Friday, March 27, 2015
by Sean Hargrave
When Martin Sorrell claimed the industry needs transparency, you can imagine how many clients would agree, only to hear he meant in financial reporting. Many may suggest that he looks at the industry's real transparency crisis -- huge bills where as much as half can go on click fraud and fees. More »

Out To Launch
People On The Move
Account On The Move
by Barbara Lippert
"Mad Men" resumes next Sunday, April 5, and the final seven episodes of the series are fittingly called "The End of an Era." As I mentioned last week in my maudlin musings, I'm obsessed with -- but also somehow anxious and fearful about -- the finish. It doesn't help that after viewing the season opener at a party at the Museum of Modern Art in New York last week, Andy Cohen of Bravo fame told "The New York Times" that the first episode back is "dark -- a real wrist-slasher." More »
Media Psssst
by Richard Whitman
72andSunny has created a new spicy burger for Carl's Jr. More »
by Larissa Faw
According to the latest Horizon Media research on cord-cutters, as a group they like to be on the couch at 8 p.m. with the rest of America. And come the weekend, it's Binge Time. What about the big game? There are many options -- including OOH venues, mooching off friends or "borrowing" passwords. More »
by Steve McClellan
After shifting to Leo Burnett two years ago, the Chevy truck brand is switching back to Commonwealth//McCann. Both agencies are GM roster shops ,and Chevrolet made a point of noting in a statement that it has been "very pleased" with Burnett's work. The switch has to with "streamlining" and "consistency" according to the client. More »
by Larissa Faw
The subsidiary, named Swell, is devoted to cause-driven investing, and the company hopes to draw a significant Millennial customer base. The agency is tasked with helping the investor service do just that. More »
by Tyler Loechner, Joe Mandese
PHOENIX -- In an important milestone for the burgeoning programmatic TV marketplace, ESPN will become the first major television network to provide a proprietary data management platform enabling advertisers and agencies to plan and buy its programming based not on traditional sample-based TV ratings, but in a way that is akin to how agencies and trading desks buy audiences online. Speaking on a panel Wednesday morning at MediaPost's Programmatic Insider Summit here, ESPN Vice President of Digital and Publishing Sales Zachary Chapman said ESPN will officially unveil the DMP within the next three weeks, and that it would be introduced ... More »
by Laurie Sullivan
Google takes the No. 2 position in digital display advertising revenue behind Facebook, with its share of the U.S. market dipping from 13.7% in 2014 to 13.0% this year, and down to 11.1% by 2017, per data released Thursday. More »
by Karlene Lukovitz
Here's some food for thought, based on "Marketing Daily"'s interviews with consultants who have worked closely with Heinz, Kraft or both as former clients, public statements by the principals, and insights gathered from initial reactions in the media. More »