• Todacell Research Shows Matching Mobile Ad Colors To Country's GDP Improves CTR, ROI
    The mobile ad network Todacell, Tel Aviv, will release research Wednesday that suggests matching the color in a mobile advertisement with a country's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita can improve click-through rates and return on investments. In tests by the company, CTRs rose up to 150% and ROI improved by up to 50% for ads running on its mobile ad serving platform.
  • Target The Mobile Shopper With Clean, Consistent, Focused Approaches
    When the creative and the media align, mobile display and video campaigns outperform desktop. But it takes discipline, Millward Brown argues in its latest research. Respecting the user's time, space and situation are all critical.
  • The Connected Car Takes The Checkered Flag
    The agency MRY released a study this week that analyzed topics that will affect the future of connected cars: changing attitudes toward car ownership, interest in car sharing services, and the impact of connectivity on the automotive purchase.
  • Retail Approaches Its Mobile Tipping Point
    One m-commerce platform is seeing a majority of visits to its retailer sites coming from mobile. More important than raw visits is the increased comfort consumers have with using their devices more broadly across the path to purchase.
  • Toyota Uses Location To Target Prospects, Tune Creative In Labor Day Push
    Toyota employed mobile location-aware targeting along with localized offers this past month that demonstrates how geo-fencing can combine with behavioral profiling in subtler ways.
  • Why Marketers Can't Ignore Celeb Photo Cloud Storage Leaks
    For marketing naysayer who continues to denounce the possibility of anyone wanting to steal company or client data, perhaps the most recent Apple iCloud hack will convince them otherwise. Granted, the hacker shared nude photo of Hollywood celebrities, rather than consumer data, but the event should serve as a reminder that cloud storage still isn't entirely secure. The technology is too new.
  • Online Real Estate Searches Represent Golden Opportunity For Local Businesses, Brands
    A recent study from Google suggests new homeowners and those shopping for homes are a significant target market. While they're searching for a home, people will buy things they never knew existed or shopped for in the past, per the Google study. This phenomenon represents a trend that suggests big decisions can trigger smaller ones, not just in the immediate future, but for the long haul. The point is that the home-buying process presents an opportunity for consumer product brands, luxury retailers, financial services and other companies to build consumer relationships during this time.
  • Let Us Quantify You
    There is tremendous opportunity for brands to help consumers quantify aspects of their everyday existence in ways that empower and enrich the customer.
  • Using Data, Personalization To Improve Call Center Customer Service
    The two trends driving the partnership between Whitepages Pro, the company's directory enterprise division, and Twilio announced this week center on better customer satisfaction and personalized experiences. One part of this is faster call center results in much less time, along with call-tracking capabilities and the ability to verify the caller's identity.
  • Don't Just Target The Moment: Be A Companion On The Journey
    Big themes at this week's Mobile Insider Summit? The new expectation of "instant"; the crying need for cross-screen tracking and seamless experiences; the role of mobile in the post-purchase experience.
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