• Creating The Future
    Peter Drucker once said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." That's great, but may also require us to recreate ourselves in the process. With that in mind, here are three broad principals to embrace to as we imagine the future of our business: Longevity, Connectivity and Creativity.
  • Six Ways To Keep A Healthcare Brand Healthy
    Historically, patients have little choice in healthcare providers. Times are changing. Patients are demanding more input in their healthcare decisions, including which doctors they see and hospitals they go to for their medical procedures. Healthcare providers are often one of many options available, so their success depends on marketing to patients....patients who are now customers. Maintaining a strong brand that represents the core values of the consumers they serve, differentiating from competitive offerings and generating positive customer experiences is key to surviving in today's competitive healthcare climate. Healthcare, meet the business world.
  • When The Social World Meets Up With The Real World
    Have you ever been to a meet-up? Well, the other night we hosted one to celebrate and honor caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month. We wanted to give those who had been active on our Caregivers Speak Up website and Facebook page an opportunity to share their experiences face-to-face. But we also wanted to see how the social world we helped create would converge with the real world, and what difference it might make to caregivers.
  • How Telemedicine Is Propelling Change Around The Hospital Experience
    Telemedicine will no doubt increase patient engagement, because patients who receive care when and where they want are more motivated to participate in self-care. And on the provider side, being able to identify what is important to the patient and providing those services will go a long way to establishing a partnership outside of the office visit. From reviewing medical records to charting treatment plans, from reading x-rays to home healthcare, telemedicine is making healthcare more available to everyone.
  • The Pharma-Physician Trust Gap That's Hiding In Plain Sight
    When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry's digital ambitions, it's becoming less and less about producing stand-alone apps and more about developing digital tools that have therapeutic potential. This was the message Dr. Joseph Kvedar had for those attending the recently concluded 2015 HIMSS Connected Health Conference.
  • Why Pharma Needs An Integrated Point-of-Care Marketing Strategy
    How effective is a car that has two wheels in drive and two wheels in reverse? Well, maybe you'll go a bit sideways and get somewhere, but it's not really moving you to where you need to go, right? I think we can all agree that cars, much like marketing plans, are most effective when all the wheels are turning in a coordinated direction.
  • What Makes Content Shareable?
    Shareable content is a powerful activator and amplifier of your brand engagement. A thoughtful approach to utilizing content, not just driving reach and frequency of messages, drives brand engagement in a way that direct selling simply cannot.
  • How The Well-connected Doctor Enhances Patient Engagement
    We've all been there. With unexpected free time, you watch a daytime TV show that you hadn't watched since you were home sick in grade school. You fidget in the chair, and check your emails. It's been 15 minutes since you arrived and you're still in the waiting room. As a matter of fact, the average wait in doctors' offices including the waiting room and exam room is climbing upwards of 45 minutes.
  • How The Internet Of Things Is Changing The Future Of Healthcare CRM Strategy
    Customer relationship management (CRM) is here to stay and is at the heart of companies' digital initiatives for years to come, Gartner said in a report that came out in 2014. The hot topic in CRM across multiple leading industries, including healthcare, is the Internet of Things (IoT) as it joins cloud, social, mobile and big data as the fifth driver of CRM investments.
  • Prescription Drugs Have An Election Campaign Issue; Effective Marketing Strategy Can Be The Cure
    If the pharmaceutical industry doesn't "Get out the Vote" for innovation this election cycle, the consequences will be stormy waters, not business as usual, with a concerted attack on industry that threatens to spook the markets, lower valuations, and distract senior management.
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