• Beaconing on Tap for Retailers to Reach Holiday Shoppers
    The early holiday shopping forecasts are starting to come out and beacons are making the list. Since just about every shopper has a smartphone, retailers are looking for new ways to bring the digital and physical shopping experiences together, with beacons high on the agenda.
  • Sears Lets Mobile Shoppers Return, Exchange Items from Their Car
    The returns and exchange parts of shopping are becoming more, well, mobile, at least at one major retailer. Sears just expanded a service that lets mobile consumers return and exchange items without getting out of their car. The idea is that a shopper with an item to either return or exchange, and a smartphone, can do so without going into the store.
  • Subway & the Full Menu of Mobile Payment Options
    The best testing ground for consumers looking to try out mobile payments for the first time just may be Subway. Want to try out Apple Pay? Subway has it. Softcard? Check. Pay by the Subway app? No problem.
  • 4,000 Beacons Coming to All Macy's Stores
    Another major retailer is going all in on beacons. Deep inside a series of announcements by Macy's yesterday about its omnichannel strategy is another major nod to beacons. Following beacon trials in New York and San Francisco, Macy's is expanding its beacon program to all stores nationwide, with the installation of more than 4,000 beacons in its stores.
  • Targeted Mobile Shopping Ads Starting to Hit Home
    The accuracy of location data has improved substantially recently with ads for mobile shopping now approaching location perfection. Those are among the latest finding in a quarterly location tracking benchmark study that analyzes how well targeted ads are at reaching consumers at the right place. This matters a lot for mobile commerce, since an ad targeted to a shopper's phone near a certain store may not matter much if the person is really nowhere near that store.
  • 54% of Mobile Marketers Plan to Beacon
    Beacons are going big. While many retailers, agencies and brands have been experimenting with beacons for many months, the growth of the small transmitting devices into the marketplace continues. It turns out that almost one in five mobile marketers already are using Apple's iBeacons, with that number projected to double to more than a third next year, based on a new study.
  • Mobile Shopping & the Age Factor
    Mobile shopping may not have any great age barriers. It turns out that older shoppers are comfortable using their phones to shop, with a fourth (25%) of mobile shoppers in the U.S. being 55 or older, based on a new study.
  • Apple Dives into the World of Mobile Payments
    Mobile payments are starting to get serious. Besides some larger iPhones and cool new watches, Apple's major foray into mobile payments yesterday will have the most significant impact on mobile commerce. This is not to say that the masses of consumers will quickly ditch their credit and debit cards and move to mobile payments just because it can be done with the new iPhone 6.
  • Mobile Retail Passes the 50% Point, Tops Desktop
    Mobile is finally beating the desktop for shopping at retailer websites. We've seen this coming for some time in a monthly mobile tracking study we've been following for some time. For the first time, more than half (51%) of visits to retailers' websites came from mobile devices, according to a new report.
  • Apple & Paving the Road to Mobile Payments
    Apple's latest announcements today could be a boon to mobile commerce. The company is noted for introducing technology that changes consumer behavior. ITunes music purchasing and passbook aggregation, such as of airline boarding passes, are a couple of examples.
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