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Rich Routman

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Rich is the President of Minute Media, where he is responsible for all commercial activities and partnerships and for growing the North American operations of 12up. A seasoned digital and sports media executive, he most recently served as Chief Revenue Officer at Perform Media, the world’s largest digital sports content and media group and owner of Sporting News. Prior to that, Rich launched the distribution and monetization business for Silver Chalice Ventures and has previous experience at both early stage start-ups and large organizations such as the NFL.

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  • Why Citizen Journalism Works For Sports in Online Publishing Insider on 07/21/2016

    Publishers are realizing the benefits of content produced by citizen journalists -- allowing anyone to become a writer and share their passionate point of view. Here are a few ideas to help publishers tap into this important industry trend and increase engagement with this sought-after millennial audience segment.

  • Is Social Key To Innovating Sports Digital Advertising Experience? in Online Publishing Insider on 06/30/2016

    Advertisers and sponsors clamor to be involved with sports, given the unique opportunity for brands to align themselves with the passion fans feel. The sports industry as a whole has evolved to meet the needs of a growing fan base, and advertisers that are hoping to capture fans' attention, in all aspects except one: The digital advertising side still falls short.

  • Is Programmatic Creating -- Or Killing -- Jobs? in Programmatic Insider on 06/15/2015

    The transition to programmatic, despite moves by companies such as Demand Media in eliminating direct sales, is initially creating more jobs. The fear among the seller marketplace that programmatic would eventually eliminate the need for digital salespeople has not come to fruition (yet!). In fact, the industry has had to get smarter and more structured to handle this growing momentum - and so new jobs are being created throughout the ecosystem.

  • Best Video Strategy: TV Replacement Or TV Amplification? in Video Insider on 04/23/2014

    While some advertisers are now pursuing a video-neutral advertising strategy, in which all video impressions carry similar value, most of the incremental dollars shifting to digital video remain bucketed in either TV replacement or TV amplification. Let's examine the latest research available on each approach to try to draw some conclusions on the most relevant strategy.

  • The Year Of Sports Video in Video Insider on 02/19/2014

    Once every four years, it arrives: the Year of Sports Video. A year when the Super Bowl, World Cup and the Olympics all fall in the first seven months of the year. These tentpole sports video events, while each considered iconic on its own, share the 2014 main stage and may in some cases share budgets, given both timing and resource alignment.

  • How The Unlinking Of Video Rights Will Affect Video Scale in Video Insider on 10/22/2013

    While it's common for content rights-holders, specifically in sports and lifestyle, to link their digital video rights to their broader television negotiations, this linking is having a meaningful impact on the opportunity to unlock scale through premium digital video assets. For years, media properties have been "warehousing" content, as it has always been more beneficial to both their subscription and advertising businesses to provide access only to premier content through the owned and operated channels.

  • What's Next: Consolidation Or More Proliferation In Digital Video? in Video Insider on 09/12/2013

    The growth of digital video has not only given rise to many new businesses and business models, but has even created new verticals. And while the traditional cross-platform video sellers still reign supreme, the market is becoming wide and deep enough to support a variety of approaches. The question is, will the great diversity in video offerings eventually lead to an industry-wide consolidation?

  • Content, Context Or Audience? in Video Insider on 08/08/2013

    As time spent on digital platforms, with a focus on video, begins to surpass time spent on television, what's the best sell-side and buy-side approach? Content, context and audience all carry some value in the assessment of digital video opportunities, but much like measuring television, captive audience is still the most reliable valuation metric.

  • Specialized Exchanges Fill The Holes In Video RTB in Video Insider on 03/13/2013

    DSPs have increased their commitment to video, but so far there has been very little insight into an impression beyond an audience profile and a general content category. This lack of insight presents a challenge to both buyers and publishers, lending momentum to the rise of private, transparent content-focused exchanges, where publishers can control access and create clear, standardized business rules.

  • Will YouTube's Subscription Push Kill Cable? in Video Insider on 02/19/2013

    YouTube, Google's all-powerful streaming video giant, has plans that will soon dramatically change how consumers access some video. According to reports, YouTube is preparing to push paid subscriptions for some of its partner channels later this year. It's not particularly surprising, and in the age of cord-cutters and slowly shrinking cable subscribers, it's not even all that revolutionary. Still, YouTube's decision to charge subscribers will start a ripple that could very well turn into big waves for online and traditional content owners.

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