Monday, December 18, 2006
  • VNU Unveils New Org Structure: Nielsen Moves Center Stage, Whiting Too

    VNU, the world's largest marketing and media research company, Monday confirmed details of a massive reorganization reducing 10% of its global workforce (MediaDailyNews, Dec. 11), the sale of its trade publications in Europe and a management restructuring that effectively makes Nielsen Media Research CEO Susan Whiting the No. 2 person in the company. The moves, which come months after VNU was taken private by a group of private equity firms, and former GE honcho David Calhoun was named CEO, are part of a radical repositioning of VNU that puts the expansion of Nielsen's media research services at the heart of ... ...Read the whole story

  • Scatter Sales Projects TV Getting Modest Rise In '07

    Scatter prime-time ad sales have been good for network coffers in the fourth quarter--and that's expected to continue into the first quarter. Broadcast nets are expected to trail cable nets in overall revenue gains. ...Read the whole story

  • Venice Project Launches Beta, Promises To Change TV

    The Venice Project, the code-name for a super secret online video file-sharing service that has people buzzing it will transform the business of television, quietly launched its beta testing on Friday, inviting thousands of people to begin using the service to help its developers work out its early bugs. The buzz comes in no small part from the fast that its developers are the same people who shook up the music industry with Kazaa and the telephone industry with Skype, online services that utilized the power of peer-to-peer file-sharing to disrupt big, established players. ...Read the whole story

  • Can MyNetworkTV Survive Poor Ratings, Credibility Gap?

    Back in February, News Corp. executives cited a successful track record in launching new networks and promised that the company's latest venture would follow suit. MyNetworkTV didn't follow orders. Instead, it delivered lifeless ratings, straining its credibility with buyers and endangering future upfront sales. While MNTV reps have not shied away from the telenovela format, which offers original programming five nights a week, one media executive says the net will have to reinvent itself to survive. ...Read the whole story

  • Sign of LA Times: Chandlers Back In Picture, Geffen Stays In Game

    The Tribune Company did not respond to a high-profile bid for the Los Angeles Times from Hollywood mogul David Geffen last week, but a bigger deal with dissident shareholders from the Chandler family may be in the works. Geffen bid $2 billion for the newspaper, but the Chandlers, who own 20% of Tribune Company stock, may, per analysts' speculation, be planning a leveraged buyout. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Records Redux: Venerable Music Label Returns Digitally

    CBS Records, once a virtual All-Star team of musical superstars like Sinatra and Springsteen, is now just virtual. But corporate parent CBS Corporation announced Friday that it will resurrect the CBS Records brand name. The big-picture plan is to harness the powerful marketing reach of CBS' mass-media platforms to promote its music and talent directly to millions through the network's television schedule, online and broadband channels--an extraordinary media synergy. ...Read the whole story

  • WSJ to Offer Online Stock-Tracking

    Beginning on January 2nd, the Wall Street Journal Web site will offer an online stock-tracking feature that will compensate for some of the reductions in market information resulting from the smaller paper size, which will also become effective on January 2nd. In addition to providing a valuable new tool that could draw substantial traffic to its Web site, the Journal's move symbolizes the shifting balance between print and online media. ...Read the whole story