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In Earth Day T-shirts, The Medium Is The Message
Companies are already making plans for Earth Day. There will be nationwide events and media opportunities to show corporate concern for the environment and their communities. Depending on one's viewpoint, Earth Day will be a PR obligation or a marketing event to show how your product will save lots of trees.» 0 Comments
Social Plays Vital Role In Corporate Responsibility, Green Initiatives
Having successful green initiatives and sustainability programs can have a powerful effect on brand loyalty and brand awareness. And that can truly drive some positive social buzz.» 0 Comments
Back To The Future
The best green marketing campaigns of 2010 and where they can go next.» 0 Comments
One Small Step: Tapping Into Community-Based Efforts To Save Energy
There are different approaches to attempting behavior change, such as incorporating prevention strategies into outreach efforts or instituting programs and policies to drive specific behavior. Working to establish and convey certain social norms -- or accepted standards for behavior -- can also be particularly effective.» 0 Comments