Delivering Mobile Ads Through RTB: Long Way To Go

In recent years, two important trends in digital have occurred simultaneously: real-time bidding (RTB) has taken off and revolutionized digital advertising, and the rise of mobile has forever changed the way we interact with digital content. And yet, surprisingly, when it comes to RTB on mobile, we've haven't made a great deal of progress. Even some of the most fundamental questions remain unanswered. ...More

  • Nexage Launches Nexage Connect

    Boston-based mobile ad exchange Nexage this week announced the launch of Nexage Connect. Nexage Connect will “simplify the adoption and growth of mobile advertising for buyers and sellers," according to a release. “At the very beginning, we designed our technology platform to be extensible, intelligent, and scalable,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage in a release.  “Nexage Connect leverages that design,” he stated. “We believe Nexage Connect is a major step forward for our customers, our partners, and this industry.” ...More

  • AT&T Lets More Subscribers Use FaceTime

    AT&T will allow more customers to use the FaceTime videochat app on its network, the company said today. Specifically, AT&T will now allow anyone on a tiered data plan, who also uses an iOS 6 device with LTE -- including the iPhone 5 and some newer iPads -- to access FaceTime over the data network. The company will roll out that shift over the next 8-10 weeks. People who are on unlimited plans still won't be able to use FaceTime on a data network. ...More