• Millennials And Valentine's Day
    Are Millennials telling Valentine's Day, "I'm just not that into you?" The 14th of February is upon us, and with Millennial consumers making up many of the singles who are dating, looking for love, and now starting to settle down, it's important to understand how they view the holiday. In our recent monthly survey of Millennials 13 to 32 years old, we asked about their relationship statuses, and their plans for and attitudes about Valentine's.
  • Millennials Seek Story, Boomers The Fountain Of Youth
    The global flavors Millennials already expect are making their way onto the plates of Boomers, inspired by the younger generation and looking to relive the experience of their travels. That said, appetite for culinary experiences is no greater than among Millennials with 9 out of 10 wanting to try new flavors, compared with only 53% of Boomers. Whether eating out or dining in, food is a source of entertainment and engagement for Millennials; it's the arbiter of cool. They want unexpected flavor combinations, exotic ingredients, heat and spice. They want to be surprised.
  • Millennial, Gen X And Boomer Women: Not As Different As You Might Think
    The great differences between the Millennial, Gen X and Boomer generations are a subject of many studies and debate. These groups, born into different economic, political, and technical environments, are typically discussed based on their unique, differentiating attributes, as marketers try to develop strategies that uniquely target each population.
  • Watch Out Gen Y, Gen Z Is Nipping At Your Heels
    Nearly 16 years ago, when I was covering ad-tech for an advertising trade publication, I interviewed my 7-year-old niece, Micaela, for an article about the then-burgeoning category of online services aimed at children. These kid-friendly web channels included AOL's Kids Only, Bonus.com, ePLAY, JuniorNet and Yahooligans!, to name just a few. While all of these first-mover, kiddie web services and edutainment sites have since gone the way of the original Pets.com, looking back at what I wrote in 1999 about digital marketing and media targeted at Millennials got me thinking about the similarities and differences between Gen Y and Gen ...
  • 'On My Terms' - Marketing To The Millennial In Real Time
    As temperatures continue to drop and parts of the country experience winter storms, we find ourselves closing out another exciting year of college football. This year was especially thrilling because of the first-ever playoffs, allowing Ohio State to take home the championship against the University of Oregon.
  • New Retail Dynamic Creates Post-Purchase 'I'll Keep It' Phase
    A new consumer dynamic is emerging in retail: Purchase risk is receding across categories, and it's creating a new step in the path to purchase that is shifting when the consumer decision journey ends.
  • 5 Predictions For 2015
    Here's our take on what the coming year holds, with five predictions for 2015.
  • 5 Gen Y Values That Are Reshaping Everything

    Like many of my fellow Gen Xers, I have spent the majority of my career managing Millennials and being managed by Baby Boomers. Being caught between these two generations has provided an interesting perspective on the differences between the young’uns and the olds, shedding light on how my managers must have perceived me and my work when I got my first job in the mid-1990s and giving me a glimpse into what could lay ahead if I continue on the same path as my predecessors.

    It’s not uncommon for me to hear from Millennial colleagues that they “distrust ...

  • Can New Features Give Twitter Wings?
    As you know, despite its seeming popularity, Twitter's numbers have failed to truly take off. According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, more than half of Twitter's 982 million users don't sign in to the microblogging platform each month. The Wall Street Journal has also reported that 44% of people on Twitter have never even sent a tweet. In fact, Twopcharts sites that, out of those 982 million registered accounts, only 241 million are active monthly users. That means 741 million users have abandoned their accounts or do not tweet on a regular basis. Not only that, but at least 419 ...
  • Brands Are Co-Creating Their Futures With Millennials
    Co-creation is a buzzword that has been catching the attention of brands, agencies, and even consumers alike-and rightfully so. We wrote recently about co-creation being the future of products. Eighty-one percent of Millennials say that they would be interested in helping a brand or company design a new product, and 87% of Millennials say that they think brands should get consumers like them to give opinions before creating them. Because these younger consumers grew up in an open platform world with increased access to information and technology, they've been conditioned to want more: more options, more uniqueness, and more say ...
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