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CRM By The Numbers
How to measure your sales team effectively and boost success» 0 Comments
New Opportunities To Enhance Customer Care
Tap into Asia's highest-quality workforce, favorable economic and cultural conditions to improve customer care and your bottom line.» 0 Comments
When the Spirit Moves You
No doubt you have seen the rather public missteps and head-shaking arrogance from Spirit Airlines over the last few weeks regarding a terminally ill patient and his quest for a refund. After being strongly and medically cautioned not to fly, this Spirit customer was merely looking for a refund or ticket transfer to his child to restitute his grave situation.» 0 Comments
Save The Cleverness And Keep The CRM
When online marketers think about developing email campaigns, they typically focus on two areas: open rates and conversions. And the open rates, as we all know, have everything to do with subject lines.» 0 Comments
Customer Reward Management
Customer engagement can take many forms, like special discounts, offers and VIP memberships, but these customer rewards must be tailored for individual business industries and clients. If you're considering the implementation of a customer reward program, also be sure you have the time and commitment necessary. You may think it's easy to quickly issue a customer discount, but customer engagement is not a one-time deal. It must be a consistent, well-planned and executed program.» 1 Comments