Friday, April 24, 2009
  • Scripps Gets Second-By-Second Ratings From TNS

    Scripps Networks Interactive has inked a deal giving it access to second-by-second ratings data for its portfolio of channels that include HGTV and Food Network. The agreement is with TNS Media Research. ...Read the whole story

  • ABC Has Ad Metric To Prove Effectiveness, But Marketers Won't Share Data

    ABC's Sales President Mike Shaw said the network is eager to go beyond commercial ratings or survey-based research to prove the ads it runs are effective. Now it's doing one better -- utilizing a metric that shows ads in a "Lost" or a "Desperate Housewives" actually move products off the shelves. If only marketers would cooperate. ...Read the whole story

  • Replay And Regret: Rainbow COO Warns Of DVR Dangers

    A top executive overseeing "Mad Men" network AMC said Thursday the industry's ability to continue producing expensive hits is uncertain in the face of threats posed by DVRs. Ed Carroll, COO of Rainbow Entertainment, says the consumers ability to watch TV without commercials "pouts our jobs at risk." ...Read the whole story

  • 'Grey's,' Heavy Hitters Return To ABC Lineup

    ABC announced a good chunk of its schedule for the 2009-2010 season with the usual suspects in tow and new hopefuls left behind. ...Read the whole story

  • McClatchy's Ad Rev Falls 29.5%, Digital Goes Negative

    Close on the heels of very weak first-quarter results from The New York Times Co., the McClatchy Co. announced Thursday that its ad revenues fell 29.5% in the first quarter of 2009 compared to the same period last year, from $463 million to $284.7 million. That drove a decline of 25.1% in total revenues, which tumbled from $487 million to $365.6 million. Like NYTCO, the decline exceeded the expectations of Wall Street analysts. ...Read the whole story

  • BET To Launch New Centric Channel

    A rush to grab more ethnic viewers has Viacom's MTV Networks looking to launch a new, older Afro-American-targeted network called Centric. Company officials say it will launch this October with 45 million subscribers, one of the bigger launches for a cable network in recent years. ...Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: 'Food Network Magazine' Raises Rate Base

    Defying the economic downturn, Hearst's Food Network Magazine is raising its rate base from 300,000 to 900,000 in October, capitalizing on the growing popularity of the magazine since its launch in October 2008. Hearst bumped the scheduled increase up from the original target of 600,000. In the first six months of publication, the title has racked up 550,000 subscriptions. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen: Social Nets, Video Usage Soars

    Thanks to the rapid growth of Web video and social networking, online engagement only continues to deepen, according to the Nielsen Co. The Net is changing -- dramatically -- the way people interact and how advertisers view the Web experience. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Lie To Me' Can't Fake Good Ratings