Monday, February 13, 2012
  • ABC, Not Facebook, Is Ad Industry's Overall Favorite Media Brand

    Facebook, Twitter and Google may dominate the trade press and the blogosphere, but one of the most traditional media brands -- ABC -- is the most powerful in the hearts and minds of advertisers and ad agency executives, according to an annual survey of Madison Avenue's perceptions of the media they do business with. The study, which surveyed thousands of advertisers and agency executives, is conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, which is to the ad industry what J.D. Power's annual awards are to the automotive industry. ...Read the whole story

  • Gannett Offers Buyouts To Community Newspaper Staffers

    Facing continuing revenue declines, newspaper publishers are tightening their belts again. Gannett Co.'s community publishing division is offering early retirement to 665 employees, in what could be the largest reduction in the company's workforce in several years. ...Read the whole story

  • Smart TV Uses Metrics To Refine Advertising

    TargetCast tcm says the path to smart TVs playing a game-changing role in TV advertising is uncertain, but the potential for data collection could help bring that into focus. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Chicago Tribune' Erects Pay Wall

    The list of major newspapers erecting online pay walls is about to expand as the Chicago Tribune formulates a strategy to charge readers for access to its online content. Editor Gerould Kern said the newspaper will begin "to charge in a selective way." ...Read the whole story

  • Initiative Wins Sonos Media Business

    Sonos, the maker of wireless music systems, has selected Initiative, a unit of IPG Mediabrands, to handle media chores. The client's annual spending on ads is estimated at $20 million. The new appointment places responsibility for all media planning, buying and digital marketing efforts with Initiative. ...Read the whole story

  • CPG Marketers Need Better Shopper Strategies

    A new study from Booz & Company indicates that many consumer goods companies are struggling to use shopper marketing practices to maximum advantage. The big challenge is for manufacturers to "better engage retail partners in the development and execution of shopper solutions that deliver added value beyond price reductions," the study concludes. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Loses $8B By Not Utilizing HD Ads

    For several years, industry analysts have suggested that marketers eschewing ads in HD are missing an opportunity, since more programming is carried in the format. The gap between the amount of HD programming and HD advertising may be closing -- but according to new research that employs set-top box data, it is negatively taking some $8 billion in ad value out of the market. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Video Drives Higher Returns On Top 10 Super Bowl Ads

    Top original Super Bowl TV commercials saw an 113% average return of their media investment because of additional online video viewership.Within the first three days, the top ten Super Bowl commercials generated an average of $862,000 in earned video impressions, according to media research company Kantar Video. ...Read the whole story

  • Close Rivalry As 'Idol' Battles 'Bang'