• Millennials Set The Stage For Evolving Corporate Culture
    The days of suits, ties, and nine-to-fives are long gone. Millennials officially hold the majority share of the American workforce. According to a 2015 Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, Millennials account for 53.3 million active workers. It's no wonder HR managers are scrambling to identify how their companies should evolve to accommodate this unique generation. To hire (and more importantly retain) millennial employees, companies need to pay attention to the following.
  • Do Millennials Care About Their Personal Corporate Reputations?
    ICYMI: Last week, a 25-year-old customer support rep at Yelp/Eat24 named Talia Jane posted a rambling, no-holds-barred open letter-addressed to Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp's 38-year-old CEO-which may or may not have gotten her fired from her job. In a nearly 2,500-word, stream-of-consciousness magnum opus, Talia Jane described her plight of earning a meager paycheck while working and living in the painfully unaffordable Bay Area and she asked Stoppelman if he would pay her phone bill (among other requests and suggestions).
  • Game Day Is Changing, Thanks To Millennial Fans
    For the 50th time, Americans came together in living rooms across the country, turned on their televisions and enjoyed the Super Bowl with friends. But a majority of sports fans split their attention between the live game being broadcast on the biggest screen in the room with whatever they were choosing to engage with on smaller screens.
  • The 'Live Now' Mentality: Post-Recession Short-Term Thinking And Spending Habits
    Millennials entered the workforce during a time of high financial insecurity, triggering long-term risk of economic instability, their shift towards short-term financial thinking and a "Live Now" mentality that focuses on living in the moment and prioritizing quality of life over money. It has opened the door for marketers to become trusted partners by helping this group satisfy their short-term goals, so there is an established relationship by the time Millennials start thinking about their future.
  • What Millennials Will Be Giving Their Valentines: Their Top 15 Gifts
    Brands have been gearing up their heart-filled marketing and filling shelves with red and pink. Millennials tend to make light of the holiday, which many of them think is overrated. But that doesn't mean they ignore it: 44% of 13 - 33 year olds, 50% of 18 - 33 year olds, and 60% of 30 - 33 year olds say they are giving someone a gift this Valentine's Day. Significant other/spouse, Mom, and friends are at the top of the list of those they're giving gifts to. (Sorry, Dad.)
  • A Golden Year For Super Bowl 50 And Digital Media
    If you're one of the 114 million people who watched Super Bowl XLIX on TV last year, you'll likely be doing the same for Super Bowl 50. But this year, a new sheriff is in town: The cord-cutter, aka the person who refuses to pay $150 a month for cable TV. CBS clearly recognized this trend a few years back when it began streaming the event live online.
  • From Auto To Finance, How To Better Target Millennial Consumers
    Tailoring your messaging to serve a specific audience is crucial for a successful marketing campaign. In 2016, marketers remain as focused as ever on millennials, spending four times more to reach them compared to any other demographic. But how to maximize engagement and ensure ad spending is effective? Research shows marketers should consider targeting individual specific groups of millennials to better reach their audience - groups that may be underserved by broad strategies that don't make the best use of available data.
  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Millennials And Travel
    When it comes to business and leisure travel, Millennials are a generation on the move. Numerous studies have shown that compared to older travelers, those ages 18 to 30 go on more trips per year (whether for work or play), seek unique, authentic travel experiences, and are more demanding about the amenities they expect both en route and at their desired travel destinations.
  • Millennials' Wealth Wave: When It Arrives, Will Your Brand Be Ready?
    At a recent NYC Luxury Marketing Council meeting, Linda Ong, CEO of TruthCo., an omnichannel branding firm, said: "In 2017, Millennials will eclipse Baby Boomers in luxury spending." Sounds impressive and reassuring. But whether or not this prediction is true, this sound bite says nothing about what it means for your particular brand. Nor how to make sure your brand gets its fair share of that future luxury spending.
  • Millennial Females Reveal Their Biggest Passions Right Now
    Millennial females are a generation of women more educated than their male counterparts, beginning to even out the wage gap, and bringing a different set of expectations to the brands they buy, and the media they consume. They are without a doubt a powerful group of consumers, regardless of their life stage.
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