• Xerox Sponsors Content On 'Atlantic' To Promote New Branding
    Reading Xerox's brief about what it wants to accomplish with its new brand platform "was sort of an instant aha moment for us," says Hayley Romer, vice president and publisher of The Atlantic. The new strategy, unveiled in August, puts a focus on Xerox's belief that by optimizing how people, processes and technology work together, "Work Can Work Better." The media company and the advertiser have had a longstanding relationship, but this updated positioning felt like an opportunity to do a lot more than just run an ad or write a formulaic content piece about what Xerox was doing. "Anybody ...
  • JetBlue's Content Gets Busier And Busier
    In its content marketing, JetBlue Airways "shied away from telling a JetBlue story and [is] telling a humanity story." That's certainly the case with the mini-documentary "HumanKinda," starring film maker Bianca Giaever.
  • Connecting With People By Connecting The Data Dots
    As soon as she read that Kim Kardashian had posted an "OMG" rave to more than 40-million Instragram followers about her #morningsickness drug, Diclegis, on July 21, Treato media relations manager Allyson Noonan was envisioning an infographic she could not only share with the site's users and on social media, but also distribute to traditional media outlets. What better way to illustrate the data-mining company's ability to monitor more than a million social media conversations daily, and then to extract insights into consumers' thoughts, experiences and questions about healthcare topics?
  • Data Storytelling Set To Grow Exponentially
    It's not often that the interests of investigative journalists and brand marketers intersect -- but they do in the five-day "Storytelling With Data" workshops that Maggie Mulvihill, a journalism professor at Boston University, launched in the summer of 2014. "We're all data storytellers now," Mulvihill says. "We've never before - any of us - not only had access to this level of digitized information ... but also to tools to find the meaning in those records."
  • Headphones Campaign Invites Audiophiles To Build 'Monument In Sound'
    Most teaser campaigns are more about anticipation than participation, more like looking at a beautifully bow-tied package than pulling the ribbon and slowly unwrapping it. With the multichannel campaign "Reshaping Excellence," electronics company Sennheiser isn't just telling audiophiles that a monumental change is coming to the way they hear sounds. It's inviting them to join in as the story unfolds.
  • Fighting Tobacco's Unrestricted Role In Movies
    A very close friend is dying from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the palliative care unit of the veteran's hospital in the Bronx. For more than 45 years, he'd smoke a couple of packs of Kools a day. He was so addicted that even after he became permanently tethered to a tank of oxygen, he'd sneak a smoke. Against this backdrop, an ad in The Hollywood Reporter's Sept. 25 issue jumped out at me. "Five hard-nosed reasons to R-rate movies with smoking," the headline reads.
  • Listening, Learning And Tweaking The Messages
    Amaranth is gaining traction as a highly nutritious grain -- due to the very deliberate way Puente a la Salud Comunitaria (Bridge to Community Health) has crafted and tweaked the "pseudo cereal"'s story.
  • Providing The Backbone For Crowdfunding Campaigns
    Like many an inventor and entrepreneur over the years, Dan Ikoyan probably could have cajoled friends and maxed out a few credit cards to raise the $50,000 he says he needs to take his TruPosture "smart shirt" to market over the next 24 weeks. Instead, he made a very conscious decision to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign that launched on Indiegogo this Wednesday.
  • Compelling Pitches Need No Algorithm
    OK, I get it. Programmatic ads are becoming "more human, seamless, efficient, and easy to digest," as Millward Brown predicted they would. There's no stopping the algorithms. But there's still a lot of life yet in that most effective form of storytelling: the clever product demonstration, which predates W.C. Fields pitching a cure for hoarseness by several millennia.
  • Old Stories Wrought New
    Despite the headlines, content marketing is not only about megabrands diverting advertising dollars into six- or seven-figure branded-content budgets. It's not all about big publishers rolling out branded-content studios, either. Nor was it invented yesterday.
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