• How Marketing And Web Evolution Lessons Can Help Providers Serve Customers
    I recently had the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion focused on consumer engagement in Durham, N.C., for Duke University's 5th Annual Informatics Conference: "Clinical Innovation in an EHR Environment". The panel moderator gave us the questions he hoped to address ahead of time, which conveniently gave me a chance to write these answers.
  • 5 Tips To Help Healthcare Providers Improve Patient Empowerment
    Which patient is likely to have the best outcome: The one who puts their health entirely in their doctor's hands, or the one who is empowered to help manage their own health?
  • A New Kind of Television Advertising - Patients Taking Action
    Television advertising has transformed - and continues to transform - pharmaceutical companies' relationships with consumers. In the late '90s, regulators allowed pharma to participate in direct-to-consumer advertising (DTC) for the first time. Seemingly overnight, consumers began to recognize these companies and their previously unrecognized medications.
  • The World's Most Powerful Technology is Not The One You Think
    It seems as though most everyone is health tech happy these days. Some (of the brave) go gaga over Google Glass. Others wax poetic about the potential of wearables to improve health - hopefully fashionably. And, there's no shortage of people fascinated by the potential of big data to revolutionize medical care by streamlining how doctors make decisions and even helping to predict - and prevent - illness.
  • Things To Consider For Marketing Communications Development Under The Affordable Care Act
    Millions of Americans who could not previously afford health insurance and those who had been denied health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions now have access to affordable health insurance coverage.
  • The Merits Of Being 'Season Savvy'
    As folk singer Roger McGuire once opined, every season "has a purpose under heaven." The same is true in the marketing world. The changing seasons offer an excellent window of opportunity for savvy healthcare marketers to further align their loyalties - and prospect with -their existing and target customer base
  • The Benefit Of Experience
    I thought I knew something about oncology. After all, as the head of planning for a healthcare brand agency, I had helped to win and launch some significant new brands tapping into the emergence of biomarker testing and immuno-oncology. And just six months before, I had lost my mother to lung cancer.
  • Show Your Best Customers The Love
    Across the country, health plans see both opportunity and an existential threat with the Affordable Care Act, and they are responding with a flurry of initiatives: Implementing a retail strategy; reaching uninsured consumers; increased emphasis on small business; defending clients in the large-group space from new category entrants; revising sales-enablement tools; keeping up with new technology and data requirements. The list seems endless.
  • ObamaCare's Missed Marketing Opportunity
    As the dust settles on the March 31 enrollment deadline of the Affordable Care Act, politicians and pundits are weighing in on the success (or failure) of the law after its first official milestone to get seven million sign-ups. No matter your opinion on the ambitious, controversial plan to reform our national health care system, we can all agree it's been a bumpy ride for the Obama administration, from Republican road-blocking through Congress to the healthcare.gov PR disaster to "oopsie" insurance cancellations, and now Kathleen Sebelius' resignation. While the Obama Administration spent $700 million in marketing to convince the uninsured ...
  • Health Hackers
    We live in a time where just about everything is being hacked. The current "hacking" dynamic has grown beyond the computer security context to be more about appropriation: taking something intended for a specific use and making it serve one's own use. And hacking occurs in almost every vertical; it's even crossing cultures. The important question for us as marketers is: what's motivating the hackers? Very often, hacking is about solving an unmet need of the end user. It's a perfect example of the customer telling the brand what he or she wants, not the other way around.
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