• How To Not Miss The Data-point: Support Crucial Decisions With 3 Simple Steps
    Too often in healthcare marketing, analytical effort is wasted trying to generate insights that support nothing more than a great creative idea. Don't get me wrong, these insights can end up appearing useful, and can even result in a great-looking advertising campaign, but the true behavior-changing results never seem to appear as expected.
  • Building Trust At The Point Of Care: Is Your Targeted Marketing Too Targeted?
    From a marketer's perspective, this is quite the question. Is it ever possible to have marketing that is too targeted?
  • Marketers' Guide To The New Regulated World Of E-Cig Advertising
    They say regulation is always a step behind the money. Approximately 10 years after the commercialization of e-cigarettes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced new regulations on the $3.5 billion industry.
  • Selling Lifestyles Instead Of Products Through Content Marketing
    Every good marketer knows that the most successful brands don't sell products; they sell identities and values. For health and wellness products, those revolve closely around lifestyle. This is why Pfizer doesn't market Advil as the best way way to inhibit COX enzymes and block the production of prostaglandins. It knows that very few people know - or care - how ibuprofen works. Pfizer isn't even really selling pain relief; it's selling the lifestyle you can enjoy when you are free from pain.
  • How Brands Can Effectively Engage With Health Advocacy Organizations
    Health advocacy organizations, often a trusted source of information and community for patients, families, and caregivers, can be important industry partners when the relationship is cultivated from a place of mutual respect. Each group has much to offer the other, including key insights that might otherwise never be uncovered; however, identifying how best to initiate or move a relationship forward can sometimes be a mystery and, occasionally, be plagued by missteps. While early engagement, transparency, and consistency are critical to success, the partnership may still be rocky if not mutually beneficial, with all stakeholders able to satisfactorily reach and/or support ...
  • Going For Gold?
    More agencies are running into the healthcare space. And who can blame them? There is revenue in "them thar hills" and no one is passing up the opportunity to dig up a little more. However, I am less certain that the creatives inside those agencies are all running towards health with the same excitement. And I get it. Health is tricky, and at first glance, not an obvious creative goldmine.
  • 3 Measurement Essentials At The Point Of Care
    In recent years, as a result of advances in technology, expansion of channel reach and increased focus on patient outcomes, the Point of Care channel has grown to be a more important part of brand marketing strategies - most notably for healthcare marketers. Campaigns at POC have been successfully fueled by data-driven targeting and a high degree of consumer engagement with relevant content, but what has made POC most attractive to marketers can be summed up in one word, measurability.
  • Changing Health's Focus From Reactive To Proactive
    "If health is wealth, where is my wealth manager?"
  • Blogger Outreach 101 For Healthcare Marketers
    The days of influence marketing solely backed by celebrities or public figures are long gone. Today, people publish their own opinions and find their voice online by publishing blogs that carry influence of the same caliber, if not more. Bloggers can engage on a personal level, strengthening influence with their audience, and in fact we are seeing higher engagement rates in some cases vs. paid advertising. But how do health marketers create an "influencer campaign" and where to start? When considering outreach to bloggers for a potential partnership, think about the following considerations.
  • Are You Leveraging Your Best Data?
    Our ability to track user behaviors is drastically improving our ability as marketers to become more refined in how we connect with consumers. As a media agency, we are continuing to shift our focus from buying channels towards optimizing audiences. With this focus, we continue to leverage data to gain an understanding of the right content and message that engages an audience throughout the decision journey. In healthcare, the path to treatment is long and complex. Understanding all of the questions patients have throughout the decision process becomes particularly important for success.
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