• When We Don't Say What We Mean
    Let's face it, we all lie. Various studies have concluded that the average person lies 1.58 times per day, but frankly, there is some concern that the participants in those surveys were, well, lying. I know a number of people who might politely be called outliers ... on the high side.
  • 'Tackling' Climate Change
    How a single word helped catalyze global action, and what today's green marketers can learn from it.
  • Why 'Going Lean' Is The New Green
    With over 25 years of experience as a sustainability consultant and the author of books on green marketing and eco-innovation, Jacquie Ottman has an eye for understanding trends. As she sees it, the next movement in green marketing is about focusing on waste reduction.
  • The Half-Naked Fakir's Guide To Environmental Action
    Last weekend, my family sat down to enjoy a three-hour history lesson: "Gandhi," the award-winning movie about India's most famous political figure, by Richard Attenborough. For my wife and me, it was a long-overdue revisit: for my kids, it was an introduction to an India they never knew and never imagined, a time when the very idea of India as a country was shaped, twisted and forged.
  • 5 Tips To Use, Re-Invent And Reap The Rewards
    Feeding innovation and creativity is critical for creating new, sustainable business models that are also profitable. For the second installment on earth-friendly business models identified by the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based think tank and strategic advisory firm, SustainAbility, we're focusing on a model that is based on "rematerialization" (use and reuse of materials as a means of reducing materials and energy related costs throughout the production cycle).
  • Want To Show How Green You Are? Stab Your Competition In Public
    Picture this bit of environmental nostalgia: a Native American in a canoe paddling down a polluted, trash-ridden stream; he pauses at the end to weep for the camera. Now cut to 1990s gauzy ad campaigns with families picnicking in lush green parks, puppies and children frolicking in overtly happy and healthy ways, as wind turbines spin in the background. Each of these approaches is cut from the same mold, the message laid on as thick as hearty Vermont maple syrup, "We all have to band together to protect our precious environment."
  • The Availability Heuristic Is Killing Us
    Sensationalist? Moi? You may have worried about the potential effect of carcinogens in the water supply, or the possibility of a terrorist attack in your home town, or GMO foods and the effect they have on your endocrine system, but I'm willing to wager that you have rarely, if ever, considered this particular cognitive bias a threat to your existence.
  • Earth-Friendly Can Benefit Profits, People And Planet
    In its latest report, SustainAbility, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based think tank and strategic advisory firm, provides insight about a variety of earth-friendly business models that are profitable but also benefit people and the planet. Over the next few months, I'll cover each of five unique business models, including: Social Innovation, Environmental Impact, Base of the Pyramid, Diverse Impact, and Financing Innovation. Each one can serve as a template or inspiration for a new and profitable paradigm.
  • Get Inspired By These Cultures That Minimize Waste
    Cultures around the world possess their own unique, deeply-ingrained beliefs and traditions for minimizing waste. For instance, the Yankee ingenuity helped America put down its early roots, and the Dutch custom of sharing unlocked community bikes at train stations inspired bike-sharing programs in New York, Paris and other world capitals. Many such notions are the inspiration for entrepreneurs who are fast at work introducing new products that can help all consumers prevent water, energy, food and various materials from going to waste.
  • Storytelling Q&A With A CSR Expert
    I recently connected with Susan McPherson (@susanmcp1), head of communications consultancy McPherson Strategies, to discuss the role of corporate storytelling in CSR and sustainability initiatives. Susan, named one of the "Smartest Women on Twitter" by "Fast Company" magazine and the founder of the popular bi-weekly #CSRChat, has spent her career focusing on the intersection between brands and social good.
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