• Lessons Learned From NATO's Communications Team
    When the rise of digital changed the communications landscape, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had a problem. Like many other international organizations, their communications strategy wasn't yet used to digital systems, and they had to make a number of changes to re-calibrate.
  • In Search of A Ministerial President
    How's this for a political marketing challenge: our latest poll asked a representative sample of registered voters whether they would consider voting for 11 declared and potential presidential candidates. In each case, there were more "would not consider"s than "would"s. Within the poll's statistical margin of error, 50% or more voters rejected the entire field.
  • Next Up: Event Targeting In Politics
    Candidates for public office love events. Country fairs, town halls, campus visits, and, of course, political conventions. In the old days of politics (before 2008) candidates and their surrogates would even stand on street corners at busy intersections with a fist full of flyers. They mucked up traffic for 30 seconds madly dashing from car to car distributing their pledges as we anxiously waited for the light to change.
  • Facebook Advertising Matters For Political Fundraising
    It is 18 long - and short - months before the next major election. And while it's too early to predict the winners (though many will try between now and then), one thing we know for sure is that having a sufficient war chest is imperative to campaign success.
  • Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign Launches On Social
    As the preeminent figure-to-date in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, Hillary Clinton has had a very memorable beginning to her campaign on social media. Across Facebook and Twitter, she's certainly attracted a lot of attention. But interestingly enough, she hasn't followed the same path that some other politicians have when it comes to her social strategy. Let's take a look at what Hillary's been doing.
  • For Your Eyes Only: Marketing In The 2015 UK Elections
    The May 7 elections in the United Kingdom will be so close that political marketing and digital campaigning could well make a difference. Consultants and strategists will make legitimate albeit inflated claims of credit regardless. The campaign year has already been compared with 2008 and 2012 in the U.S. as likely landmarks in technological advance. But it's a steeper climb.
  • Breaking Through In 2016
    Have you seen the latest polls? With over 18 months to go, the candidates are queuing up. Fundraising has begun in earnest for what looks to be a marketing money fest for Election 2016.
  • What We Learned From The Midterm Elections
    Ted Cruz just flagged the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. With hats now officially being thrown into the ring, it's a good time to look back at what went well in social marketing at the midterms and what could be improved upon for the 2016 cycle.
  • Lessons From The Savviest Facebook Senators
    Social media is emerging as a key way for politicians and political organizations to engage and activate voters. To better understand how politicians are faring with audience engagement, we analyzed each U.S. senator's Facebook page and how well the content on it engaged its intended audience.
  • U.S. Elections Could Shape These Industries Differently Than Others
    Candidates' views aren't the only things taking shape in the run-up to another long election season. Different issues are being discussed throughout the country - both private and public - across personal and industrial lines, and as the sides clarify their terms they become more and more clearly political.
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