Results for July 2012

Mobile: Only As Good As Your Last Offering
The mobile interactive users companies are scrambling to attract can cause chaos. The spontaneous interactivity companies are trying to leverage can as easily work against them.» 1 Comments
NBC's LA Station Taps Into Two-Screen Viewing
NBC4 Southern California is jumping on the two-screen viewing bandwagon, but with a twist. The West Coast flagship of NBC's local TV stations is rolling out a mobile technology dubbed myCode that lets viewers get special offers and discounts via a smartphone app while watching.» 0 Comments
Splitting News Corp Means Shoring Up Print Ops
News Corp.'s decision to throw its publishing operations under the bus in a division of assets is a shortsighted effort to pacify shareholders disgruntled with a year-long phone-hacking scandal and declining stock price. It could blunt the newspapers' digital survival.» 0 Comments