Results for May 2010

Does Your Website Keep 'Em Coming Back For More?
A website that is integrated into the overall marketing program in a seamless and cohesive fashion can be the most powerful lever in a marketer's toolbox. This result does not happen randomly, however, and requires a thoughtful and structured approach. The benefits of thinking about your website as an extension and broadening of your marketing program transcends the online venue -- it can transform your entire marketing experience.» 0 Comments
Self Service: A Blessing Or A Curse?
Linking marketing programs to contact center intelligence and self-service usage may hold the key to building a brand and making it profitable at the same time. Seems like a great opportunity for making self-service more personal.» 0 Comments
Hello, Goodbye ... NEXT!
Calculating the True Lifetime Value of a customer.» 0 Comments
The Importance Of Pain
While it may sound harsh to suggest you purposely cause your prospects pain, pain is a powerful motivator. Pain is what drives people to action. Pain will create opportunities for you to provide solutions. Solutions results in profits for both you and your clients.» 0 Comments