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NetProspex Survey Shows 84% Of Marketing Databases Have Bad Or Missing Data
by Val Brickates Kennedy
As the saying goes, it's quality over quantity. Especially when it comes to databases. An annual report by Waltham-based data-management firm NetProspex showed that 84% of the B2B marketing databases it surveyed were "barely functional" due to incomplete or erroneous data. Read the whole story »

by P.J. Bednarski
Aereo is trying to provide its legality now, but eventually it will have to explain its purpose. In an interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo, its CEO tries to explain why broadcasters don't like him, and why consumers should embrace his antenna farm. It's a good argument he has, but really, why the bother? More

by Joe Laszlo
Even by the constantly innovating standards of digital media, these are fast-paced times for metrics and measurement. As IAB and the industry reinvent the metrics by which PC-based digital is bought and sold, and standardize metrics for mobile, we also realize that we no longer live in a world where things can be parceled out and measured tidily, medium by medium. More
A survey shows that a wide majority of Boston-area entrepreneurs expect to be able to grow their businesses and hire more employees over the next six months, the Boston Business Journal reports. Read the whole story »

Beta Boston profiles Boston-based start-up Jana Mobile, whose mobile ad-tech platform functions almost like currency in emerging markets. Read the whole story »

With the NewFronts approaching, Financial Times finds content and pricing hasn't quite wooed advertisers.   Read the whole story »