• How 'Crashing' Kills Apps
    Of course, consumers hate crashing apps. But how big a problem are crashes, really, and what's the likelihood that they'll drive users away?
  • How App Developers Can Avoid The Dreaded 'Uninstall'
    For every 10 apps that users install on their phones, more than three are ultimately uninstalled, new research finds. How do developers avoid finding themselves on the wrong end of that statistic?
  • Pinterest Launches Lean-Back Mobile Viewing
    It's not quite TV, but it's close. Yes, Pinterest is testing Explore -- an extension of its existing platform, which will feature auto-play versions of Promoted Video.
  • Facebook Extends Support For Marketers' Bots
    Encouraging developers to build more bots, Facebook is offering them free analytics, and an open invitation to join its FbStart program.
  • Facebook Set To Buy CrowdTangle, Social Data Tracker
    Facebook will now be better at tracking links shared on its platform, as well as rival social networks. That's thanks to a new deal to acquire CrowdTangle -- a social data-tracking firm popular among publishers like Buzzfeed, the BBC, and Vox.
  • Instagram Adding LIve Video To App
    Of course, Instagram is planning to add live video to its existing app. It's owned by Facebook, after all, and as CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on a recent earnings call: "We're putting video first." As Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom tells the Financial Times, "I think [live video] can enhance what we're doing."
  • Dark Or Boosted: How Brands Split Their Facebook Budgets
    Rightly or wrongly, what do Facebook's advertisers value more: dark posts or boosted posts? Some new research suggests that the choice is clear. Indeed, the average total spend per post for dark posts is $776.75 -- nearly twice as much as for boosted posts ($389), according to fresh findings from TrackMaven.
  • Familiar With Prisma?
    Of course you are. It's the Russian app that all your cool friends have been using to "filter" their social media in the style of artistic schools like Expressionism and Cubism.
  • Can Samsung Kill Siri?
    That was fast. About a month after agreeing to buy Viv -- the AI firm helmed by the same engineers who created Siri -- Samsung is readying a voice assistant of its own.
  • Facebook Eating Ad Market
    This week, Facebook estimated that U.S. advertising grew by 62%, year-over-year. Pivotal Research Group, however, puts the figure at about 50%. What explains the difference? "We think the meaning behind the gap is open to interpretation, but indicates that there is an acceleration of spending by entities based outside of the United States targeting consumers inside of it," Brian Wieser, a senior analyst at Pivotal, explains in a new note to investors.
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