Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Around The Net

    • Economist Group Credits Digital Growth For Profits M&M Global

      Circulation for The Economist reached more than 1.6m over the year, comprised of 1.5m in print and 123,000 in digital editions. Circulation-based revenue from The Economist and the group's other publications The World Inand Intelligent Life rose 6% with digital circulation revenue more than doubling. The Economist Group posted a record operating profit of GBP67.3 million for its financial year ending March 31. ...Read the whole story

    • Mozilla Preps Tablet BrowserThe Verge

      Putting other mobile Web browsers on notice, Mozilla Firefox is preparing to leave its mark on the tablet market. "We wanted to make something entirely new,” Firefox product designer Alex Limi said late last week regarding Mozilla’s prototype iPad browser, Junior. “We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor.” What’s wrong with Apple’s Safari browser for the iPad? It’s a "a miserable experience" -- even though it remains the best option available in terms of tablet-based browsing -- according to Limi. As The Verge reminds us, “When it comes to browsing the ... ...Read the whole story

    • Apple Already Released Its Own iSearch EngineForbes
    Socialcam Envisions Branded Video Triggered By The Geo-Fence

    Mobile sharing platforms may be the most effective way to untether video from the living room and desktop. Why shouldn't your favorite store ping your phone with a welcome video as you enter its front d ...More

    • Could Mobile Search, Advertising Become A Myth?

      The number of mobile Internet users will surpass desktop users by 2014, according to a forecast by comScore, which also estimates that a 47% rise in smartphone users -- equaling 106.7 million or 45.6% of the ...More