Results for May 2006

E-mail And BT: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
What happens when behavioral tracking techniques join e-mail delivery systems, when online behaviors get tied to your name and address? Well, Chris Baggott, cofounder and CMO, ExactTarget, hopes it means that his favorite airline, American, stops wasting his time with irrelevant weekly messages.» 0 Comments
Learning to Think Backwards: What Sales Can Teach Targeting
Many envision behavioral targeting as the enabling technology of "friction-free" marketing. Olivier Chaine, founder and CEO of, disagrees. As he explains, the next step forward for behavioral targeting involves a step backwards from high-flown marketing models to a focus on sales.» 0 Comments
BT Learns to Swim, In-Stream
Someday, when technologies like IPTV, personalized search, set top boxes, DVRs, and privacy concerns all finally plug together, we will be able to serve TV viewers ads according to what they've already watched and done in the converged mediaverse....» 0 Comments
Targeting The Small Screen
Tom Burgess, CEO of Third Screen Media, one of the first wave of ad networks devoted to the new medium, explains how the age of targeting is finally dawning for mobile.» 0 Comments