• Branded Content Helps Close The Virtuous Circle
    I'm a firm believer is the virtuous circle, and passionate about transparency. MediaPost invited me to be its branded content/content marketing columnist in part because I myself am branded content (or a content brand).
  • To Improve Content Marketing, Put KPIs Into Strategy
    According to the Content Marketing Institute's 2015 report, demand for content strategists has skyrocketed. However, content strategists are only as competent as their understanding of what success actually looks like in their company's eyes. The trash bin is the richest place in many offices, filled with ideas that have been shot down. Content strategists can boost their campaigns by formulating and addressing KPIs ahead of time, during the initial stage of idea creation.
  • When Your Content Marketing Fails
    Just about everyone has embraced content marketing. And some people are even succeeding with it. However, a shockingly high percentage of B2B content marketers report that it really isn't going all that well. According to a recent Content Marketing Institute study, just 38% of content marketers say their efforts are effective. Which means that almost two-thirds of content marketers are coming up short. Why is that?
  • How To Improve Content ROI
    I recently reviewed the "2015 B2B Content Marketing" report by the Content Marketing Institute and was astounded to read that 70% of B2B marketers create more content year over year, yet most inadequately track results. Nearly half of B2B marketers (48%) do not even have a clear, documented plan of attack. How can marketers invest invaluable time, energy and resources in content marketing without first setting and tracking metrics for ROI? It made me wonder if marketers are setting the bar too low for content marketing ROI, and are unaware of the consequences. Creating content without having any goals in ...
  • Breaking Down The Hipster Content Brand Catapult
    Oh, the ever-elusive and often-scorned hipster. Though widely mocked, this is a group largely composed of the "creative class," economist Richard Florida's defined community of the skilled, intellectual and hip, once poised to revive America's desolate urban centers. While their actual success in doing so is questionable, one thing is certain: Hipsters have undoubtedly help catapult a number of brands from niche underdogs to international sensations. Let's take a look at how two of the very best have used content marketing to both entice this tricky audience and enthrall the world at large -- examples I've observed while surveying the ...
  • The New 'Sherpa' of Content Marketing: The Content Strategist
    Consumers are hungry for engaging content and marketers are creating more content than ever before. In response to this shift, we are seeing an increase in the number of positions dedicated to content creation within both client and agency marketing teams. And one of the most important positions within these teams is the content strategist. For many marketing teams, this is a new position, and with any new position there is often confusion in regards to job responsibilities, roles, deliverables, etc. Given this confusion, I thought it appropriate to add some clarity to the role, laying out the five key ...
  • How B2B Marketers Can Save The Moribund Webinar
    The Internet lets people living several time zones apart teach each other as if they're in the same room, spreading information quicker than ever before. This sharing of ideas should be huge for the business word, but in many cases, it's not leveraged properly. The webinar, the most common type of business-to-business remote learning, fails to evoke much excitement. While they make great educational and marketing platforms, webinars have been largely misused, a matter that needs to be resolved.
  • Corporate Storytelling: Coming To Your Emotional Rescue
    Truth: Logic rarely spurs action. And yet, more and more, we (marketers) are focused on metrics. We rack our brains trying to figure out how to move prospective customers logically through the sales funnel. We create content based on algorithms and probabilities. And while doing this, we wish and pray that we can have a monstrous breakthrough success, the kind of overnight sensation that Malcolm Gladwell or Jonah Berger might write about some day. Well, it ain't gonna happen if your nose is down in a spreadsheet. Because emotion, not numbers, is the gasoline that fuels marketing awesomeness.
  • Content Marketing: The Solution to the Mobile Advertising Challenge
    As mobile adoption continues to surge.the advertising industry struggles to catch up. One thing we do know is that users tend to have a higher expectation for advertising on their mobile devices, and rightfully so. For many of us, our phone or tablet is the first and last thing we engage with every day, making the connection to these gadgets increasingly personal. Because of this, unexpected experiences are not only unwelcome, but they can also seem exponentially more obtrusive and disruptive than they might otherwise. So how do marketers solve for the challenges we're continually bumping up against in the ...
  • Content Marketing Tips For Small-To-Mid-Size Companies
    Many small business marketers dismiss content marketing as something they simply can't afford to do. It is viewed as a buzzword -- a marketing trend that only huge global brands like Red Bull, United Airlines and General Electric have the budgets to use. That perception is far from the truth. The beauty of content marketing is its scalability in our current digitally savvy, low-cost content-distribution era.
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