• Mobile Prodigies Are Ready For Anticipatory Inspiration
    Smart brands and marketers understand that the digital experiences they create for Mobile Prodigies can't be confined to reactive tactics and promotional offers. As a multi-generational demographic - Millennials and Gen Z consumers, aged 14 - 29 - Mobile Prodigies are ready for nothing less than anticipatory inspiration.
  • Entitled Consumers Need Your Empathy
    The comedian Louis CK used to tell the story of an airplane passenger next to him, who was angry to find that the brand new high-speed internet on his plane wasn't working: "I mean, how quickly does the world owe him something that he knew existed only 10 seconds ago?"
  • 3 Things Millennials Women Do More Than Millennial Men
    We compare young males' and females' behavior in every survey we do, and while these generations might be known for their gender-blurring tendencies, there are, of course, major differences in their behavior beyond social media.
  • Millennials Driving Digital Togetherness In The Physical World
    It's becoming a social norm to be more engaged with online communities than with people in the physical world. For many, it has become easier to forge social connections behind a keyboard than through face-to-face interactions. While this social shift began attracting negative attention, millennials were becoming a prominent part of the adult population and seemed to catch most of the blame, but as it turns out they are actually the ones pushing for digital togetherness.
  • High Cost Of Education Limits Career Choices For Millennials
    We've all seen the staggering student loan debt statistics: It averages more than $20,000 and 69% of Millennials have student loan debt, according to the Federal Reserve of New York.
  • 3 Things 2016 Taught Us About Millennials' Relationship With Media
    As the dawn of a new year is once again upon us, it is abundantly clear that the majority of people are ready for 2016 to end. It was a year overcome with politically charged turmoil, Zika, (more) mass shootings, Brexit, the crisis in Syria, and, of course, the U.S. Presidential election, to name a few. One group, in particular, didn't hold back when it came to their feelings and backlash about this year. That's right: Millennials.
  • Think Big, Act Small
    A recent study by the McCarthy Group suggests that 84% of millennials don't trust traditional advertising. The fact that this massive potential audience which is entering its prime earning years doesn't trust what remains a key communications channel for reaching them is a big problem for big brands.
  • The Year That Kinda Sorta Was For Millennials
    For many Millennials, 2016 fittingly could be chalked up as the best of times and the worst of times. While the wisdom of the olds didn't much curtail their continued fascination with the foolishness of the young'uns, there were definite highlights and lowlights for peeps ages 18 to 34 and the things they did and/or enjoyed. As we turn another page on this epoch of belief and incredulity, let's take a look at a coupla Millennial-inspired and/or Millennial-adjacent winners and losers of the year:
  • Female Millennials Prefer Workout Clothes To Jewelry This Holiday Season
    Asking for an iPad for Christmas is so 2010. This year's trailing millennials have their sights set on looking stylish AF-and with a padded wallet to boot. When it comes time to hit the malls (or the cyberworld) to gift that female millennial on your list, what's a yay and what's a nay? You don't want your gift to turn into a re-gift.
  • Super Bowl Marketing: What The Biggest Game Day Will Look Like In 2017

    As the sports industry prepares for one of the biggest sporting events of the year, with Super Bowl LI heading to Houston on Feb. 2, some of the biggest marketers will fine-tune their campaigns to get the most bang for their bucks. Last year’s matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers brought 111.9 million TV viewers and 16.9 million tweets around the game, according to Nielsen.

    As some of the most coveted — and most expensive — ad space happens during the Super Bowl, brands and marketers are looking to traditional TV as one route, but ...

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