• 3 Thematic Strategies for Engaging Millennials
    Though Generation Z is fast approaching the workforce, millennials are still a force to be reckoned with. Millennials, who just a few years ago were graduating from college and filling out corporate staffs, are now in the C-suite.
  • 'Rock the Vote?' More Like, 'Meh the Vote'
    Twenty-five years ago, the artist formerly known as Madonna Louise Ciccone-dressed in a red bikini and draped in an American flag-vogued her way through an MTV public service announcement to extol the virtues and benefits of voting. The Material Girl was just one of myriad early-1990s musicians and celebutantes who jumped on the Rock the Vote bandwagon that encouraged young people to perform their civic duties and engage in the political process.
  • By 2020, Viewership On Mobile Is Forecasted To Dominate Content Consumption
    Over the last year, mobile advertising increased by 65%, according to PEW Research Center. Mobile-only platforms like Snapchat are no doubt capturing the attention of digital consumers. As such, it wouldn't be a surprise if by 2020, viewership for streaming content on mobile devices will surpass traditional TV among millennials based on current patterns.
  • How Millennials Are Shaking Up Retail Commerce
    Millennials are becoming retailers' largest demographic in both population size and market influence with significant buying power due to their constant access to technology. Over 85% of millennials own a smartphone compared to 71% of the total U.S. population, and their mobile-first experiences are set to reshape the economy and change the ways in which consumers trade. Already, a quarter of millennials recently surveyed report 100% of their online purchases were on smartphones - and marketers in retail are taking note, but in some cases, not fast enough.
  • The 15 Companies Millennials Most Want To Work For
    Though Millennials might be changing the workplace culture (and causing workers from other generations strife), they're also highly desired employees. A 2014 study found that companies with 30% of young employees in higher roles saw "aggressive growth," and those with 21% and under showed "no/minimal" growth. But where do they most want to work? In our most recent monthly survey, we asked 800 18-33 year olds to tell us the company they'd most like to work for to find out.
  • The Role Culture Plays In Latina Food Purchases
    The “one-size- fits-all” approach to marketing fell by the wayside years ago. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the important position women have when it comes to making grocery purchases for the family.

    Yet marketers still struggle to speak effectively to specific segments of the population. Take Hispanic Millennials – those aged 18 to 34. They represent the largest population of Hispanics after the under-18 Generation Z. But Hispanic Millennials differ based on their level of acculturation.

    Last month I introduced you to one of three personas representing the different cohorts of Latina Millennials. This month we meet Claudia ...

  • Brands And Agencies, Don't Fear Millennial Content Creators
    Marketers have learned that embracing user-generated social content enhances their brands and builds stronger relationships with customers. But yet they still fear what their customers, especially social-savvy, trendsetting millennials, may say online about them. They worry that some of the 2 billion young people worldwide - projected to spend over $2.5 trillion annually in the coming years - could make disparaging remarks on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tarnish their brand images and cause alienation with this important demographic.
  • Printed Newspapers Are Dead; Thanks A Lot, Millennials
    After more than 20 years of subscribing to "The New York Times," I've finally faced reality and canceled home delivery of the print edition and moved exclusively to an all-access digital pass. Truth is, it's been years since I've regularly read "The New York Times"-or" The Wall Street Journal" or the "Washington Post," for that matter-in print, at least. In fact, I've spent the past four or five years methodically suspending my home delivery and simply reading the "Times" on my iPhone, tablet or laptop.
  • Treat Each Millennial Mom As The Individual That She Is
    To brands, the Millennial Mom is a highly coveted sub-species within the ever-desirable Millennial market. For those newbies, she is anyone born between 1978 and 1994 with a child. She's such an exciting prospect for brands as she represents 90% of all current moms of children. Her spending power is estimated to be $1 trillion over the course of her child's life (0-17), according to a recent Goldman Sachs study. Who wouldn't want to try and get a piece of her spending?
  • Millennial Sports Fans Win: 3 Stats That Prove Social Sports Is Where The Game Is
    For years, sports have been played via broadcasts in family rooms on Sundays, on backyard basketball courts for pickup games, in sandlots during summer Wiffle ball tournaments, and more. But now, sports have transcended the traditional ball and field system, and millennials are consuming sports everywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the screens are no longer just a family's TV, but have gotten smaller and are in each individual's hands, oftentimes more than one at a time.
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