• Locally Targeted Mobile Video Ads Growing For Retail Categories
    Locally targeted mobile video campaigns rose 5% in Q2 2016, compared with the previous quarter, with retail subcategories like automotive dealerships contributing to the majority, according to the recent report.
  • MediaMath Integrates Proximity To Create Geo-Location Targeted Ads
    MediaMath has integrated Geopulse Proximity from Factual into its TerminalOne Marketing Operating System to deliver targeted mobile advertisements to consumers based on their proximity to physical locations.
  • Spot.IM Closes $13M Series A Funding, Increases Value Of Data
    Spot.IM has closed a Series A funding round worth $13 million to build out its platform. The technology gives visitors to sites like News Corp and Time the ability to leave comments and interact with others reading the same article in real time.
  • Consider Cost Per Outcome When Optimizing Audience Buying On Facebook, Instagram
    Marketers strive to understand interests, needs and expectations of people that use Facebook and Instagram to plan their media spend, but measuring the effectiveness of cross-platform and cross-channel campaigns has been a bit of a challenge.
  • Broadway Gets A Standing Ovation From Retargeting
    Telecharge, the official ticketing agency for most of New York City's theatres, wanted to connect closely with patrons from the dozens of Broadway shows like "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Les Miserables," with the goal of engaging new audiences and capturing lost ticket revenue.
  • PebblePost Takes Programmatic Addressable TV Concepts To Offline Direct Mail
    PebblePost took the concept of addressable TV and adapted it for direct mail. Lewis Gersh, the company's CEO, said the "monumental endeavor" requiring engineers to build a fully functional ad server that connects digital behavior with direct mail took more than two-and-a-half years to build and test.
  • Political Online Ad Targeting Gaining Attention
    Priorities USA pulled out the big guns Tuesday for an advertisement that pits the U.S. presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump against blacks and disabled voters. The ad will run in four swing states states.
  • Visual, Digital And Environmental Signals Target Personal Messages
    ADVIA Partners has developed technology that CEO John DeCaprio believes will become the answer to personalizing messages based on age and gender.
  • Targeting Millennial Moviegoers More Complex Than First Thought
    Some think millennials are generally less interested in going to the movies then previous generations, but data released Tuesday suggests ways brands can connect with these finicky moviegoers.
  • Puma Personalizes Targeted Messages Based On Site Visits, Cart Abandonment
    Puma wanted to gain better insights into its consumers, especially those who would come to the site and not make a purchase. Its marketing team used software to analyze Web site and cart abandonment rates, but seeing and aggregating the data never did much good without having the ability to take action.
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