Monday, May 24, 2010
  • Wheat Thins Makes Bonnaroo Festival Big Platform

    Why Bonnaroo? The festival is not only a large event (some 80,000 attendees per year), but draws an extremely diverse crowd as a result of its broad variety of entertainment offerings, says Jim Low, director of wheat snack crackers for Kraft Foods. And that artistic/cultural diversity meshes very well with Wheat Thins' emphasis on the "rich" sensory experience of the crackers, he explains. ...Read the whole story

  • Study Finds Affluents Believe Recovery Is Here

    "While consumer confidence seems to be improving, it doesn't mean they are reverting to their old spending habits," says Deloitte's Scott Erickson. "There is much more of a focus on value, and they are looking for places that are going to give them better pricing." As a result, he says, retailers are still having to scramble to hang on to them. ...Read the whole story

  • Burger King Put Wings On Pig For BBQ Ribs

    Burger King is launching a TV and point-of-purchase campaign for a limited-time product, BK Fire-Grilled Ribs, which will be served with a barbecue dipping sauce in three serving sizes. The Miami office of Crispin, Porter and Bogusky handles. The 30-second TV ads make fun of the "when pigs fly" adage, with a pig with wings convincing a Burger King guest that the restaurants now serve bona fide BBQ ribs. ...Read the whole story

  • Progressive's Flo Pushes Brand To 2nd From 5th

    "We generally say the decision process for most categories is 70/30 emotional/rational and this is a great example of that," says Brand Keys' Robert Passikoff. "The manner in which they've developed the character and the offerings, it seems to be very organic, emotional and fluid. It's how people get engaged." ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Give Marketers Bad Grades On Comms

    "Companies must change the way they approach social and environmental challenges, as it is increasingly difficult to assert where a company's responsibility begins, where it ends and who is ultimately accountable for solving the issues that affect us all," says Cone's Jonathan Yohannan. ...Read the whole story

  • Industry, ANA Respond To Processed Meat Report

    Janet Riley, SVP and head of public affairs, at American Meat Institute Foundation, an industry group, says the industry has for years been offering low-sodium and -nitrate processed meats. "The industry has been working to reformulate products, and there has been call for reduced sodium for a very long time," she says. ...Read the whole story

What Do IPhone Owners Like To Do?

Percentage of iPhone owners more likely than the average American adult to: 1 Order any product from +282 % 2 Shop at Bloomingdales +255 % 3 Participate in snowboarding +254 % 4 Own an elliptical ...More

  • Measuring Beyond The Lead

    By moving beyond the lead and by improving our effectiveness and efficiency in terms of these three metrics, we can actually improve Marketing ROI. ...More