Results for July 2011

HTML5 Program Promises To Be Game Changer
Just as the massive adoption of Apple's iPad and powerful apps has threatened Google's open-source Web stranglehold, the just-emerging HTML5 program language will change the media landscape for producers and marketers.» 0 Comments
TV Needs Bolder Initiatives: The Right To Fail
Television's program development system remains largely devoid of core incubator creativity, where cost-effective risk and failure can render something new.» 0 Comments
News Corp.'s Scandal: How Much Is the Business of News?
News Corp.'s intense focus throughout the hacking scandal is on salvaging the Murdoch empire and a second pass at acquiring the 61% of BSkyB it doesn't own. The tattered Fifth Estate is being treated like mere collateral damage.» 0 Comments
Facebook's Future: Apps, Video Will Generate Billions
Facebook's Skype deal exemplifies new apps and strategic alliances aimed at using the social network to create a marketing and entertainment video-sharing economy worth billions.» 0 Comments
Facebook Poised To Drive Social Marketing, e-Commerce
Facebook is quickly moving to leverage its more than 600 million global active users (70% are outside the U.S.), 50 million active mobile users and $85 billion private-market value. It's geared up to drive social marketing and commerce.» 0 Comments