Results for April 2012

3DBT: Location Awareness Is Behavioral Targeting With A New Dimension
Apps are adding a new and fascinating layer to the data sets both developers and marketers can use to refine their offerings. Tshis is much like the early days of behavioral targeting, when we had no idea yet what value the data might render.» 1 Comments
How Ad Targeting Continues To Change
The industry still continues to operate under old privacy rules, though it's changing -- a change fueled, some believe, by the tension between first-party companies and third parties that use the data.» 0 Comments
Don't Fear The Machine: Going Full-On Wall Street
Think Realtime is bringing yet another layer of automation to the highly mechanized new machine of digital ad buying. Its machine learning system optimizes and automates RTB execution on Google Display.» 0 Comments
IBM Defines Digital Behavioral Patterns
IBM unveiled its study Beyond Digital, analyzing the digital behavior of 3,800 respondents in six countries, at the National Association of Broadcasters show.» 0 Comments
We Have Met The People Meter, And It Is Us: Mobile Apps Change The Data Game
Mobile apps and the mobile Web are already starting to give us incredibly granular views into what really goes on in Aisle 3 and how purchase decisions are being made on the ground. This will change everything.» 3 Comments
Why Don't You Serve Me Sock Ads On An Electronics Web Site?
Have you ever read a comment by someone who wants to see advertisements that might help get their job done better? For example, a UPS ad might serve up on a specialty gift Web site, or American Airlines discount tickets on a hotel Web site.» 3 Comments
'People, Not Pages' Is Still Publishing's Elephant In The Room
For all of the nods to the value of context in digital display, the ad tech structure that targets audience anywhere poses a fundamental challenge to the business models and value proposition of media as we have known it. The elephant is still in the room.» 2 Comments
DoubleVerify Trust Index Details State Of Ad Verification
DoubleVerify released the 2H 2011 Trust Index study that analyzes and provides insights on the state of the industry for ad verification and non-compliance reporting.» 0 Comments