• Twitter Doubles Down On 'Moments'
    While it can't cure all that ails Twitter, the success of Moments has been a source of optimism for the social giant. To keep the party going, Twitter is expanding Moments to include more influencers, brands, partner publishers -- and, in the coming months, everyone else. The question is whether or not Twitter can successfully scale a service that has relied on a team of experienced content curators.
  • What's To Be Done About Mobile Ad Fraud?
    To answer the question in the head: Not a whole lot. In the cat-and-mouse game that is the constantly evolving world of ad fraud, the most that can feasibly be done is stop fraudsters from doing what they're currently doing -- but there isn't really a way to stop them from innovating new methods of stealing dollars, says Antoni Kolev, VP of product at Forensiq.
  • 'NYT' Will Experiment With SMS During Rio Olympics
    New York Times deputy sports editor Sam Manchester will be heading up an new project for the legacy publishing giant: sending out SMS updates for the Rio Olympics, including GIFs, photos and personal dispatches.
  • Apple's App Store Has Paid Out $50B To Developers
    iOS developers have been paid $50 billion from Apple's App Store, according to tweets from Apple CEO Tim Cook. July has been a record month in the App store in terms of monthly billing to advertisers (Pokemon Go has obviously contributed more than its fair share to that, with 100 million downloads and earnings of $10 million a day, as reported yesterday).
  • Mobile Video Mania
    Worldwide, revenue from mobile video will reach $25 billion by 2021, according to a recent Strategy Analytics report. As such, top platforms are anxious to turn this bonanza into bucks. Just this week, Facebook said it was testing a new format in which 15-second ad videos can be placed into Facebook Live streams.
  • Is Google Losing Grip On Tablet Market?
    New research from IDC suggests that Google is losing its grip on the tablet market as its Android vendor list contracts, and -- hedging against the decline of Android slates -- champions of the OS increasingly offer Windows-based products.
  • Pokemon Go Smeared By Specter Of Predators
    From privacy issues to the zombification of large populations of people, the Pokemon Go phenomenon has had some disturbing side effects. Taking the cake, however, a recent report showed how the game could lead to unwelcome encounters with registered sex offenders.
  • Why Marketers Can't Envision Their Mobile Future
    By now, you'd think most marketers would have a clearly defined long-term mobile strategy. However, you'd be wrong. For reasons that escape me, just one in five companies around the globe have a defined mobile strategy that goes back at least 12 months. That's according to new research from Adobe, which included feedback from 4,000 marketers and digital professionals.
  • Facebook's Earnings Report
    Facebook released its second quarter earnings report this week, revealing that the company now has a host of new monthly active users, and proving once again that the social network does audience engagement better than just about everyone else.
  • Pinterest Looks To Broaden Appeal To Brands
    By now, Pinterest has pretty well proven its value to brands. But, there's always room for improvement. With that in mind, the pin-sharing platform just scored Gunnard Johnson to head measurement science and insights.
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