Tips For Brands To Join Native Ad Trend
Native advertising is one of the biggest buzzwords this year in digital media, with many brands moving toward a new paradigm of creating sponsored content and in-stream ads that are more integrated with the user's experience consuming digital content. Below are some tips to help brands to capitalize on the trend to go native -- and to help their marketing messages make the transition:» 0 Comments
Three (Quick) Tips To Creating Better Content, Faster
It can be a hard, time-consuming process to create great content. Or, with a well-thought out strategy, it can also be fun, fast, and gratifying. Here are three quick tips to help you write, repurpose, and repackage content that engages your prospects without taking you all day to do it.» 2 Comments
Three Strategies For Developing Share-Worthy Content
Content marketers get a lot of criticism for linkbaiting and cheap SEO hacks, but the truth is, most of us really do want to publish content that is genuinely entertaining or useful to our audience. The problem is that coming up with creative, effective content ideas can be tough when you're churning out new content all the time. I recently returned from the Brand Innovators Social Media Summit in New York, where I moderated a panel of brand marketing experts who shared tips on how some of the biggest brands in the game keep their content fresh and relevant. As ...» 0 Comments
Content Marketing: What NOT To Do
According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers are deploying content marketing as a strategy. Quite clearly, not all of those firms are doing it well; there's a glut of poor content. Obviously, marketers are not setting out to produce poor content. Many are simply having a hard time breaking away from the old muscle memory of traditional marketing. We've been trained to do things a certain way, and now we're trying to do them completely differently. So, in an effort to help you smooth out the process, here are some things not to do when launching your ...» 3 Comments
Megamillion-Dollar Sponsorships: My Two Cents
Samsung, dubbed an official sponsor of the 86th Academy Awards, spent close to $20 million on the Oscars deal it cut with ABC. That sizable investment included airtime for traditional commercial ads, as well as host Ellen DeGeneres' much-discussed use of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Yet Samsung's 30-second ads and show tie-ins, despite their visibility, didn't move the needle much in terms of audience "intent to purchase," according to BrandAds. Research aside, the Ellen celebrity selfie and other product tie-ins were a great start, but to me they lacked a real payoff.» 1 Comments
The Three-Martini Lunch Is Back -- And It's Called Content Marketing
Decades ago, the "three-martini lunch" was famous (or infamous depending on your viewpoint) for the pure luxury of time (and liquor) it offered business executives during the middle of the day. For the advertising industry, this lunch gave the Don Drapers of the world the opportunity to sell prospective customers and clients on how their marketing ideas would change their businesses forever. Fast-forward to today, and this cocktail-laden lunch just isn't an option for most business professionals. What we do have today, however, is content marketing, which is arguably more effective than any martini at getting a prospective customer to ...» 1 Comments
Content's Biggest Challenge Is Scale
Adam Kasper, chief media officer at Havas, predicts that the content marketing business will grow, as content comes closer to media buying, and automation will have a huge impact on this growth.» 1 Comments
Quality Vs. Quantity: Quality Wins
As you consider your organization's content strategy, perhaps the biggest inflection point is quantity versus quality. How much versus how good? It can be very difficult to do both, particularly for organizations with limited resources.» 1 Comments
'Much Content Is Sub-Par': Q&A With Meredith Content Marketing EVP
I recently wrote about the latest Content Marketing Lumascape, which showed just how crowded this market is getting. It made me wonder how much of this is technology tricks and how much is just tried-and-true principles tied up in a neat bow. To answer that question, I reached out to David Brown, executive vice president of Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, a content marketing company that sits within Meredith Corporation.» 3 Comments
Branded Content Marketing: Help Wanted
Marketers want content, but they need lots of help. According to the Content Marketing Institute's 2014 trends report, 93% of B2B marketers say they use content marketing, but less than half (42%) think their efforts are effective. One of the greatest challenges companies face is producing steady streams of engaging content.» 2 Comments
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