• Mobile's Merry Christmas: 57% of All Online Traffic, 35% of Sales
    If nothing else on Christmas Day, consumers were using their phones to shop. Yesterday's one-day sales numbers are in and mobile accounted for more than half (57%) of all online traffic, up 19% over last year. Mobile accounted for 35% of all online sales on Christmas Day, according to the latest IBM Digital Analytic Benchmark, which tracks sales by the hour.
  • 62% of Android Users, 63% iOS Use Same Password for Multiple Accounts
    While the number of consumers using their phones to buy things continues to rise, the security of those transactions may be undermined by the behaviors of the individuals making them. It turns out that mobile users are about 25% more likely than all consumers to use the same password to access more than one online account.
  • Shoppers Turning to Phones to Check Prices As They Shop
    Retail sales continue to rise along with the inclusion of many mobile steps along the way. Purchases made in stores and online will reach $22 trillion this year and $28 trillion in four years, according to the latest estimates from eMarketer. The online component of the global projection is relatively small at 6% this year, increasing to 9% within four years.
  • Coupons Lead the Way in Mobile Shopping
    Soon after all the holiday shopping is done, we can expect to see the full depth of mobile commerce and its impact on sales. Meanwhile, various studies already point to patterns of mobile behavior and how consumers are using their phones during all phases of the shopping process. Consumers are using their phones to research, check product reviews, look up product information and, in some cases, make a purchase from their phone, based on a new report.
  • Where the Best Deals Are, by Average Discount, Number of Items on Sale
    OK, here's the deal. No, I mean, really, here are the locations of where the sales are and who has them. Mobile shoppers are always looking for a deal. Shopping for men's clothing? You're in luck. That's where the biggest discounts are. Women's clothing? The most products on sale.
  • The New Happy Meal: Beacons Drive Sales at McDonald's
    Fast food locations are quickly becoming a hotbed of mobile commerce. With millions of regular and repeat customers, savvy marketers are deploying the latest mobile innovations to enhance, or at least speed up, the dining experience. Now beacons are hitting fast food and they're helping increase sales, at least in a number of McDonald's in Columbus, Georgia.
  • Mobile Sales Drivers: Loyalty Rewards 46%, App 28%, Flash Sales 26%
    To drive sales, some aspects of mobile obviously work better than others. The question for retailers, of course, is which work best. As might be expected, loyalty/rewards programs are at the top of the list in the eyes of retailers, according to a new report.
  • Mobile Payments: How You Pay vs. Who You Pay
    The mobile payments picture continues to evolve with an increasing number of options becoming available, not always from expected sources. Mobile startups like Square and the well-established PayPal have been disrupting the traditional payment landscape for some time. Then along came Apple Pay, finally adopting NFC (near field communication), so anyone with an iPhone 6 could use their phone to quickly pay in the places that accept that form of payment.
  • Aiding Purchase Decisions: PC 74%, Phone 40%, TV 36%
    Consumers continue to bounce around digital access devices as they shop this holiday season. In yet another indication that consumers are researching many ways before making decisions about what to buy comes a study showing that shoppers are turning to multiple devices while they shop.
  • Smartphones Top Tablets in Online Sales Transactions
    Tablet domination of mobile commerce may be coming to an end as smartphone purchasing moves up in the transaction chain. The leadership of purchasing transactions by tablet rather than smartphone has been well-documented by numerous research studies. Now, with larger screen sizes and consistently higher usage, smartphones account for the majority of mobile transactions for retail and travel in the U.S., based on a new study.
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