• Apple Pay Usage Stays at 42% of iPhone 6 Owners
    Paying with an iPhone is growing both by the number of people doing it and how often. But the percentage of people using Apple Pay seems to have stabilized at fewer than half of those who own an iPhone 6, the only Apple phone with payment capabilities built in. While the percentage of IPhone owners using Apple Pay has stayed the same, the overall number is larger because more of the phones have been sold.
  • Companies Partner to Grow Mobile Commerce
    Partnership time in mobile commerce is getting into full swing. In the early days of mobile commerce, not all that long ago, new and established businesses looked at staking their claim in various pieces of the commerce landscape.
  • 400+ Million Beacons Projected to be Shipped
    Beaconing at retail is poised for explosive growth. More than a million beacons were shipped last year and now many more are on the way, based on a new global beacon study.
  • Mobile Payments & the October EMV Deadline
    Mobile payments may get a shot in the arm with the new credit cards coming. But that boost may be delayed by the lack of adoption by businesses. As anyone who recently received a new credit card may be aware, chips are now being embedded in the cards.
  • Back-to-School Smartphone Shoppers: 57% Check for Deals, Price Info
    The completion of back-to-school shopping is running a bit late this year and, as expected, smartphone activity will be a big part of the mix. Very few (14%) consumers planned to complete their back-to-school shopping within a month or two before school starts and almost a third (31%) won't complete it until after the school year is underway, based on new research.
  • Mega-Mobile Payments Venture Gets Set to Launch
    It looks like the long-awaited, retailer-backed mobile payments program may be finally launching. Well, at least in a limited test run starting next month, according to a published report
  • In Store Mobile Shopping: 57% Want a Location-Targeted Deal
    It's hardly a secret that many consumers use their phones in stores, even though most of the actual purchases are from the store itself. Almost three quarters (73%) of smartphone owners have made an in-store purchase within the last three months and more than half (53%) see in-store shopping as the best overall shopping experience, according to a new survey.
  • Looking for Commerce at Hill Holliday's Project Beacon
    It's not always easy to innovate in the course of having to conduct business every day. Brands and agencies have been turning to internal innovation labs, primarily to give their organizations the mechanism and time to explore new marketing and commerce technologies and capabilities.
  • The Android-Apple Mobile App Gap
    The mobile app gap between Google and Apple continues. Google leads in downloads and Apple leads in revenue, according to the second quarter report from App Annie Intelligence, which tracks downloads and revenue in the iOS App Store and Google Play.
  • Mobile Payments Meet Biometrics (In a Big Way)
    More smartphones are coming with technology that could be the jolt that mobile payments have been patiently waiting for. Within five years, 100% of smartphones will include embedded biometric sensors as standard features, according to a new market forecast by Acuity Market Intelligence. By that time, mobile biometric systems will be used to authenticate about 65% of all mobile commerce transactions, based on the forecast.
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