• Let Us Quantify You
    There is tremendous opportunity for brands to help consumers quantify aspects of their everyday existence in ways that empower and enrich the customer.
  • Using Data, Personalization To Improve Call Center Customer Service
    The two trends driving the partnership between Whitepages Pro, the company's directory enterprise division, and Twilio announced this week center on better customer satisfaction and personalized experiences. One part of this is faster call center results in much less time, along with call-tracking capabilities and the ability to verify the caller's identity.
  • Don't Just Target The Moment: Be A Companion On The Journey
    Big themes at this week's Mobile Insider Summit? The new expectation of "instant"; the crying need for cross-screen tracking and seamless experiences; the role of mobile in the post-purchase experience.
  • Data Quality Challenges Run Deeper Than Marketers Think
    Some 93% of companies believe data is essential to their marketing success, but on average U.S. marketers believe 25% of the data they use to contact customers remains inaccurate. About 91% of companies suffer from common data errors, citing humans as the main cause. The stats from Experian Marketing Services go on and on, citing 84% of companies experience data challenges and 77% admit the errors affects their bottom line. The emails bounce back, the advertisements miss their target market, and the search ads get clicked on without seeing conversions. The most important point to remember marketers don't seem to ...
  • CIOs Are From Mars And CMOs Are From Venus
    CIOs and CMOs are talking and collaborating more than ever before, but not always in the same language. A new survey of both sets of executives shows that mobile is proving to be the real flash point in a still-uneasy relationship.
  • BloomReach Powers Data Across Media, Devices To Personalize Web Site Content
    Learning from the way consumers jump devices and media, BloomReach rolled out its Personalized Discovery Platform that uses Web and mobile data to make smarter recommendations. It learns from every consumer interaction to personalize content across channels and hardware.
  • Native Advertising Arrives: John Oliver's Epic Takedown
    Perhaps the most eloquent and closely argued critique of native advertising yet came from HBO's John Oliver. His long piece shredding the practice called out media brands and their executives by name.
  • Americans 'Deeply Concerned' About Online Privacy...Kinda, Sorta
    The disconnect between what people say they think about online privacy and how they actually behave online has always been vast and confusing to the market. But in that gap there is great opportunity for publishers and advertisers to engage customers so much more creatively than they have in the past.
  • Automated Serendipity
    StumbleUpon endures, and perhaps is so popular among the most savvy digital users because it seems to be a counterpoint to the cold, unadventurous precision of the rest of the data-driven online experience.
  • CMO and CIO Disconnect Slows Campaign Performance
    An Accenture Interactive online study of about 1,100 CMO and CIO professionals set out to track how the two functions continue to come together and address companies' digital needs. The two groups remain at odds in several basic issues such as how to integrate digital marketing solutions.
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