Tuesday, February 19, 2013
  • Poland Spring: Media Exposure Vs. Buzz, Awareness

    While there has been ample "Monday morning quarterbacking" regarding Poland Spring's decidedly low-key social response to the brand's unexpected appearance during Sen. Marco Rubio's televised response, the resulting media exposure saw a massive snowballing effect. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Interactions Affect Brand Perception

    "Hardly any companies are doing equally well on social marketing and social servicing," Jacqueline Anderson, director of social media and text analytics at J.D. Power, tells Marketing Daily. The discrepancy, she says, has a negative impact on brand perception. ...Read the whole story

  • Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons: Most 'Relevant' Brands

    Hilton, Marriott, and Four Seasons have the highest "conversational relevance" in online discussions among leisure and business travelers. The conclusion is based on an analysis by Brodeur Partners and MavenMagnet of what is "relevant" in online brand conversation. ...Read the whole story

  • GE Social Campaign A Shout-Out For Inventions

    Paul Marcum, GE's director of global digital marketing and programming, tells Marketing Daily that this kind of campaign is a no-brainer, since GE was founded by a certain obscure inventor named Thomas Edison, whose name is known only to people in Edison, N.J. ...Read the whole story

  • Luxe Brands Still Lag In Mobile

    More people may be shopping and browsing on mobile devices, but luxury brands have made little additional investment in mobile in the last year to capitalize on that shift. ...Read the whole story

  • Florida Reports Record Tourism

    Florida's official tourism organization Visit Florida is reporting stats from last year: there 89.3 million visitors market a 2.3% increase versus 2011 the former record year for visits to the Sunshine State. The organization says the direct travel-related jobs in 2012 hit their peak last year, too, at over 1.03 million. ...Read the whole story

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