• Squarespace, Jeff Bridges Dream Up Branding Spot
    The duo of Squarespace and Jeff Bridges have teamed up for a Super Bowl spot that will carry over into a multiplatform branding partnership where seemingly everyone wins, even thousands of kids who go to bed without enough to eat.
  • What To Do If Your Target Audience Hates You
    Sometimes the best way to grow your audience is to realize they hate you -- and show through your branding that you're exactly the opposite of who they think you are. For an illustrative lesson in how to turn hate into love through branding, let's go back into the "Wayback Machine" to 2003 to hear the tale of what AOL had to do to land a teen audience.
  • Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Raises Product Placement Stakes
    When "House of Cards" returns for a third season on Feb. 27, keep an eagle eye out for loads of native advertising. The award-wining series, like all Netflix originals, claims to be commercial-free -- but "House of Cards," is certainly helping pay for its hefty production price-tag (Netflix reportedly shelled out $100 million for the first two seasons) with liberal use of product placement.
  • YouTube's Untapped Potential: Why Do Brands Overlook Digital Celebs?
    I'm having trouble getting my brain around the fact that YouTube is nearly a decade old, we are soaring into the Golden Age of branded content, and still more hasn't been done to exploit this incredible platform's possibilities.
  • Five Ways To Fast-Track Your Mobile Content Marketing Strategy in 2015
    Marketers from companies of all sizes are working hard to create quality content at staggering rates. So the question remains: Why is none of this content in their apps? Here are five ways to fast-track your mobile content marketing strategy in 2015.
  • Esteemed Magazines Tarnish Their Brands
    Two iconic magazine brands have been badly battered over the last couple of weeks. The veracity of Rolling Stone's explosive piece about a gang rape at a frat house at the University of Virginia has been called into question. Meanwhile, at The New Republic, there's been a mass exodus of brand-name journos, miffed at rookie owner Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder, who pushed too hard to bring the 100-year-old mag into the digital present.
  • Did 'Sons Of Anarchy' Deal Save Harley-Davidson?
    Seen through one prism, the deliciously over-the-top FX hit "Sons of Anarchy" is one long infomercial for Harley-Davidson. The American motorcycle giant has long been the "hog" of choice for the outlaw biker clubs depicted in "SOA." So it was no surprise back in 2012 when 20th Century Fox, which produces the series, inked a deal with Harley-Davidson. The latest feature of the pact, heralding the show's final season, was a sweepstakes in which the winner was awarded a 2015 Harley-Davidson cruiser model motorcycle.
  • Branded Content Helps Close The Virtuous Circle
    I'm a firm believer is the virtuous circle, and passionate about transparency. MediaPost invited me to be its branded content/content marketing columnist in part because I myself am branded content (or a content brand).
  • To Improve Content Marketing, Put KPIs Into Strategy
    According to the Content Marketing Institute's 2015 report, demand for content strategists has skyrocketed. However, content strategists are only as competent as their understanding of what success actually looks like in their company's eyes. The trash bin is the richest place in many offices, filled with ideas that have been shot down. Content strategists can boost their campaigns by formulating and addressing KPIs ahead of time, during the initial stage of idea creation.
  • When Your Content Marketing Fails
    Just about everyone has embraced content marketing. And some people are even succeeding with it. However, a shockingly high percentage of B2B content marketers report that it really isn't going all that well. According to a recent Content Marketing Institute study, just 38% of content marketers say their efforts are effective. Which means that almost two-thirds of content marketers are coming up short. Why is that?
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