• Startups: Made For And By Millennials
    It's expected that 2015 will be the year Millennials outgrow Baby Boomers in numbers. According to the U.S Census Bureau, an estimated 75.3 million Millennials, compared to 74.9 million Boomers, will soon become the largest generation in the country.
  • Millennials Don't Care About Grandpa's TV
    For many Boomers and, I suppose, some Gen Xers, it was a Very Important Week in Television. The May 17 series finale of "Mad Men" and David Letterman's final bow on "The Late Show" on May 20 marked #TheEndofanEra. I know this because Very Influential Media peeps that I follow on Twitter told me so.
  • Connecting With Emoji On Instagram
    If characters are currency and pictures are worth a thousand words, what's the value of an emoji?
  • Five Things You Don't Know About Millennials And Teens
    Every month, we survey 1,000 13 - 32 year olds to learn about young consumers' attitudes and behaviors, and we're using recent data to highlight five things that you probably don't know about Millennials and teens, from their mobile behavior to their spending habits. Not everything you've read about them is true...
  • Attention, Millennial Marketers: Be Interesting.
    In experiential marketing there is one buzzword dominating creative briefs and client requests: It's Millennials. Marketers, go get 'em.
  • Wave Goodbye To Traditional Radio Spots And Say Hello To Custom Content
    We've all been there. You're riding along in the car jamming to one of the overly played songs (that happens to be a guilty pleasure of yours) only to be slapped in the face with a dreaded series of commercials to follow. You may listen to the first one with fingers crossed in hopes that it was just a "one and done" scenario and that the music will be back up and running following the 30-second spot, but no. It continues on.
  • Four Key Countertrends: Court Millennials By Going Against The Herd
    In marketing to Millennials, many brands focus on some obvious megatrends. These can be good for business but can also make a brand just another part of the pack. Fortunately, for this incredibly diverse and enigmatic generation, tapping into counter-trends can be as powerful as surging megatrends, and lead to more distinctive and differentiating strategies.
  • Influencer Marketing Trends
    In today's hyper-connected world, social circles have expanded into networks whose communities and influence span the globe, online and off. Word travels especially fast for Millennials, who on average spend more than three hours a day on social media. As such, influencers who drive conversations and engagement are increasingly important to brands because they play a significant role in consumers' purchase decisions. This is especially true for Millennials.
  • Ad A.D.D.: Why The Days Of Digital Ads As We Know Them Are Numbered
    These days, when a brand announces their decision to target Millennials or teens, upping digital ad spending is usually a big part of their plan. But when we ask young consumers which type of advertising they usually ignore or avoid, 62% say online ads, like banner and video ads, and 68% say mobile in-app ads. In other words, online marketing-you're doing it wrong. It's not enough to be where they are. You have to be where they are, and match your message to their behavior.
  • Hispanic Millennials Leading The Binge-viewing Way
    This past winter was brutal. With cities like Boston buried under 108 inches of record-breaking snowfall and a couple cold snaps still to come, what better way to past the time then catching up on the latest season of your favorite TV show. And the timing couldn't be better.
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