• 80% of Women, 77% of Men with a Retailer's App Use It in the Store
    Online shoppers just can't seem to warm to apps, but those who do, really do. This is even more pronounced based on gender, according to a new study. Neither group of consumers are heavy shopping app users, with 10% of men shopping through a retailer's app compared to 2% of women, according to the Retail Perceptions report.
  • 65% of Millennials Don't Purchase by Mobile
    For all the emphasis on appealing to millennials, the group doesn't seem to have bought into the idea of mobile purchasing. And of those who do buy via mobile, there's hardly a consensus on the attraction of apps vs. mobile websites. The majority (65%) of millennials do not buy anything monthly from their mobile phones, according to a survey by Social Lens Research.
  • 41% Buy on Smartphone, 37% on Desktop
    Using more than one device in the course of a purchase is becoming more common. This should be no surprise to anyone making purchases, which could be pretty much anyone, but it does pose some rather significant challenges to those doing the selling. One recent study did somewhat of a breakdown of what buying looks like by device when using more than one in the path to purchase.
  • 44% Expect Personal Data Security Breach at Retail, 24% at Banks
    The security of personal data is at or near the top of the list of just about every shopping study that asks about consumer concerns around mobile shopping. And now a study focused only on security shows why retailers should take consumers' fears to heart. Almost half (44%) of consumers say they expect a breach at retail and only 19% said it was unlikely, according to a new study.
  • Elvis Anniversary & the Mobile App
    When the airlines first created their mobile apps, ticket purchasing wasn't high on the list of offerings. Actually, it wasn't on the list of offerings at all. That's sort of the story of early mobile commerce. A business decides to create an app, figures out the creative, finds an execution team inside or outside its doors and away it goes.
  • Mobile Apps & Getting the Shopper's Attention
    Retailers have had the toughest time getting shoppers to use their apps for commerce. We know from numerous studies that the large majority of consumers prefer to shop in physical stores. Meanwhile, for online purchasing, mobile continues to grow, now reaching around 30% of all online sales.
  • Smartphone Consumers Search on Google, Shop on Amazon
    Smartphone shoppers look to Google for information but when it comes to making a purchase, the road starts at Amazon. When consumers with smartphones are looking for information, more of them turn to Google than any other source, turning to Google's search app or Chrome browser, based on a new survey. Google's search app and Chrome browser account for more than half (53%) of usage, according to the report.
  • Retailers & Mobile Payments: Security, Privacy Top the List
    Retailers have an eye on mobile payments but see other pressing issues ahead of what customers may be adopting. More than a third (37%) of retailers already can take some form of payments via smartphones but don't expect that number to dramatically rise in the near future, based on a recent study. Making it easier for consumers to pay at least made the list, though not at the top, according to the study Retail Payments: Consumer Control and the Need for Speed by Retail Systems Research.
  • 54% Mobile Bank While at Work, 17% When on a Date
    While mobile wallets and payments continue to lag, the ability to do banking activity from smartphones anywhere at any time continues to attract consumers. And a lot of this mobile banking activity is happening while at work, even during meetings (though I'm sure not at your company). A new survey by Braun Research for Chase, which has a horse in the mobile banking race, identified some interesting tidbits as to where mobile banking is going on.
  • Retailers Getting 47% of Mobile Sales via Apps
    Retailers that bought into apps in a big way are starting to reap the rewards. For retailers who prioritized their mobile app as a key revenue driver, apps are now generating almost half (47%) of their mobile revenue with the rest coming from mobile browser sales, based on a new study. Mobile now accounts for 34% of all online transactions globally and is projected to reach 40% of all online transactions by the end of this year.
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