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Instagram Rivals Twitter In Reach, Facebook In Engagement
In reach, engagement, creative depth and favorable demographics, Instagram has emerged as the true powerhouse among mobile-first social nets.» 0 Comments
HTC Illustrates Android Pain
More than two months after KitKat's launch, the latest Android version is still not on many of the flagship models. HTC recently illustrated for its own customers why fragmentation continues to hamper Google's operating system.» 0 Comments
Yes Virginia, There Is Still Santa Claus -- And He Was Up 3% This Year
Early reports from comScore suggest underwhelming growth for online sales this holiday, although it will be interesting to see how mobile tallies add to the totals. Still, Santa had a growth year.» 0 Comments
Apps: Our New Holiday Tradition
Christmas is the hottest app download day of the year. It is also when apps are shared and discussed. It may not feel warm and fuzzy, but app swapping is a new holiday tradition.» 0 Comments
Prepare To Cringe: Samsung's Unbearable Galaxy Gear Ad
On every level, in every way, this is one of the only online video spots that actually induces pain when watching. For professionals in advertising. the pain will morph to sheer disbelief.» 2 Comments
Your Own Personal GPS Jesus
Nativity vandalism has been a sad and downright weird aspect of Christmas for a while now. Modern technology has a countermeasure. One company is offering free GPS tracking for baby Jesus.» 0 Comments
When Google Met iPhone: 'We Just Didn't Think It Would Be That Good'
An upcoming book recalls how Apple's iPhone introduction stunned the very Google engineers who were working on a rival phone. It redirected their work and delayed launch up to a year. And the story reminds us just how tectonic a shift we have experienced in 7 years.» 0 Comments
Retail and Electronics Lead Mobile Ad Performance
After surveying 2 billion mobile ad impressions throughout 2013, DG MediaMind offers up some helpful industry benchmarks on ad performance -- both click-throughs and engagement. Retail and electronics lead on the former, but auto excels at the latter.» 1 Comments
Thinknear, Placed To Show Mobile Ad Impact On Foot Traffic
Mobile ad network Thinknear is promising to help retailers tie their mobile ad buys to results in foot traffic to stores. In a deal with location analytics platform Placed, it will show how ad impressions converted to live customers.» 0 Comments
Mobile's Best Friend Is A Crumbling Web Experience
Intrusive ad units, poorly behaved overlays, auto-run video pop-ups, ad tech fails and broken pages seem to me to be at an all-time high as 20!4 budgets pour online to support retail. Mobile apps and even the mobile Web are looking like havens from clutter and crudeness.» 0 Comments
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