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Be Careful What You Wish For In '06
I hesitate to make some grandiose statement about how behavioral will absitively, posolutely, thrive in '06 and beyond. The reality is that the very thing behavioral targeting needs to gain acceptance in the long-run could topple it if the industry isn't careful. That's transparency.» 0 Comments
If You Tell Them, They Will Come
Isaac Scarborough believes that if advertisers are straightforward and forthcoming about what information they're collecting and why, consumers will be more comfortable with providing better and more current data.» 0 Comments
2006: The Year of Behavioral Marketing
Online behavioral marketing is an increasingly important, fast-evolving arena that can serve consumers' best interests, and 2006 is shaping up to be a watershed year for the industry.» 0 Comments
Behavioral Sometimes Beats Contextual--But There's No Need To Fight
Like most of his marketing industry brethren, Bill Harvey has long considered contextual advertising to be the holy grail of effective ad targeting. But a number of recent case studies has Harvey, the president of research and consulting firm Next Century Media, reconsidering this commonly held belief.» 0 Comments
Ceding Control Of Data To Users Could Benefit Marketers, Too
What if consumers had control over the data that site publishers and advertisers collect for behavioral targeting and countless other purposes?» 0 Comments