Results for April 2006

EMarketer: The $2 Billion BT Game
David Hallerman is bullish on BT. In his new report from eMarketer, "Online Ad Targeting: Engaging the Audience," the senior analyst for the research firm predicts that spending on behavioral campaigns online will more than double from last year's $925 million to $2.1 billion in 2008....» 0 Comments
Beyond Pavlov's Dog: Customer-centric Targeting
As it's often described and understood, behavioral targeting models the consumer as a passive "prey" to be "captured" by its advertiser captor. Against this model, t:m interactive founder Jim Hering argues for a more customer-oriented view of the targeting transaction, one in which the role of advertisers becomes to use analytics to learn more about what customers want.» 0 Comments
Car Marketers Ask 'Why?'
No one understands the nuances of consumer behavior quite as extensively as the automobile industry. Buying a car is the perfect expression of how complicated consumption can be, a mosh of need, practicality, desire, status seeking, and personal identity wrapped up in a single big-ticket buy....» 0 Comments
Multi-Dimensional Targeting: Merging Contextual And Behavioral
40 or so years ago, two mostly distinct groups of marketers stood at the cutting edges of an advertising world....» 0 Comments