Microsoft Blends Complex Data And Social Media To Create HereHere
What if you take complex data and present it in ways a typical person could understand in a Twitter tweet or a status update in a Facebook or Google+ stream? What if you layer those tweets and updates on an online neighborhood map, so people could understand where the information comes from? Microsoft did. Its project HereHere, which launched this week, blends data analytics and social media to alert the public of issues affecting their neighborhoods.» 1 Comments
Your Car Is Following You: Will It Be A 'Data Monster'?
The next big thing in data tracking, targeting and privacy worries? You are driving it. Automakers know as well as anyone that the connected car challenges long-standing cultural values associated with driving.» 1 Comments
Bluefin Media CEO Calls On Ad Industry To Standardize Viewability Metrics
Measuring data becomes worthless when companies can't sift through the numbers to find the gems. Bluefin Media CEO Brad Mandell calls on the advertising industry to create a standard viewability metric as more brands rely on the data to make ad-buying decisions.» 5 Comments
Help! My Unquantified Self Is Stuck In Fitbit Hell
I am the only family member without a fitness monitor. I feel so un-self-realized, so data-less and haphazard in my movements. What am I doing? Who know? Who cares? No one is counting, anyway.» 3 Comments
Consolidation In A Data-Driven Age
First-party data? Marketers know it's important to integrate first-party data through the customer's lifecycle to improve ad targeting. I received an email pitch from a PR company offering me an interview with the CEO of one of their clients. The person pointed to Oracle's intent to acquire BlueKai, and asked if I would like to talk with the CEO about the company's lack of first-party data. Huh?» 0 Comments
This Time It IS Personal: Mobile Expectation And Risk Run High
A new survey by ExactTarget suggests that consumers have high expectation for brands when it comes to mobile devices. Seamless experiences across screens should be table stakes. But users themselves say they aren't seeing enough brands step up.» 0 Comments
Data Tells Me You Eat Pickles On Your Hamburger
Digital signs in fast-food restaurants and retail stores got a whole lot more predictive this week, with the news that digital signage software provider Scala teamed up with broadband and satellite provider Hughes Network Systems. The partnership will support Scala's Retail Signage and Digital Menu Board Services, which target ads to consumers based on a variety of data, from weather to past purchases.» 2 Comments
Reading the iBeacon's Signal: Brick and Mortar Gets A Data Layer
Retailers are rushing to deploy in-store short range wireless contact with customers. But devices like Apple's iBeacons will not only help push content to users, they will give retailers a new layer of data about how people interact with the store itself.» 1 Comments
Microsoft Says Do One Thing To Make Online Safer
Microsoft released data Tuesday in support of international Safer Internet Day that would give most good reason to reflect on how they might "Do One Thing" to stay safer online. Of the more than 10,000 consumers surveyed, about 13% said their professional reputation had been compromised, at an estimated loss of $4.5 billion worldwide.» 0 Comments
The Data Breach Marketers Least Expect
I'm going through withdrawal. I prefer to make online purchases, rather than go into a retail store, and I was feeling pretty comfortable there for a while -- until Target's data breach. The 40 million credit and debit card records stolen, along with 70 million bits of customer information such as addresses and telephone numbers, made me rethink online purchases.» 3 Comments
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