Monday, March 28, 2011
  • Kenmore Reality Show Centers On Design

    Through the six-week show, which will be produced out of the brand's Kenmore Live Studio in downtown Chicago, the contestants will learn how to create and launch a fashion brand, how to price, present and promote their designs, while also gaining exposure to top designers, stylists and photographers. Episodes of the series will run on the brand's Facebook page. ...Read the whole story

  • Q&A: J.D. Powers' O'Neill On 'Listening' Tools

    The firm is, like everyone else, figuring out how to use social media platforms to gauge customer service, as well as product impact, design and just about everything else consumers talk about when they discuss brands online. In 2008, it acquired metrics firm Umbria to develop tools for clients to tap into and interpret Web buzz. ...Read the whole story

  • Global Private Label To Leap 25% By 2025

    The report also concludes that top or "A" brands are expected to retain their market shares. It's the smaller, often local, "B" brands that will face mounting downward pressure on volumes, as retailers stop carrying them in favor of using their shelf space for their own private label brands. ...Read the whole story

  • Tourism Group Promotes Korean Food, Culture

    At the center of the global online campaign is a Web site,, which targets English, Chinese and Japanese-speaking countries by highlighting different aspects of Korea. The Web site encourages user interaction including the posting of stories about Korean food and culture. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Americans Hate Faux Green Marketers

    Cone, a Boston-based cause-related marketing firm, says there is also a growing perception that it's tough for a company to get it right every time, with 75% saying it is okay if a given brand isn't environmentally perfect, as long as it's honest and forthcoming about its efforts. ...Read the whole story

  • Adult Swim Fans to Create Pizza Hut TV Spot

    Pizza Hut is sponsoring a promotion asking viewers of the Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" late-night show to help create a commercial for the brand.  The "Fan-Made Contest" asks fans to submit videos describing or depicting their favorite moment involving pizza. Fans will be able to view and vote on entries on the Adult Swim site. The video with the most votes will be recreated into a Pizza Hut commercial, according to TV By the Numbers. Pizza Hut will also exhibit the videos at stops during Adult Swim's current "Ragbag of Jollification" 10-stop campus tour. ...Read the whole story

  • BMW 'I Ventures' Finds Partner, Seeks N.Y. Apartment

    There's a new venture capital firm in town. BMW's BMW i Ventures, a $100 million VC fund that BMW is placing in New York City. is on the prowl for a space in downtown Manhattan. ...Read the whole story

  • Mercedes-Benz To Open Driving School For Teens

    The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, as it will be called, is a "research-based approach designed to improve the effectiveness of time spent in the classroom, online, and behind-the-wheel," the company says. ...Read the whole story

Musicians + Luxury Brands = Match Made In Heaven?

Beyond the traditional concept of celebrity endorsement or paid-spokesperson status, today's musical marketing marriages bring a much deeper level of creative influence to the message and the campaign. ...More