• Super Bowl-Related Sales Approach $10 Billion

    [Retail] Apparently, Patriots and Giants fans haven't heard about the looming recession. Based on its survey of nearly 8,500 consumers, conducted by BIGresearch, RAMA says about 3.9 million people plan to buy a new TV--up more than 50% from 2.5 million last year. In addition, viewers plan to purchase 1.8 million pieces of furniture--up from 1.3 million last year. ...Read the whole story

  • Chrysler Puts Brand Thoughts In Engineers' Minds

    [Automotive] Explains a spokesperson, "It has been until now platform-based, so there were teams for body-on-frame vehicles [e.g., trucks] like Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Durango, Ram and Dakota. And there were teams aligned with front-wheel-drive vehicles." He says the change allows for "a combination of brand focus and customer focus while at the same time focusing on commonality and timing." ...Read the whole story

  • Marketers Struggling With Acceptance Of Software Apps

    [Research] While makers are aggressively adding functions to support project management, workflow definition, and financial management, products still lack collaboration features, which become increasingly important as marketers bring outside support, such as advertising agencies, into the decision process. ...Read the whole story

  • Saturn Set To Tout Its Green-iosity With 'Rethink' Tag

    [Automotive] The GM division had an active year in 2007, launching some five vehicles and boosting retail sales and transaction prices. This year, the company is going to promote fuel efficiency as it launches new vehicles and continues to promote itself as "Different." ...Read the whole story

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