• New Research Illustrates Why Going Digital Is An Urgent Matter Of Dollars And Cents
    Last month, McKinsey released an interesting study focusing on how patients around the world perceive digital technologies. McKinsey's verdict: consumers want to use digital health tools, but hold back because "existing services don't meet their needs or . . . are of poor quality."
  • Let's Kill Off 'Traditional Media' Once And For All
    Working for an agency that delivers work across all channels is a linguistic challenge when it comes to talking about media. We all seem to be hung up on describing the unnecessary: the relative age of media. Just today I was on a client call during which we were asked if "we could buy old media as well as new?" The answer is, of course, yes, but it made me think. What is old media? And how old is old? And does it matter? Much more important these days is whether you have the right media. Not for your agency ...
  • Innovations In Healthcare Marketing: Hurry Up and Wait
    Unique marketing challenges are not new to pharma - we've managed to successfully promote our products while staying within tough regulatory confines and find creative ways to connect with patients to improve health outcomes. What is new to pharma is the recent tsunami of innovations in mobile marketing, health trackers, and other healthcare technologies. Unfortunately, the optimism around the technology-led innovations is balanced by concerns that marketers are facing tough internal battles to get cutting edge marketing plans off the ground. But there is a path forward, and we're already seeing signs.
  • Life-Changing Ideas From Cannes
    June 2014 marked the inaugural Lions Health Awards in Cannes, France, billed as a "Festival for Creativity" in healthcare communications. The two-day event took place immediately prior to the weeklong Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and promises to be for healthcare advertising what Cannes Lions is to general advertising.
  • 4 Barriers To Patient Engagement And How To Overcome Them
    We can all agree that empowering patients to engage in their healthcare is a good thing. Improving patients' understanding of their disease and health so they take a more active role in their healthcare has been shown to lead to better health outcomes and reduced costs.
  • Why Improving Data Literacy Is Essential
    I've long believed that communication is central to health and wellness.
  • Why It's Worth Your While To Validate Communications Upfront
    Healthcare marketers are intensively data-driven when analyzing the results of their campaigns, but are they as disciplined when developing creative communications on the front end? Our research has shown that a small investment of time and resources upfront can pay big dividends with results on the back end.
  • Why Two Days In The South Of France Is Good For Our Health
    This year Health took a place at the table - or should I say at a table alongside the table that is the Cannes Lions Festival of creativity. A week before the big kick-off I had the pleasure of serving on the Health and Wellness Jury and was astounded by the quality of some of the entries.
  • Preventative Care Gets Creative
    The countless health benefits of exercise and a healthy diet are no secret and have long been touted by physicians. New programs have cropped up in recent years that seek to make regular exercise and fresh, organic produce more accessible, helping to keep patients healthier while creating opportunity for marketers to get involved. Fitness and health food brands would be wise to seek out partnerships with health insurance providers and create more incentives for patients to lead healthier lifestyles, begetting long-term benefits for everyone.
  • How To Find Your Future Patients In A Sea Of Consumers
    Consumer targeting is about to have its day in the sun. Let me explain.
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