• Mobile Boarding Passes Taking Off
    I freely admit to being a Luddite, but there's one thing I'm definitely not going to miss: paper boarding passes. Happily for people like me, boarding passes are about to take off (get it?) according to a new forecast from Juniper Research, which predicts that 1.5 billion boarding passes will be distributed via mobile devices by 2019.
  • Most Students Use Mobile Devices To Study
    Here's a can't-lose argument for kids trying to get their parents to buy them a new smartphone or tablet: It's educational! In fact, 81% of college students surveyed by McGraw-Hill Education said they use mobile devices to study, up from 40% just a year ago. And 77% said technology had a positive effect on their grades.
  • Google Eyeing InMobi
    Google is said to be considering acquiring India-based mobile ad firm InMobi, according to the India Times, which first reported the news yesterday, citing sources with knowledge of the discussions. The acquisition is hardly a done deal, as the two sides are only now entering the technology diligence phase, otherwise known as "opening the geek kimono."
  • Yes! More Alerts, Updates, and Notifications -- Now On Your Wrist!
    Do you ever worry that there just isn't enough digital media in your life? Sure, we all do! Fortunately for us, Apple's new smartwatch will make sure that we never have to experience another moment of quiet introspection again, by filling our days and nights with an endless stream of alerts, updates, and notifications -- all conveniently located on your wrist, making them well-nigh inescapable!
  • Multicultural Users Still Driving The Smartphone Revolution
    Smartphone penetration is much, much higher among multicultural mobile customers than the overall population. This is a scenario that has played out throughout the digital era. But now "multicultural" represents the American "mainstream."
  • Phablets Exploding -- In a Good Way
    No matter how you feel about the cutesy portmanteau name (I think it sounds kind of gross, somehow) there's no question phablets, the mid-size devices combining the best of smartphones and tablets, are taking the mobile world by storm. And that's good news for both publishers and advertisers, who are getting a little more space and flexibility for their content and messages thanks to the larger screen size.
  • PGA Tour App To Solve For Golf Snoozecasting
    The new PGA Tour iPad app is a golf geek's dream. Imagine Strat-o-matic Golf. It's also one of those rare second-screen apps that may have a chance, mainly because it could prove more exciting than the main broadcast.
  • Desktop Ain't Dead Yet
    More people are using mobile devices to access the Internet, but this doesn't mean desktop is in decline. In fact, desktop Internet usage continues to grow too, albeit at a slower rate than mobile Internet usage, according to comScore co-founder Gian Fulgoni, who gave an overview of recent trends in online behavior at Borrell Associates' Local Online Advertising Conference.
  • IBM Helps Create Apps For Users With Disabilities
    With the Mobile World Congress in full swing in Barcelona, there has been a lot of proselytizing about the enormous benefits the spread of mobile connectivity will bring to the developing world: economic growth, education, health, and democratic government. But for its full potential to be realized, mobile technology has to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities like vision and hearing loss.
  • Debunking The Android Handicap
    When comparing similar Android and Apple handsets, iOS loses its purported advantage for usage levels and app interactivity. In fact, Android users at the high end are more engaged in apps than even high end iPhone owners, according to Localytics.
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