and burdened with unprecedented amounts of student loan debt, Millennials are known for delaying adulthood. This generation, born roughly between 1982 and 2000, is more likely to live with their parents, stay in school longer and put off major purchasing decisions, such as buying a car. But as Millennials grow older, those pent-up major life decisions will happen, and smart marketers know this is not a generation to be ignored and, frankly, is a generation that can't be ignored.
  • The New (Micro) Leisure: Redefining Downtime In a Connected World
    We used to think of leisure as a grand, sweeping concept. Two times a year we went on our one-week vacation where we can turn off and truly relax. We took our lunch breaks and our long weekends. But in today's always-on world, with the heavy adoption of mobile technology and an omnipresent social profile, how has leisure changed? How has the way we work and, more importantly, the way we play changed?
  • How To Monetize Social Networks
    The digital revolution is here, and e-commerce is bigger than ever. We're buying everything from groceries to cars online. The rise of this new medium has paved the way for not only marketers to find new ways to reach their intended audiences but for users to capitalize on what they may or may not already be doing. Digital networks establish ways people are connected to each other. Those with a larger following (more friends and followers) are considered "influencers."
  • Millennial And Teen Music Download: 3 Stats To Listen To
    Streaming services, favorite artists and genres, purchasing vs downloading ... there's a lot to know about young consumers and how passionately they feel about music. In a recent monthly survey of Millennials and teens, we asked 1,000 13-32 year olds a slew of questions about where they're getting their music, what role it plays in their lives, and more. Listen up: here are three stats on their music obsessions to know.
  • How To Engage And Educate Millennials On Your Brand
    With so many companies to choose from, millennials have unlimited options when it comes to selecting a brand to remain loyal to. While this generation is one of the most devoted, they are also one of the most discerning. Millennials can be a brand's best ally, or their downfall, so finding a way to engage and educate them makes it easier to closely identify with your message, and connect with your brand's core values. Here are some of my tips on how to not only engage millennials, but empower them to be an advocate for your brand.
  • How Millennials Will Choose The Next President
    Millennials may soon surpass Baby Boomers as the largest generational voting bloc, but myriad surveys and reports suggest that Gen Y isn't all that interested in or particularly engaged with politics these days, even as the presidential primary season heats up. While the so-called youth vote played a deciding role in electing and re-electing President Barak Obama in 2008 and 2012, respectively, Millennials' enthusiasm for political change seems to have waned in recent years, with less than a quarter of them going to the mid-term polls in 2014.
  • What If The Very People You Need to Connect With Have Trust Issues?
    Marketers know millennials are essential for a brand's future success. To put it into perspective, according to Brookings Institution, by the year 2020, one in three people will be categorized as a millennial.
  • Hashflags: How Brands Join You
    Out of the 645 million registered Twitter accounts, it's no surprise that more than 37% of the Twitter population is comprised of millennials, as Sprout Social reports. If you are a millennial Twitter user like me, you use the social outlet to not only create conversations with your followers, but also - and more importantly - to join the conversations of trending and popular events.
  • Engaging A Generation Of Visual Buyers
    We've heard a lot from the media about millennials being a generation of narcissistic, lazy and entitled people. But considering there are 75 million millennials in the U.S. alone, I believe it's unfair to lump them together so readily.
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