• Spotlight Cinema Networks Knows How To Reach Affluents
    Whether it's HBO, Showtime or Netflix, one of the biggest challenges marketing upscale TV programming is how to reach an affluent audience. Same goes for those marketing luxury goods, whether it's Louis Vuitton or Porsche. Since its late-2011 launch, Spotlight Cinema Networks has offered a targeted platform for brands such as those to reach a blue-chip market.
  • GE Burnishes Content Marketing Legacy With Nat Geo Series
    The front page of Tuesday's New York Times business section trumpeted a story about how General Electric chairman Jeffrey Immelt had retooled the company. In doing so, he was shedding the "shadow" of his legendary predecessor Jack Welch. That same day in the same section, there was a piece touting a major content marketing deal among National Geographic Channel, Imagine Entertainment, Asylum Entertainment and GE for a six-part, multimillion-dollar documentary series about science and technology dubbed "Breakthrough." Not surprisingly, GE is bankrolling the series because it will highlight work being done by technologist and scientists, some of whom work for ...
  • Corporate Storytelling: Coming To Your Emotional Rescue
    Truth: Logic rarely spurs action. And yet, more and more, we (marketers) are focused on metrics. We rack our brains trying to figure out how to move prospective customers logically through the sales funnel. We create content based on algorithms and probabilities. And while doing this, we wish and pray that we can have a monstrous breakthrough success, the kind of overnight sensation that Malcolm Gladwell or Jonah Berger might write about some day. Well, it ain't gonna happen if your nose is down in a spreadsheet. Because emotion, not numbers, is the gasoline that fuels marketing awesomeness.
  • Live-Stream Video Shows Big Potential For Content Marketers
    Ever since Twitter caught fire at the South by Southwest forum eight years ago, SXSW has been the go-to forum not only for the next big thing in music, but also in digital. This year's digital it products there were all about video: Periscope and Meerkat, two live-video-streaming apps. It's an open question if either of these two platforms will become part of the social media marketing firmament. Still, that this category is blowing up means a big opportunity for content marketers.
  • Facebook's New Video Platform Boon For Content Marketers
    Facebook, the most power platform for branded content, is about to get a whole lot more powerful. At its F8 developers forum this week, Facebook rolled out plenty of whiz-bang. Still, its most significant announcement among all the tech wonders was the launch of an embeddable video player -- a true game-changer. Facebook made $12.47 billion in ad revenues last year. With this native video platform, it's likely to make many billions more.
  • 'The Real Thing'? Not This Coke Campaign
    Sometimes the smartest brands use content marketing in a remarkably dangerous and stupid way. Case in point: Coca Cola's recent sneaky gambit, employing nutritionist bloggers to sell the iconic soft drink as a heart-smart snack.
  • Study: 'NYT' In-House Native Agency Beats Outside Efforts
    When, in December, 2013, The New York Times announced plans for advertising platform Paid Post, it prompted concerns among editorial greybeards at the Grey Lady that advertorial barbarians were going to use all sorts of visual and technological whizzbang to undermine "all the news that's fit to print."
  • Costco's Surprisingly Large-Circulation Magazine
    Quick: What is the largest-circulation print monthly in these United States? If your answer is Costco Connection, you're correct. Domestically, the pub has 8.6 million subscribers -- and millions more when Canada, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Korea, and recently added editions for Australia and Japan are part of the mix, according to Ginnie Roeglin, who has been its publisher for the last 16 years.
  • Content-Marketing Savvy On View In 'Bitter Southerner'
    Chuck Reece, co-founder of "The Bitter Southerner," site, possesses that rare combination of editorial integrity and content marketing savvy. Reece and his three partners (creative director Dave Whitling, social media guru Kyle Tibbs Jones, and insights & analytics guru Butler Raines) launched the down-home, content- and visually rich "Bitter Southerner a scant 18 months ago in Atlanta.
  • Oscars Stay On-Brand As TV's 'Ladies' Night'
    No TV brand screams "Ladies' Night" more than the Academy Awards. Television's biggest non-sporting event of the year, more than 60% of its audience has historically been female, and savvy advertisers know it.
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