• GetGlue HD To 'Reimagine Discovery Around TV'

    In an upcoming release of an upgraded GetGlue HD, the social TV company is directing its focus on media content discovery, not just community. GetGlue will create for users customized recommendations for TV viewing. ...Read the whole story

  • Moasis Takes Mobile Ads Hyperlocal

    A new mobile ad platform, Moasis Global, promises to help marketers reach target audiences wherever they are, down to the neighborhood level. It provides technology for delivering advertising or content in real-time to pre-defined locations or "grids." ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Opportunities Missed Without Stronger Multichannel Integration

    Platforms continue to create a fairly easy process to buy mobile media, but marketers don't understand the mechanics of integrating media channels and technology. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Acquires App Developer Sparrow

    Google acquired the e-mail app developer Sparrow seeking to improve its Gmail service. Sparrow's app works on Apple's iPhone and Macs. The Paris-based email app developer Sparrow and its five employees would join Google. ...Read the whole story

  • LMX Family: Even Preschoolers Get Wired

    A lot of preschoolers today can do the multi-screen thing by the time they're three. Will marketers be ready for them when they hit school age, and will they be ready for school and the things that come with it, like books? ...Read the whole story

  • Survey: Strong Demand For Next iPhone

    The iPhone has not lost its hold as an object of desire for mobile consumers. Early interest in purchasing the next-generation iPhone is much higher than for any previous iPhone model. There is also an uptick in demand for Samsung phones. ...Read the whole story

  • ACC Launches YouTube Sports Channel

    Score another one for live, premium Web content. The Atlantic Coast Conference's digital network just launched a new channel with YouTube. The deal marks the first and only official partnership between YouTube and a major collegiate sports conference, per the company. ...Read the whole story

  • Nabi Targets Moms For Kid Tablet

    A television commercial in the campaign depicts the wonder and potential a tablet can open up for children. A boy walks down a country path holding the hand of an astronaut in a space suit, another faces off against a Shaolin warrior. ...Read the whole story

  • Pew: Value Of 'Big Data' Debated

    Madison Avenue has harnessed the power of Big Data to pinpoint the precise audiences that marketers want to reach cross-platform. But a new Pew survey suggests that a significant minority (39%) of experts consider it a "big negative." ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

Forever Becoming: Paying Lip Service To Personalization

According to a new survey of marketers by eConsultancy, more companies are still talking the talk about personalization than are walking the walk. ...More

  • YouTube Ousts Hulu in Video Ads For First Time; Online Video Ads Double Year-Over-Year

    For the first time ever, YouTube has surpassed Hulu in video ads served. According to comScore's just-released June 2012 Video Metrix, Google-owned sites delivered 1.41 billion ads in June, the most of any Web property. Brightroll was next at 1.39 billion, and Hulu landed in the third slot at 1.33 billion. The top five also included Adap.tv with 1.15 billion video ads and TubeMogul with 1.04 billion video ads. A year ago, YouTube hadn't even registered on comScore's ranking of top 10 properties by video ads served. ...More

  • It's About Respect

    Gen Y is different than their Baby Boomer parents - and they make sure everyone knows. They were taught from a young age that they could do anything they want, that they are special, and there is nothing that they cannot do. They believe deeply in themselves and in being individuals with their own sense of style, opinions and values. Anyone standing in their way or bucketing them into groups is in danger of being written off as misunderstanding them. Let's be honest: They want some genuine attention and recognition. More importantly, they want respect. ...More

  • Don't Buy Media - Buy the Buyers

    Stop whatever you're doing right now and do this. Because you shouldn't really be buying media at all. You should be buying buyers: The customers who are most likely to buy the branded product or service you represent. ...More

  • Setting The Record Straight: 5 Common Misconceptions About Instagram

    With the ability to take great pictures on their phones, travelers are sharing vacation photos with their personal networks more than ever. Instagram, the popular mobile app, enables users to manipulate photos with filters and then post, like and comment on other's pictures. It's an application with great potential for travel brands because it's used extensively by bloggers, and consumers are catching Instagram fever, too. If you haven't considered Instagram for your brand, it's time you did. ...More