• Tumblr Finally Breaks Into Mobile Messaging
    What took you so long, Tumblr?! Following the lead of Facebook and other social platforms, Tumblr is finally joining the mobile messaging party. Yep, users can now engage in real threaded, instant messaging on the Web and Tumblr's mobile app.
  • Consumers' 'Mobile' Expectations Set To Soar
    The future is clearly a mobile one. If you haven't figured that out by now, then best of luck to you. Still, over the next year, the degree to which mobile will transform customer engagement and envelop other channels is going to take many businesses off-guard. That's according to a new forecast from Forrester, which put mobile's ascension in stark terms.
  • Explaining Snapchat's Success
    Snapchat is killing it. The app is currently enjoying 6 billion video views a day, sources tell the Financial Times. If accurate, that's up by about 300% since May. What's more, those numbers aren't far off from the 8 billion daily video views that Facebook presently sees across mobile and desktop.
  • App Makers Playing Dangerous Game With Personal Privacy
    Threatening to bust the mobile boom, app makers are playing a dangerous game with people's personal information. That's according to new and highly credible research, which tested 110 of the most popular Android and iOS apps on the market to see which ones shared personal, behavioral, and location data with third parties.
  • Mobile Takes Over Facebook Revenue Growth
    Facebook has acquired more than 50 companies since its founding, about a fifth of which are directly related to mobile devices and technology. The newest Q3 earnings report from Facebook shows that all those acquisitions are paying for themselves. Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 78% of all ad revenue for the third quarter of 2015, up from 66% in the third quarter of 2014.
  • Can Mobile Fix Facebook's Posting Problem?
    Facebook appears to have a posting problem. Over the past year, the share of users updating their status is down from 50% to 34% -- while the share of those posting pictures is off from 59% to 37% -- according to new data from market research firm GlobalWebIndex.
  • King Digital's $5.9B Price Tag Makes Mobile Sense
    Bubble! Like the jerk of a knee, that's how plenty of people are responding to word that Activision Blizzard is dropping $5.9 billion on King Digital -- the maker of mobile gaming sensation Candy Crush Saga. "This is just one of a number of valuations that are increasingly unrealistically high," according to Mike Wade, professor at the IMD Business School in Switzerland.
  • Apple Makes Mobile Mapping Its Business
    Apple watchers are pretty excited about what looks to be a dedicated indoor positioning app. First noticed on the App Store by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, this weekend, the Indoor Survey App should help businesses map out their physical footprints. From there, they can show shoppers around, direct them to particular products, and encourage them to stick around for a bit longer.
  • Sorry, Drake: We're Still Calling On Our Cellphones
    Phone calls have gone the way of the rotary dial, right? The signs are everywhere, it seems. We're all texting and messaging our head's off. Even Drake's upset about some lady friend not calling anymore. Actually, that's not the case. Across all ages and races, the number of calls we make and receive has stayed relatively stable this year, according to new findings from Nielsen Mobile Insights.
  • The Measly 'Mea Culpas' Of Mobile Marketers
    Listening to some of the panels at MediaPost's OMMA Chicago conference the past two days, one would think the mobile advertising world is in for a revolution."The mobile experience is disgusting!" exclaimed one panelist. Others called mobile ads crappy and lamented the decline of artfulness in modern digital advertising.
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