• Ensuring An Effective Healthcare Marketing Future
    There are innumerable ways to enhance the effectiveness of healthcare marketing communications, from better problem definition to sharper insights to stronger ideas, but there is one underlying factor that is the primary determinant of success: talent. The sharpest minds, when engaged on any/all of the above, will invariably produce a better outcome. Unfortunately, the world of marketing/advertising is at a significant disadvantage these days when it comes to securing the best and the brightest. In healthcare communications, this need is greater than ever given the increasing complexity of the system and the ever-increasing role patients are playing.
  • 5 Best Practices For Personalizing The Call Center Experience
    Healthcare is evolving into a value-based system, with patient satisfaction tied to reimbursements and penalties. And, it's evolving quicker than you might think. Value-based reimbursement is no longer the future of healthcare, a pilot project, or some far off place where the healthcare system will one day be. That day is today and there are significant financial stakes that hinge on patient satisfaction.
  • Mobile Technology's Impact On Healthcare Marketing
    As the population becomes increasingly tech-savvy, more people are taking their health into their own hands, literally, as handheld mobile devices become major tools in seeking healthcare information and even diagnosis. Mobile technology gives physicians the ability to manage patient healthcare more efficiently, and the opportunity to take advantage of peer networks to share resources, counsel, and best practices.
  • Brands Can Act Like 'Dad Saving The Day'
    There's a lovely YouTube video compilation that trended over the holidays, showing dads saving the day. Just as a baby is about to tumble from a sofa, dad prevents the fall. In another segment, a child flies off a wild swing and lands in dad's arms. In both instances, dads are positioned for preemptive action. Instead of giving instructions to their children, dads simply showed up at the right moment with the appropriate intervention and helped avert disaster.
  • 3 Ways To Make Video Work Better - With Less Risk
    Over the last few years, we've seen plenty of marketing trends accelerate-from print to digital, from single channel to omnichannel, etc. But perhaps the most vital for healthcare marketing has been the move from text to video. Not only does it allow us to convey volumes of information in a shorter amount of time-with less cognitive investment-but it also enables us to engage customers on a deeper level more quickly.
  • 7 Practical Resolutions For Healthy Customer Engagement In 2016
    If you've had your fill of "future of marketing" prognostications, here's a no-nonsense checklist to reflect on the health of your marketing with resolutions you can adopt immediately to start the year right.
  • The Sociology Of Being A Social Health Brand
    Why healthcare is uniquely positioned to define social brand engagement.
  • Creating The Future
    Peter Drucker once said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." That's great, but may also require us to recreate ourselves in the process. With that in mind, here are three broad principals to embrace to as we imagine the future of our business: Longevity, Connectivity and Creativity.
  • Six Ways To Keep A Healthcare Brand Healthy
    Historically, patients have little choice in healthcare providers. Times are changing. Patients are demanding more input in their healthcare decisions, including which doctors they see and hospitals they go to for their medical procedures. Healthcare providers are often one of many options available, so their success depends on marketing to patients....patients who are now customers. Maintaining a strong brand that represents the core values of the consumers they serve, differentiating from competitive offerings and generating positive customer experiences is key to surviving in today's competitive healthcare climate. Healthcare, meet the business world.
  • When The Social World Meets Up With The Real World
    Have you ever been to a meet-up? Well, the other night we hosted one to celebrate and honor caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month. We wanted to give those who had been active on our Caregivers Speak Up website and Facebook page an opportunity to share their experiences face-to-face. But we also wanted to see how the social world we helped create would converge with the real world, and what difference it might make to caregivers.
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