• Being Real With Real Estate Marketing
    Long perused by wistful dreamers and active buyers alike, real estate and development listings, display ads, brochures and publications are certainly among the most enduring and endearing forms of content marketing. There has been a lot of new activity of late, from the sumptuous Elliman magazine that landed with a thud outside my home bundled with the New York Times a few months ago, to Coldwell Banker's empathic "Home Field Advantage" videos featuring baseball stars, as well as its use of user-generated photos and videos as part of the sales process, to name just a few.
  • Nurturing Freelancers Who Nurture The Brand
    As someone who has freelanced for most of the past 25 years - including some dabbles in what I had no idea would someday be called "content" - I was intrigued by a blog post I came across the other day: "Nurturing Freelancers Is the Key to Content Marketing." "Of course it is!" you may have heard me shriek.
  • Why GAF Rebuilt Its Marketing From The Roof Down
    About four years ago, GAF was marketing its roofing supplies just about the same way it had been since it was founded in 1886. But after listening to "some rumblings" from its certified contractors about the different kinds of questions their customers had been asking them lately - queries about color, style and design - the Parsippany, N.J.-based GAF commissioned some market research. It revealed some startling insights, says vice president Emily Videtto, and led to an overhaul of GAF's marketing that sets it apart not only from direct competitors but also from most companies in the building trades industry. ...
  • Study Finds Global Content Marketing Exploding At Double-Digit Rate
    Global content marketing revenues - monies generated by operators who provide content marketing services - rose 14.4% during the first half of this year following a 13.3% spurt last year, and are expected to more than double over the next five years, according to KPI benchmark data released yesterday by PQ Media in its first annual Global Content Marketing Forecast.
  • Cannes Winners Provide Peek At The State Of The Craft
    Branded content and entertainment creators must feel a bit like the B+ student whose report card contains "you can do better" notations from teachers. For the second consecutive year in the four-year history of the category at Cannes Lions, the jury declined to hand out a Grand Prix, although 63 Lions overall, including 16 Golds, were awarded.
  • Branded Entertainment Must Entertain To Brand
    It's 2010. You've got a venerable brand in the U.K. but it's virtually unknown in the U.S. You're also aiming to be the first company to sell your product direct to consumers online. How do you generate awareness? How many of you answered: "You create a branded entertainment series on the Web that doesn't mention your name - or hint at what you do - except for a short lead-in and close during its first 10 episodes"? That's exactly what business insurance company Hiscox did when it wanted to establish itself as a company that understood the tribulations of small-businesspeople.
  • The Problematics Of Programmatic Creative
    "We've been doing what they call content marketing for 25 years," Bruce Bolger told me last Friday. "It's a big part of enterprise engagement." Bolger, a friend and hiking buddy, is an entrepreneurial author who has been pushing the importance of engaging everyone involved in the sales of goods and services - customers, employees, partners and suppliers - into a proactive process of communication, learning, recognition and collaboration. "It's 21st century marketing," he says. "It's finally taking hold with CEOs, and the advertising industry hates it. Advertising is a 20th-century solution."
  • CNN's Courageous Charting Path Of 'Newsworthy' Branded Content
    It's all about relevancy, Otto Bell will tell you: finding that kernel of a story within every brand that provides some kind of utility, or deepens a viewer's understanding of a subject, or even just evokes a smile. This requires that brands "rethink their modus operandi a little bit and recognize that they are sometimes sitting on stories that are oftentimes of really wonderful societal relevance," he feels. That's not something often said about the :30.
  • Radio One Launching OneX Branded Content Studio
    Radio One, which reaches 82% of the African-American population across platforms that also include television, live events websites and social media, is the latest media company to create a custom content studio - OneX - to work directly with brands and their curators.
  • Custom Print's Not Dead -- It Lives Alongside Everything Else
    In 2007, I wrote the cover story for the premiere edition of Content, a magazine produced by the Custom Publishing Council, surveying the state of the industry. Eight years isn't that long ago culturally - both "Mad Men" and the iPhone had made their debuts - but this sentence I used to sum up the disruption that was clearly on the content horizon seems as dated as the BlackBerry "device" you were probably using then: "It won't be long before consumers are using cell phones to scan a barcode that will instantly yield both a recipe for the product and ...
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