• 5 Things You Don't Know About Marketing To Doctors
    Physicians are the central stakeholders in U.S. medicine. Each doctor averages a couple thousand patients under care and controls a couple million in healthcare spend each year. But for marketers, doctors are often seen as one of the most challenging and expensive groups to reach. There are less than a million practicing physicians in the U.S. and each is highly specialized in their daily work. Many of the things marketers hold true for other consumer and business audiences are entirely false in medicine. Here are five unexpected facts about physicians you should consider for your next marketing campaign:
  • What Can A Cockroach In The Ear Tell Us About Professional Healthcare Marketing?
    During the nine years I practiced emergency medicine, I saw patients who presented with a wide variety of ailments, disorders, and concerns. Of all the things I saw, my favorite discharge diagnosis during those years was a cockroach embedded in the ear canal. Why?
  • 4 Key Trends For Healthcare Marketers In 2015
    Healthcare marketers are adjusting their strategies to reach "recession care" consumers.
  • 4 Characteristics To Enhance A Consumer's Digital Health Journey
    The popularity of digital tools in the wellness space has grown exponentially. Nearly 90% of people in the United States look to the Internet for healthcare information, while more than 46 million people use apps from the fitness and health category, according to eMarketer and Nielsen.
  • Healthcare Trends To Watch For In 2015
    Tech-savvy consumers, the Affordable Care Act, and competitive new companies entering the healthcare industry are all contributors to changes that will be affecting patients, providers, and payers in 2015.
  • Riding The Caregiver Roller Coaster
    One day everything's looking up; the next, the world is crumbling around you.
  • 5 Big Digital Lessons From 2014 That Can Turbocharge Your Success In 2015
    2015 is fast approaching and most people are focused on setting goals, assessing the year that was and making resolutions that will help them improve their personal and professional lives in the New Year.
  • Health Builds Brands And Business
    Brands that are not directly health-related are becoming health relevant. This is because the world now expects more from a brand than just products; people want to see a sense of purpose, of corporate responsibility and global citizenship. And where better to make a real difference than in health? The one thing you can be sure absolutely everybody cares about.
  • Patient Access to EHRs - How Much Should Doctors Share?
    The use of electronic health records is now standard operating procedure in many medical practices, but access to them is a bone of contention. While many patients want to be able to read and add to their records, doctors may not be comfortable with this.
  • Will VC-Funded Companies Be The Ones To Transform Healthcare?
    The ideas of value-based healthcare delivery optimization, coordinated care, remote monitoring, and predictive health intervention seem to be overshadowed by the realities of a conservative, slow moving industry. However, the bright sparks that are being ignited by venture-capital-funded companies offer a vision of the future and their ability to transform the continuum of care.
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