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A Million Strong: 5 Ideas To Build Relationships
These tips are applicable to all consumers, not just moms. But this article focuses on moms because they control an estimated 85% of household spending and they exhibit social and advocacy tendencies that can help brands increase sales, relationships and awareness.» 0 Comments
Revitalize Your CRM Through Your Email Strategy
Because consumer use of the Internet is endangering traditional CRM models, today's marketers have to integrate new kinds of online strategies into their marketing plans. These strategies are designed to leverage opted-in customer and subscriber databases, not only to generate sales, but also to improve and build on past CRM successes.» 0 Comments
The 'C' Stands For Cloud
No more Lotus spreadsheets and Rolodexes. Modern-day sales and marketing professionals need to work in the cloud and keep their head out of the clouds.» 0 Comments