• Beyond Reach And Frequency: Targeting Moods, Modes, Screens And Situation
    One of the salient themes of OMMA Chicago's first day was the radical fragmentation of big ideas into much more segmented and targeted smaller executions that require creative elements appropriate to each channel.
  • Finally, Google Releases Data On Voice Search
    It has become so much easier to pick up a smartphone and say "Okay, Google" before using voice search to seek information, compared with trying to type a long query into a tiny little box. It's become such a natural extension of everyday life that 55% of teens between the ages of 13 and 18 use voice search daily, according to a study released by Google Tuesday.
  • How Much Is That Data In The Window?
    The real value of data to a company is starting to become an issue, as data becomes the core asset for many emerging media companies.
  • Do Teens Tick, Click With Apple Watch?
    What tech devices are teens attracted to? Perhaps not the Apple Watch. A recent Piper Jaffray survey of 7,200 U.S. teens found that 7% of teens own a smartwatch, but a relatively modest 16% said they might buy an iWatch for $350, compared with 17% in the spring survey.
  • Scooby Doo, Where Are You?: Gaming Is The New TV
    A half century TV tradition of Saturday morning cartoons came to an end this season. Kids have better things to do with their TV sets and tablets. Game on.
  • Bitly Creates Tracking, Analytics Vertical
    Bitly expanded its Certified Partner Program Wednesday by creating a vertical within the company to focus on tracking and analytics, naming Simply Measured and SumAll as the first platform companies to participate.
  • Ello Taps Ad, Data Frustration Playing Familiar Counterculture Card
    Social network Ello takes a principled stand against advertising and data brokering. The social nets had it coming, after a year of aggressively touting their own prowess as marketing tools. But Ello may prove to be yet another counter-cultural ripple easily absorbed into the digital "revolution."
  • Shoppers Need Cross-Channel Integration, Too
    Cross-channel is a consumer heartache. Juggling deals and offers across screens is frustrating and inefficient. Shoppers need seamlessness more than anyone.
  • PCH Digital Appoints First CMO, Uses Data To Build Media, Entertainment Network
    Marketers covet accurate first-party data, but consumers have become more skeptical about providing the information. At Publishers Clearing House Digital, visitors browsing the Web site are happy to part with personal information for a chance to win big prizes, per Jason John, the division's first appointed CMO. The focus will turn the digital group into a media and entertainment network supported by mobile, social and new data capabilities.
  • Todacell Research Shows Matching Mobile Ad Colors To Country's GDP Improves CTR, ROI
    The mobile ad network Todacell, Tel Aviv, will release research Wednesday that suggests matching the color in a mobile advertisement with a country's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita can improve click-through rates and return on investments. In tests by the company, CTRs rose up to 150% and ROI improved by up to 50% for ads running on its mobile ad serving platform.
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