• Imagining The Possibilities
    On the heels of the release of the movie "The Martian," NASA confirmed the presence of water on Mars. Sometimes, we Earthlings experience odd happenstances like this. But it underscores the quantum leaps and accelerated compression of technological breakthroughs and their applications to potentially solve human problems, while often, simultaneously creating new ones.
  • Improving Patient Relationships Through Customer Relationship Management
    Reaching and engaging patients in today's fast-paced digital landscape requires a new way of thinking for healthcare industry marketers, business development and strategy professionals. Patients are more connected than ever before through mobile and other electronic devices, and in return, they expect the same when they enter a hospital or health system environment. This transformation is putting pressure on healthcare marketers to diversify hospitals' outreach methods to meet digital expectations and continue to do more with less.
  • 'Point Of Care' Is Quickly Becoming A Primary Solution For Rx Marketing
    Pharma has long been characterized as lagging behind the rest of the marketing industry in terms of branding effectiveness and overall media impact. Regulatory guidelines in the industry are the largest contributor to this delta.
  • Engaging The Elephant: Why Marketing Must Connect With Customer Beliefs
    Why do physicians continue to prescribe drugs that they have "experience" with over newer drugs with better clinical profiles? Why is there patient noncompliance in life-threatening disease categories? Why do some parents choose not to vaccinate their children? Why do guidelines for treatment issued across disease conditions always lag behind in-market treatment options?
  • Educating Patients About Surgical Recovery: When, And How?
    Educating patients about what to expect after surgery needs to start in the weeks beforehand. By helping patients understand what their surgery involves and preparing them both for the procedure and recovery, providers can improve patient satisfaction and make a real difference in how patients perceive their entire surgical experience and results.
  • Apple's iOS 9 And Mobile-Powered Anticipatory Computing: The Implications For Health
    This week, Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9 to the masses. While iOS 9 brings many new features, marketers have been paying particular attention to the fact that Apple has made it possible for users to block advertisements on mobile websites. Interestingly, currently applications utilizing this new feature, such as Peace, have quickly surged to the top of Apple's App store suggesting that people are eager for ad blocking software.
  • Four Simple Ways To Fix Healthcare Social Now
    Getting mired in the complexities of social media is becoming something of a sport in healthcare. There's all the FDA guidance and understanding what medical/regulatory teams do and don't know. For some teams, the prospect of effectively taking a brand to social is nothing short of an existential crisis.
  • Can Programmatic Be Pharma-Friendly?
    Pharmaceutical companies are finding the notion of programmatic marketing a lot more palatable these days. In fact, some of them are jumping in with both feet. Some pharma brands have hired dedicated managers of programmatic ad buying. ExL Pharma hosted its Life Science Programmatic Buying Summit in August to help professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and generic research companies sharpen learn how to adopt programmatic buying within their organizations. And trading desks are seeing significant budgets from big pharma come their way.
  • Healthcare Marketing Can Benefit From Design-Based Thinking
    One of the most common pitfalls happening in healthcare marketing is that we are becoming the victims of being experts. From wearable devices to educational campaigns and product platforms, we believe dogmatically in new technology, eschew the basics of what created our problems in the first place, and expect the market to immediately embrace our solution.
  • Why Caregivers Flock To Facebook
    We recently started a new experience website for caregivers, and got exactly what we'd hoped for in terms of response. It was the where of that response that came as a bit of a surprise.
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