• Design, Connectivity Are Reasons Apple Reigns

    This week, "Marketing Daily" brings you exclusive coverage of the Brand Keys 2012 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. Each day, expect a full report on key product/services categories from among the 83 surveyed for this year's study, including automotive, electronics, retail and technology. This second installment focuses on highlights from the consumer electronics and video entertainment categories. ...Read the whole story

  • Magazines Exploit Mobile Commerce With Snap-To-Buy

    SpyderLynk is helping magazine publishers cash in on mobile commerce with the launch of Snap-to-Buy, which allows consumers to engage in a range of actions -- including purchasing products -- by scanning SpyderLynk SnapTags in print publications with their mobile devices. ...Read the whole story

  • Lexus Rolls Out Huge Campaign For GS

    Lexus has a new ad campaign for the 2013 Lexus GS that is borne on the wings of what Lexus says is among its largest-ever media buys. It carries a new message for Lexus -- one that focuses on technology and performance. ...Read the whole story

  • JetBlue Flies App, Updates Sites To Personalize Travel

    JetBlue Airways has launched an iPhone app and updated its mobile and PC-based Web sites in an effort to provide a more personalized and streamlined travel experience for customers. ...Read the whole story

  • Branded Multichannel Ad Campaigns Emerge From Super Bowl Spots

    Football fans didn't tap into mobile devices to catch the New York Giants] win over the New Engine Patriots Sunday as many analysts expected, but the ad industry did hit a major milestone in multichannel marketing. Consumers searched for data and game stats on desktop and mobile search engines, and viewed ads on YouTube and other video channels. ...Read the whole story

  • Redbox To Launch Streaming Video

    Verizon and Coinstar said they would kick off a co-venture that will allow customers to obtain DVDs at Redbox's 35,000-plus kiosks and view content streamed online. Details regarding branding, pricing and content were not released, although a launch is expected in the second half of the year. ...Read the whole story

  • Should Tablet Magazines Really Be The Same?

    Many magazines took the tablet platform as an opportunity to get tricky, oh-so-cool and dazzling with their interfaces and layouts -- but could readers be more put off than engaged? According to a survey of tablet magazine readers from GfK MRI's iPanel, 72% said they would rather their digital editions followed the same format. The engagement of touch platforms appears to impress publishers and their designers as too enticing to leave alone. ...Read the whole story

  • NPD: Super Bowl Apps Fell Short Of Hype

    Despite all the hoopla around two-screen viewing, findings from market research firm NPD Group indicate that interaction with smartphone apps during the Super Bowl did not live up to expectations. Engagement with football-focused apps from ESPN and the NFL were actually down compared to the playoffs two weeks ago. ...Read the whole story

What Your Smartphone Has To Do With Marketing Attribution

I remember the day I bought my first smartphone -- the IBM Simon -- which was so long ago that it was actually called a "personal digital assistant." I excitedly opened the package, charged it up, started reading through the manual on all the intriguing features -- and then my head started to spin. I started slow and eventually learned the ropes of my new machine. I never imagined I would use a phone to do all these other things -- but fast-forward to today when, like most of you, I've become a smartphone "power-user." Just as smartphones were in ...More

  • Back To The Future: TV Is My New Radio

    "Who is that, and what the hell is she wearing?" my daughter asked as the NBC Super Bowl pre-game show started with some country-like bleached blonde in silver lame pants singing the unctuous intro. I had a vague memory of this woman, but I was clueless. And this was only the first of countless times in the next few hours I couldn't ID someone who clearly the rest of the country knew as a celebrity. ...More

  • Mobile & Social Media Revenue Accelerating At 30%

    According to new data from PQ Media, total U.S. mobile & social media revenue, including consumer and business access, content, advertising and marketing, increased 30.2% to $45.38 billion in 2011. Mobile & social media revenue rose at a compound annual growth rate of 28.7% from 2006-2011, and is expected to grow at an accelerating 30.8% annual rate in 2012. ...More

  • Mobile Had Its iPhone Moment -- What Is Online Video's Watershed Event?

    Last week I was talking to fellow entrepreneur Sorosh Tavakoli from Videoplaza, who told me that we've yet to see the online video world's equivalent of mobile's iPhone moment. That got me thinking: If the iPhone was mobile's breakthrough, what will be online video's watershed event? And will that event be technology- or content-driven? ...More

  • Consumers Union Urges Opt-In Consent For Facial Recognition Tech

    The ability to automatically connect faces to names has long captured the imagination of many people, not to mention corporations. Facebook already uses facial recognition technology -- though so far only to allow people to automatically tag their friends in photos. ...More