• AddThis Opens Marketplace Of Tools To Target Social Behavior
    AddThis has launched an online marketplace featuring tools that let publishers serve more targeted content to Web site visitors. The company also expanded offerings of recommended content and made improvements to its analytics dashboard.
  • The Bean Counters Are Watching: Programmatic About To Get Scrutinized
    Programmatic platforms are no longer attracting just chump change. As the investment rises, serious scrutiny of transparency, waste and fraud will be coming from higher quarters of corporate organizations.
  • Marketers Need Attitude Adjustment To Increase Success With Data, Content, Tools
    Organizational impediments appear to create the biggest challenges as more brands struggle to find the correct type of data to build online content and targeted campaigns. So many marketers claim not to have the budget or approvals for the resources they need, per David Edelman, co-leader of McKinsey's global digital marketing strategy group. He explains how brand marketers complain about getting approval or the budget to do several variations of a landing page or quick compliance approvals. "It starts with attitude and leadership, saying we are going to work as a team and try to get these obstacles out of ...
  • Apps May Be Underestimating Location Targeting Power
    Apps that use location information to target alerts are seeing substantial lifts in engagement. It's not just about geo-triggered messages, but using location data to better understand the user.
  • Weintraub Willingly Gives Up Data To Apple, Mayo Clinic For HealthKit App
    Apple said during a keynote address at its Worldwide Developers Conference that it is working with the Mayo Clinic to integrate medical information via its platform HealthKit, a part of its new operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 8. The app consolidates a user's cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and other data from disparate apps and devices.
  • Create Better Retail Copy By Using Social Data
    New platforms such as Wanelo, Houzz, Polyvore and Pinterest are giving us deeper insight into consumer behavior beyond intent that can be leveraged for more tailored, creative copywriting that resonates.
  • Predictive Analytics Remains Huge Challenge
    What happened to Web sites that personalize the content on a page based on the visitor's browsing history? Not too long ago I heard about this type of technology all the time. Not so much anymore. What happened to analyzing my real-time actions to determine the type of content or ad to serve me? And then there are the ecommerce platforms that think they can count inventory, so shirts, pants and skirts don't get oversold. Frankly, I'm tired of retailers showing me what I need and then getting the "this product is backordered" email from online retailers like Anthropologie after ...
  • FTC Cites Lack Of Transparency, Recommends Legislation
    The FTC weighs in on data brokers, citing a lack of transparency and the risk to consumers as reason for legislators to step in. This could well be a turning point for the privacy and data governance debates.
  • How Mobile Changes Consumer Behavior During Work Hours
    Some 58% of employees participating in a recent survey did not receive a device from their employer, but still purchased one on their own. Of those who purchased a device on their own, 66% use it for work-related purposes, which got me thinking about a bunch of issues related to the data.
  • Dear Diary, Worst Day Of My Life...More After This Word From Our Sponsor
    A psychologist recommends that advertisers have mobile media wrong if they think it's just another screen. It is an extension of ourselves. Advertising as usual here is like inserting sponsor messages in someone's diary.
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