Results for February 2010

Insuring Success
I had the pleasure of hearing executives from Progressive and USAA address their impressively relentless focus on customer satisfaction. These presentations were part of a two-day Net Promoter conference that celebrated the power of monitoring and addressing customer satisfaction at every point of contact.» 0 Comments
Riding The Next Customer Tsunami
Multiply the power of analytics through marketing, social media and customer service.» 0 Comments
The Best Predictor Of Top-Line Growth
Start asking for referrals, and even more importantly, start posting your referral rate. Strive to improve the rate and make it part of regular discussions at management meetings. The lifetime value of a repeat customer is key -- not that one-time conversion on the front end.» 0 Comments
Managing The Customer Relationship For Fun And Profit
These tactics aren't complicated, and you can perfect them over time in terms of their frequency, level of information, or approach. The key is to keep it up. You've spent the money to acquire those customers. Take simple, extra steps to nurture and keep them.» 0 Comments