• From Mobile To Miniature: The Internet Of Nano-things Comes Of Age
    A year ago, everyone was talking about Fitbits. Now everyone seems to be wearing one. The pace of adoption for mobile-connected health devices is astounding.
  • Patients And Physicians On Using Technology And Sharing Information
    Technology is advancing how medicine is practiced, giving patients the chance to participate more fully in their healthcare. These new developments have the potential to elevate the provider-patient relationship, and are being welcomed, for the most part, by both groups.
  • Obamacare Is Only 5 Years Old, And It Has Changed Healthcare Forever
    Earlier this week, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released a must-read report focusing on the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) on all sectors of the U.S. health industry.
  • Media and Health ... Which Is Transforming Faster?
    Health is a journey like no other. From the moment we are born, it begins; from boo-boos and scraped knees to getting fit, giving life and battling illness, the health journey is something we all have in common. It is a journey that is continuous, challenging, and sometimes rewarding - but always requires fortitude - from within and from without. Health is a journey that matters. It's one of the reasons that health is one of the most-searched categories on Google, and the most discussed topic in social media; the reason that there are 1.2 billion pages of web content ...
  • Keep Digital Healthcare Simple, Says Accenture
    At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Accenture released a report about engaging the digital health consumer. The report specifically noted that many of the health-related devices such as activity trackers are great for early adopters and innovators but not ready for the population at large because they're hard to use, hard to set up and hard to read. Eighty-three percent of consumers report they have difficulty using their wearable health devices.
  • The Waiting Room Is Prime Time For Patient Engagement
    The waiting room is often the place where patients spend the majority of their time during a visit to their doctor. According to a Software Advice survey of 5,000 U.S. patients, the average time patients wait before seeing a doctor is 20 minutes, and sometimes this wait can be a lot longer.
  • Driving Disease Awareness, One Month At A Time
    It's pretty much impossible to count how many people in the world are afflicted with disease; there are simply too many diseases and too many people to count. And if you count the loved ones of those with diseases, then it's safe to say that virtually everyone is affected by disease.
  • Twitter: The Vital Digital Intelligence Resource You're Not Using
    How many hours do you spend keeping up with the latest and greatest in digital health? One hour, two hours a day? I recently spoke with a health executive who spends a whooping four hours each day scanning headlines, reading emails and more in an effort to stay ahead.
  • Three Lies From CES
    There's Vegas, and then there's Vegas at capacity. As full of promise as it is with all of tomorrow's technology, our expectations from the Consumer Electronics Show are equally overflowing with misinformation, misdirection and hyperbole. Here's my take on three of the biggest lies you've probably read a million times about CES in the health space and the truth underneath.
  • Playing Together To Solve An American Health Crisis
    America has many things going right, but one of the persistent challenges we face as a nation is our current health crisis. As we look to 2015, now is the time for a new type of solution, one in which brands take the lead and strike actionable partnerships that enable multiple national and local forces to come together to help our communities.
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