Results for June 2006

Verticals Learn To Get Horizontal
Joe Kyriakoza, vice president of product development for Jumpstart Automotive Media, explains why the next step for verticals is likely to be horizontal--that is, finding ways of effectively reaching and targeting auto buyers in non-automotive venues as well.» 0 Comments
Dating Data: The Heart Of Our Desire
If you really want to know how people act and what they want, just watch them romance one another, says Mary Spio, director of media services, Next Galaxy Media. Her company maintains a 300,000-member database of active singles searching for mates via One2One magazine. Looking for love online leaves a dense trail of desires and affinities that Next Galaxy has used to find contestants for ABC's "The Bachelor" reality show and identify sponsors for the new Mary J. Blige tour. Spio started as an engineer who helped an online dating service drill its own user profiles to market more effectively ...» 0 Comments
Launching And Learning From Case Studies
The topic of behavioral targeting has yielded no shortage of speculation and analysis, much of it, for better or worse, of the "40 thousand feet-high," long-view variety. There are signs, however, that a new stage of discourse, this one a little closer to the ground, may be upon us, as advertisers, networks and publishers begin to share their data and experiences with targeting....» 0 Comments
Following the Interested
While MSN, Google, and Yahoo lurch towards incorporating some kind of behavioral targeting into the search process itself, directories like may try to beat engines to the BT wave....» 0 Comments
Getting Targeting To Scale
Eric Eller, senior director of product marketing at, explains how to do precision targeting, especially behaviorally based targeting, that can seriously scale....» 0 Comments