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Pinteresting For Healthcare
The inexorable visual trend on the Internet» 2 Comments
Leveraging Geography In Depression-remedy Advertising

Anti-depression prescription advertising has become a major DTC category with brands such as Cymbalta, Abilify, Pristiq and Seroquel numbering among the top 15 mega-budget brands in 2011. While these are clearly major national brands, our mission is to explore whether there are regional differences that might present the marketer with opportunities to optimize ad spend beyond the national blanket campaign. It stands to reason that this might be true. Not only are there differences in states’ insurance formularies that control drug reimbursement, but the actual incidence of the illnesses and treatments varies by geography.

Our first step in looking into ...» 0 Comments

Social Experiments And Causes: The GROW SOLE Project
Everyone knows about the Butterfly Effect, which shows how small actions can make a big difference. But what about the Boot Effect?» 4 Comments
5 Ways Pharma Can Mitigate Compliance Risks When Using Social Media
We are all familiar with the old saying, "the best offense is a good defense." When it comes to highly regulated industries such as pharma getting involved with social media, having a well-prepared defensive plan in place at the outset is critical to risk management. With the recent publishing of the FDA draft guidelines addressing unsolicited requests for off-label information about prescription drugs and medical devices, pharmaceutical companies are in an excellent position to expand their social media programs into engagement. Still, with the draft nature of the guidelines, risk management is critical.» 4 Comments
The FDA Social Media Guidance: The Path Forward
In December, the FDA released the first of its long-awaited social media guidances. The collective response from industry was a shoulder shrug. So, where do we go from here?» 1 Comments
Healthcare Is Getting Personal ... Trust Me
How to build trust and become a resource on healthcare via social.» 1 Comments
As Some Patients Cut Through The Noise By Making Their Own, Are You Listening?
The web provides the ability to target niche groups with unique content that is relevant to a specific group. And yet ...» 1 Comments