• AT&T Gives DirectTV A Pass On Mobile Data Caps
    Does AT&T need a refresher course on existing net neutrality rules? How else can you explain the company's decision to exempt DirecTV streaming video from data caps on its mobile Web service?
  • Facebook Trying To Whet Businesses' Global Ambitions
    Businesses looking to grow their international mobile audiences now have a friend in Facebook. The social giant is offering businesses a new Lookalike Audiences tool, which is designed to help them reach customers in new countries who are similar to their current customer base. They can do this by uploading a list of existing customers or high-potential leads.
  • Latest Apple Gadgets Lack 'Wow' Factor
    Now you see it, now you don't. Yep, ahead of its official launch, Apple mistakenly tweeted out the iPhone 7's sexiest specifications, on Wednesday. We learned at that moment that the latest iPhone is a lot like the last several iterations -- but with a new water-resistant shell, dual camera system, stereo speakers, and a darker black color scheme. As was widely anticipated (and feared by many), the iPhone 7 also lacks a dedicated headphone jack. In other words, the iPhone 7 might not be shiny and new enough to sufficiently brighten Apple's struggling hardware outlook.
  • Smartphone Time Is Now App Time, Most Of The Time
    What did we do with our smartphones before the advent of apps? Make phone calls?! Whatever it was, we're doing a lot less -- or doing it with an app, new research shows. Indeed, apps now account for half of all the time average Janes and Joes spend on their smart devices, comScore finds.
  • Google's In-App Searches Will Make In-App Ads More Accurate
    Google, the search company that knows all your passwords, shopping preferences, and pertinent medical and financial information, announced this week that it's building a search function into its app that will allow it to search through other apps on your phone. Being able to identify shopper intent -- how and why users use certain apps -- is valuable information that will help advertisers be more accurate with their ads.
  • Facebook Adds Instant Video To Messenger
    Who needs Apple's FaceTime, or any other video-calling service?! That's the question Facebook is asking its billion or so users now that it's added Instant Video to Messenger.
  • Instagram Wants You To Give It A Pinch
    Pinch away, people! Yes, Instagram is finally inviting users zoom in on photos and video in the feeds with a single pinch. "Zoom is one of the most requested features from the community, and it's finally here," a company spokeswoman tells me.
  • Facebook Really Wants To Replace Your Coupons
    There are few things that American consumers love more than Facebook and deals. Trying to align these national pastimes, the social giant just redesigned Offers, a mostly mobile service that helps consumers claim, organize and redeem coupons and promotions.
  • Snapchat Still Can't Stop Growing
    Think Snapchat's popularity is peaking? Think again. The creative messaging app is poised for at least two more years of double-digit growth, according to a forecast from eMarketer.
  • How To Duplicate The Success Of Nissan's 'Diehard Fan' App
    If you want a successful app, be prepared to "commit to flawless execution," Robert Brown, senior manager of interactive marketing at Nissan North America, told his envious audience at MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit.
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