• Digital, Discerning And Demanding, Millennials Are Forcing Better Creative
    The highly coveted millennials. The next wave of influencers. The ones who will define luxury, style, culture and even politics. No generation has a more sophisticated or developed sense of storytelling and film making. They've grown up with editing software at their fingertips, 1080p HD video cameras on their phones and high-production value everything.
  • The Ultimate Disruptor
    When a disruptor invades a market, a predictable ritual ensues. The invader makes threatening, exaggerated claims. This is the chest-thumping, attention-seeking stage. And the attention it seeks is media attention. Which duly follows. The prey will either publicly shrug it off, pointing out to the same media the strategic changes they'd made recently to address the very shortcoming being exploited (guaranteeing more media attention), or they'll play the insouciance card, pretending to ignore the interloper, while working desperately undercover to determine if the problem is real.
  • The End Of Millennials
    TBQH, not a day goes by that the subject of Millennials and who they are and what they want and why the olds should give a hoot about them doesn't come up during multiple conversations. Whether it's idle (and not-so-idle) chit-chat with co-workers in the office or random conversations with friends and strangers, it seems the entire world is positively obsessed with Millennials.
  • Overcoming Millennial Fatigue (They Really Are Different)
    For the last few years, we've watched our news feeds and conference sessions fill up with the subject of marketing to Millennials. At first they were approached as some sort of odd new creature that needed to be studied and poked to understand. Then, people got more confident and began making recommendations on how to "handle" this generation. Now, there seems to be a new movement - rejecting the idea that Millennials are any different at all.
  • From Traditional To Digital: The Re-Imagination Of Sports For Millennial Fans
    The days where professional athletes only play in the biggest stadiums or the most jam-packed arenas are gone. Thanks to smartphones and social media, professional and amateur athletes alike across the world are taking over large public spaces doing everything from trick shots to shooting free throws, and shooting remarkable footage of their adventures to share with their fans. Viewers still want to consume sports but just in a new way, or through a new format. Some of the biggest teams, sporting events and product lines have harnessed the power of digital innovation to create more engaging and exciting content ...
  • What Millennials Really Want
    Although conventional wisdom and primary results from the 2016 U.S. Presidential election indicate that Bernie Sanders is attracting a major segment of a disaffected millennial generation, one fact continues to stand out in our recent survey of the social, economic and political views of a very broad spectrum of American entrepreneurs under 30.
  • 3 Stats On Millennials, Teens, And Social Media
    How can the importance of social media in Millennials and teens' lives be stated? When we surveyed 13-33 year olds for our quarterly Social Media Tracker, only 2% say they don't use any social platform. Millennials reportedly spend 11 hours and 26 minutes with smartphones daily, and our research shows that messaging and social networking are the two activities they are doing the most on mobile during that significant amount of time. Teens are even more likely than older Millennials to use their phones for social networking. According to our recent monthly survey delving into social media behavior, four in ...
  • It's A New Day For Packaged Goods
    Cooking and what we eat has changed significantly in the U.S., especially for Millennials. The stereotype of the grab-and-go, prepackaged ramen noodle-eating, Millennial is falling by the wayside.
  • 5 Tips To Engage Millennial Workers
    With the rapid rise of Millennials in the workforce, companies of all shapes, sizes and industries have struggled to crack the code of how to attract, retain and develop the best young talent.
  • From Head To Toe: The Multi-sensory Millennial
    When marketing to millennials, a great way for brands and advertisers to ensure their message is effective is to be mindful of the five senses. A millennial's eyes are always watching, their ears are always listening and fingers are always typing, but figuring out how to resonate with millennials is an ongoing challenge for marketers. By meeting them where their attention is devoted and providing a genuine message promoted by someone they trust, marketers can ensure their products and services will be perceived favorably by millennials.
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