Results for May 2010

TV, Film Cos.: Go Back To The Future
Films and television are being produced and are competing as if it was 1980. They are setting themselves up for perpetual economic shortfalls that cannot be sustained. They need to get in sync with the interactive behaviors and preferences of consumers and marketing partners.» 0 Comments
5 Strategies Comcast Needs To Pursue
Although Brian Roberts vows not to "Comcast-ize" NBC Universal as the new controlling owner, transforming digital change is inevitable at the dominant cable operator and entertainment conglomerate. The status quo is not an option.» 0 Comments
Is FCC's Broadband Compromise Too Risky?
The Federal Communication Commission's proposed regulation of broadband as a commodity aims squarely at achieving Net neutrality -- but at what cost?» 0 Comments
Wild Wild Web Needs Some Broadband Regulation
While no one wants heavy-handed government broadband intervention, several recent developments underscore the need for broad checks and balances to assure consumer protections and a fair, level business playing field.» 0 Comments