• When Will VR Become Useful?
    A quick Google search of the best virtual reality (VR) apps available on the market right now returns a series that can be broadly sorted into two camps: games and tours. Games show off the entertainment value of the new tech, and tours show how engaging and lively the visual components of VR can be. Neither of those two types of apps offers anything that you can't get somewhere else, though. Right now, the biggest barrier to mass adoption of VR is the development of content beyond the stuff that is really just a showcase, or that panders to early ...
  • EU Goes After Google's Android Business
    After a yearlong investigation, the European Commission is bringing charges against Google for its Android-related business practices. "We found that Google pursues an overall strategy on mobile devices to protect and expand its dominant position in internet search," stated Margrethe Vestager, the European Union competition commissioner.
  • Mobile-Only Homes Becoming Mainstream
    Relying solely on cell phones for Web connections was once limited to the lower socioeconomic strata. Not anymore. Nearly one in five (18%) of households with annual incomes of $50,000 to $75,000 were mobile-only last year, according to a new study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau on behalf of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration. That's up from just 8% in 2013.
  • News Readers Cherish Accuracy AND Quick Load Times
    Would today's news consumer prefer an accurate story that loads slowly -- or an inaccurate story that loads quickly? Well, the vast majority of U.S. consumers still value news accuracy above all else -- but, for most, load times are also pretty darn important.
  • Is Apple Adding Paid Search To App Store?
    Ever since Apple announced plans to shutter its iAd App network, I'm sure you've been wondering how it plans to replace that lost revenue. As one possible solution, Apple is reportedly open to the idea of charging developers to have their apps more prominently displayed in its App Store. That's right, Apple is considering paid search, as sources tell Bloomberg Technology.
  • Final Thoughts On The FBI/Apple Case
    In a strange pseudo-ending to an already strange case, the FBI paid professional hackers to break into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist a little while ago. The hackers were able to exploit a software flaw, which was used to create a piece of hardware that allowed them to bypass the security feature that would have wiped all the data from the phone before they could access it.
  • Unbundling Facebook's F8 Conference
    A ton of announcements came out of Facebook's F8 Developer Conference, on Tuesday. In case you missed any or all of them, here's a rundown:
  • Facebook Flexing Messenger's Muscles
    Another day, another big push by Facebook to transform Messenger into an app of Facebook-like proportions. Now, users can share Dropbox files over Messenger. If the files are photos or videos, they'll even appear right in their chat window. To share other content, users will be prompted to open the Dropbox mobile app to first preview the files.
  • Yes, Facebook Has Become Too Powerful
    What can we expect from Facebook's F8 developer conference, this week? Along with a ton of live-video talk, Facebook will reinforce its role as a dominant platform provider and the supreme master of "mobile moments," Forrester predicts. "Platforms like Facebook are expanding their ownership of mobile moments as measured by both audience minutes and data," says Forrester principal analyst Julie Ask.
  • Can Live Video Fix Facebook's Sharing Problem?
    Facebook has a serious sharing problem. That is, users are posting a ton, but mostly news stories and viral videos rather than personal content. The latter is critical to Facebook's health because it engenders far higher engagement levels, and strengthens bonds among users. That's why news that original sharing of personal stories dropped 21%, last year, is so troubling for Facebook. It also explains why the social giant is so eager to reposition itself as a live-video platform.
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