Friday, July 30, 2010
  • RadioShack Rolling Kiosks Into Target Stores

    "It's a genius cross-branding move," Cathy Hotka, a retail branding consultant based in Washington D.C., tells Marketing Daily. "Target is known both for its high traffic and desirable demographic, and kiosks selling high-demand items do really well -- this seems like smart partnering." ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Rallies For Fiesta At X-Games

    The company is using a 24/7 strategy for Fiesta with a marketing program tied to the X Games 16. Ford will field souped-up Fiestas piloted by four drivers including Ken Block, who has been doing online stunt videos for Ford in his Fiesta. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Coupons Give Advertisers Added Triggers

    Deal seekers searching for money-saving offers through mobile coupon platform Shooger will soon have BlackBerry as an option to clip and save. Retail deals can be searched on iPhones and PCs. The search results, based on location by category, merchant or keyword, sort offers. Consumers can share deals with friends on Facebook and Twitter. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Coupon Ties Apps Into PC Searches

    Deal seekers searching for money-saving offers through mobile coupon platform Shooger will soon have Blackberry as an option to clip and save. This week the company made it easier to search for deals on iPhone, handsets running Android, and the company's Web site, but the company has plans to ties in searches on PC, too. The clip-file-and-save coupon app geared toward local and national specials relies on Google Maps and other technology to pinpoint location and deliver the goods. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: Mobile Users Accessing Business Directories Jump, Represent Most Attractive Customers

    As one might assume, local business directories are benefiting greatly from the mobile boom. In March, the number of mobile subscribers accessing business directories via mobile phone increased 14% year-over-year to 17.3 million users, according to new research conducted by comScore and released on Thursday by the Yellow Pages Association. ...Read the whole story

  • Young Latinos Lag In Mobile Use, But Boast Big Buying Power

    Young Latino adults don't use mobile devices to socialize and communicate with friends quite as much as other groups, yet a recent marketing study suggests they are the "sweet spot" of mobile carriers. They are more likely to use mobile to research and buy products and services. The Hispanic community will spent $357 billion on telecom services in the next five years. ...Read the whole story

    Engage Physicians Via Smartphones

    Smartphones are not just brilliantly nimble devices for reaching PCPs and specialists; they allow you to learn about and develop a relationship with the doctors who can mean the most to your marketing. ...More

    • My New HTC Evo Smartphone Rocks -- Except For The Bloatware

      I just got an HTC Evo for my birthday, and it is awesome. The phone has been reviewed widely, so I'll sum it up via Engadget : "[I]ts magnificent list of specs reads as though it ...More

    • Let's Give Mobile Video A Little Push

      The mobile video services on both my iPhone and iPad are starting to pile up, and just remembering what I have is getting cumbersome. I am sure that the video providers themselves would like to think ...More