Wednesday, June 22, 2011
  • Q&A: Boost VP Talks About Its Multi-based Strategy

    In April, Boost topped the list of pre-paid companies in a recent J.D. Powers' survey for customer satisfaction. Boost Vice President Andre Smith spoke with Marketing Daily about the company, its prospects and the industry as a whole. ...Read the whole story

  • Cheil's Virtual Shopping Campaign Takes Real Prize In Cannes, Wins Media Grand Prix

    CANNES, FRANCE - South Korea's Cheil Worldwide took the top prize during the 2011 Media Lions awards presentation here Tuesday night. It won the festival's Grand Prix award for an outdoor media campaign for client retailer Tesco's locally branded Homeplus stores. This was the first time a South Korean agency won the festival's top honor -- and reflects an increasing recognition of media work being created by emerging markets outside Western Europe, the U.S., Japan and Brazil. There were 2,895 entries submitted from more than 67 countries, an increase of 35% over the 2010 Media Lions submissions. ...Read the whole story

  • GMA/PwC: Digital Key In Driving CPGs' Recovery

    Every one of the 148 food/beverage/consumer products companies analyzed (using publicly available information) showed sales growth in 2010, with 2.9% growth for top performers and 1.5% growth for the bottom quartile. Most sales growth came organically and from acquisitions, with the strongest organic growth coming from emerging markets in Latin America and Asia. ...Read the whole story

  • Southern Comfort Lime Launches Social Hub

    The concept: Helping SoCo fans to plan and interact throughout their nights out by consolidating a variety of digital activities in one convenient, cross-platform area -- while building awareness of the new Lime product through the hub's features and design. ...Read the whole story

  • Tablets Beat PCs In Media Consumption

    Outpacing smartphones, virtually all (93%) of tablet owners use downloaded apps, about two-thirds check email and browse the Web, 58% play games and listen to music, half watch video and use it for social networking, 42% for reading books, and 31% to make purchases, per the Online Publishers Association. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen, MyWebGrocer To Track Online Grocery Sales

    John Burbank, president, Strategic Initiatives, Nielsen, tells Marketing Daily, "Consumers can now shop anywhere they might be, at any given moment. That's a big change from 10 years ago, when they had to be at their home computers." He adds that consumer acceptance of online grocery shopping is considerably higher in Europe. ...Read the whole story

  • We Welcome Mobile Ads -- Just Not Too Many

    "Carriers are closing the gap on brands with respect to consumer openness and receiving marketing alerts," Michael Linnert, North American General Manager for Upstream, tells Marketing Daily. "They interact with their customers regularly through new phone and plan purchases, customer support, billing, and other factors that make up the customer experience." ...Read the whole story

  • GroupM Sets Mobile Privacy Rules

    GroupM has introduced new mobile privacy guidelines for publishers aimed at limiting the amount of data collected and used in marketing campaigns. ...Read the whole story

    Smartphone Samurai

    The Baby Center report noted that after a woman becomes a mom, the most important smartphone features are, in order, the camera, the video, then apps. According to an article in the Boston Globe, the app ...More