• Holiday Shopping Goes Everywhere On Mobile
    If there was any doubt that mobile would play a significant role in holiday shopping, the verdict already is in. Thanksgiving Day saw the greatest amount of both mobile traffic and mobile orders for online shopping, leaving PC traffic in the dust, based on a new online mobile shopping study. Over the holiday weekend, mobile traffic accounted for 75% of traffic on average, with the other quarter coming through computers, according to the study, which is based on an analysis of data from 3,000 online retailers.
  • Mobile Set To Dominate Holiday Shopping
    The big numbers for mobile commerce holiday shopping come out both before and after the holidays. Every year for the last several years, the mobile commerce activity numbers have been up and this year promises more of the same. In one of the latest holiday shopping forecasts, mobile shopping has passed shopping on desktops and tablets for the first time.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates On Smartphones Hit 78%
    More consumers are turning to their smartphones for shopping, and while many of them start a mobile purchase, most of them don't finish it. Shopping card abandonment has been an issue for online shopping for years, but it looks like mobile makes it even worse. While the abandonment rate for desktop purchases is 70%, on smartphones it's 78%, based on a new shopping card abandonment report.
  • 19% Use Mobile Payments; Most Users 25 To 44 Years Old
    It's getting much easier for consumers to pay for things with numerous forms of mobile payments but they still aren't doing it in mass. We have Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, along with the relatively new entry of payments through branded apps from Walmart and CVS, along with the poster-brand of payments, Starbucks. This year, 38 million Americans will have used their mobile phones to pay at the point of sale at least once in the last six months, according to a new study.
  • In-Store Phone Usage Tied Directly To Shopping Activity
    We know from numerous studies that consumers use their phones while shopping in stores. For marketers, the obvious issue has always been about finding out exactly how shoppers are using their phones both before they travel to the store and then once they get there. Most studies show that top of the list of what shoppers do is conduct product research and then check competitive pricing.
  • Mobile Research Starts The Purchase Cycle; 78% Buy Within The Day
    Once a consumer starts researching products on their smartphone, the actual purchase of a product is pretty closely behind. In the U.S., the final purchase is most likely to occur in a physical store, which is not the case in some other countries. While different countries have varying degrees of penetration, the smartphone is considered the most important device for retail research by almost a third (30%) of all retail shoppers, according to a new report.
  • How Mobile Millennials Buy: Banking 74%, App Purchases 53%, Music 51%, Retail 44%
    Like most consumers, almost all millennials shop in person, but they also turn to their smartphones for all kinds of commerce. Millennials in the U.S. who shop in person do it because of a sense of immediacy and the ability to touch the product and in many cases see if it fits, based on a new global study. The majority (66%) of millennials overall shop in a store rather than online due to being able to get the product right away and 66% because they are able to see, touch and try the merchandise.
  • All-The-Time Mobile Shopping Heads Into Holidays; 56% Can't Imagine Life Without Phone
    As the annual mobile commerce benchmark of holiday shopping approaches, it looks like it could be yet another mobile moment. Various pre-holiday shopping studies are coming out providing some insight into where mobile may fit this time around. This matters due to the massive size of spending over a relatively short period of time. Retail sales between last November and January totaled $969 billion, according to Deloitte, with projections of topping $1 trillion this time around.
  • Shopping Satisfaction: Mobile 47%, Desktop 56%, Store 60%
    More consumers are making purchases through mobile but that doesn't mean they're happy doing it. As the mass migration to mobile actions continues, smartphone owners are doing more researching, shopping and purchasing with their phones but not all are totally satisfied with the experience.
  • Airlines Build Out Mobile Apps, Wait For Consumers
    Airlines have been gearing for mobile commerce in a big way and now are awaiting more smartphone activity by consumers. Three out of four airlines now have mobile boarding pass and check-in capabilities, features expected to be in 90% of airlines' mobile apps within three years, according to the latest gauge. Despite the wide availability of such services, most travelers still aren't using them. In the last year, check-in by mobile app accounted for 12% of passengers, which was up from 9% a year earlier, according to a study by SITA, the airline industry organization.
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