• Brands And Agencies, Don't Fear Millennial Content Creators
    Marketers have learned that embracing user-generated social content enhances their brands and builds stronger relationships with customers. But yet they still fear what their customers, especially social-savvy, trendsetting millennials, may say online about them. They worry that some of the 2 billion young people worldwide - projected to spend over $2.5 trillion annually in the coming years - could make disparaging remarks on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tarnish their brand images and cause alienation with this important demographic.
  • Printed Newspapers Are Dead; Thanks A Lot, Millennials
    After more than 20 years of subscribing to "The New York Times," I've finally faced reality and canceled home delivery of the print edition and moved exclusively to an all-access digital pass. Truth is, it's been years since I've regularly read "The New York Times"-or" The Wall Street Journal" or the "Washington Post," for that matter-in print, at least. In fact, I've spent the past four or five years methodically suspending my home delivery and simply reading the "Times" on my iPhone, tablet or laptop.
  • Treat Each Millennial Mom As The Individual That She Is
    To brands, the Millennial Mom is a highly coveted sub-species within the ever-desirable Millennial market. For those newbies, she is anyone born between 1978 and 1994 with a child. She's such an exciting prospect for brands as she represents 90% of all current moms of children. Her spending power is estimated to be $1 trillion over the course of her child's life (0-17), according to a recent Goldman Sachs study. Who wouldn't want to try and get a piece of her spending?
  • Millennial Sports Fans Win: 3 Stats That Prove Social Sports Is Where The Game Is
    For years, sports have been played via broadcasts in family rooms on Sundays, on backyard basketball courts for pickup games, in sandlots during summer Wiffle ball tournaments, and more. But now, sports have transcended the traditional ball and field system, and millennials are consuming sports everywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the screens are no longer just a family's TV, but have gotten smaller and are in each individual's hands, oftentimes more than one at a time.
  • Why Millennials Would Rather Stay In Than Go Out
    Millennials are content on the couch, and a boozy binge-watching session with friends is appealing more to Generation Homebody than a night out partying. Welcome to the age of staying in. Though partying hard may have been a hallmark of youth for generations, Millennials are less intent on pushing boundaries than they are living in the Netflix-and-chill zone. This generation is redefining what a good night looks like-and more than ever it's more about food and couch time than going out on the town.
  • Digital, Discerning And Demanding, Millennials Are Forcing Better Creative
    The highly coveted millennials. The next wave of influencers. The ones who will define luxury, style, culture and even politics. No generation has a more sophisticated or developed sense of storytelling and film making. They've grown up with editing software at their fingertips, 1080p HD video cameras on their phones and high-production value everything.
  • The Ultimate Disruptor
    When a disruptor invades a market, a predictable ritual ensues. The invader makes threatening, exaggerated claims. This is the chest-thumping, attention-seeking stage. And the attention it seeks is media attention. Which duly follows. The prey will either publicly shrug it off, pointing out to the same media the strategic changes they'd made recently to address the very shortcoming being exploited (guaranteeing more media attention), or they'll play the insouciance card, pretending to ignore the interloper, while working desperately undercover to determine if the problem is real.
  • The End Of Millennials
    TBQH, not a day goes by that the subject of Millennials and who they are and what they want and why the olds should give a hoot about them doesn't come up during multiple conversations. Whether it's idle (and not-so-idle) chit-chat with co-workers in the office or random conversations with friends and strangers, it seems the entire world is positively obsessed with Millennials.
  • Overcoming Millennial Fatigue (They Really Are Different)
    For the last few years, we've watched our news feeds and conference sessions fill up with the subject of marketing to Millennials. At first they were approached as some sort of odd new creature that needed to be studied and poked to understand. Then, people got more confident and began making recommendations on how to "handle" this generation. Now, there seems to be a new movement - rejecting the idea that Millennials are any different at all.
  • From Traditional To Digital: The Re-Imagination Of Sports For Millennial Fans
    The days where professional athletes only play in the biggest stadiums or the most jam-packed arenas are gone. Thanks to smartphones and social media, professional and amateur athletes alike across the world are taking over large public spaces doing everything from trick shots to shooting free throws, and shooting remarkable footage of their adventures to share with their fans. Viewers still want to consume sports but just in a new way, or through a new format. Some of the biggest teams, sporting events and product lines have harnessed the power of digital innovation to create more engaging and exciting content ...
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