• Mobile Influence On Store Sales Tops $1 Trillion
    Even as more online sales happen through mobile phones, the major impact of mobile will be felt in actual stores. With bigger screen sizes and at least more in-store Wi-Fi working, in-store Web browsing is getting easier. And that's a good thing for consumers, since most of them who use phones to shop tend to turn to websites rather than apps, basically an extension of their desktop behaviors to mobile.
  • Mobile Payment Predictions: NFC Grows, Focus On Security, Omni-Channel Gets Real
    One thing I like about predictions is that, at least eventually, you can see how good they were. Another aspect is that if they're made by someone who at least should be in the know, they can point to some potential trends, even if the end prediction isn't realized. Since it's early in the year, the annual predictions around mobile payments are coming out, as expected. As usual, the predictions are for good times ahead in the world of mobile payments.
  • Mobile Shopping Future At NRF: Tap For A Salesperson, Scan Anywhere On Packaging
    Using mobile devices for in-store shopping activities are about to be cranked up yet again. This is being driven by a continuing focus on creating the retail experience of the future, where new, interactive technology spreads throughout the retail world. As I roamed the various floors and displays at the National Retail Federation annual retail show of shows in New York this week, it became apparent that some of the technologies here and on the way are going to transform consumer in-store behavior.
  • Mobile Holiday Sales Reach $13 Billion; 64% Of Retailers To Increase Smartphone Investments
    The impact of mobile on this past holiday shopping season was projected to be huge, and huge it was. With final tallies coming in, spending via smartphone for online purchases hit $13 billion, based on a new study. That's an increase of 59% from a year ago, according to comScore, and that's just for the last two months of last year.
  • CES & Mobile Commerce: 2-Day Battery Life, Bigger Screens, Shopping From The Refrigerator
    Mobile commerce is not always defined by an actual product introduced as much as by new capabilities ether delivered or implied within the new products. This struck me as evident yet again as I watched product after product introduction at the annual CES show in Las Vegas this week. Many manufacturers clearly save their big bangs for the show and as a result, announcements and introductions can overwhelm any normal day-to-day nuances that may impact commerce.
  • Beacons, Grocery Shopping, Consumer Behavior Tops In MobileShopTalk For Year
    As the year ends, it's time to take a look back to see what hit a nerve in the market over the last year. Reviewing the 10 most read MobileShopTalk columns of the year, beacons were top of mind for many, with 6 of the top 10 stories related to beacons. Beacon topics ranged from activities of large retailers to partnerships. In the world of retail, beacons were a big deal, as merchants looked for ways to leverage more precise location for the targeting of messaging to customers, as well as to gather new customer insights.
  • Mobile Commerce Heading To $284 Billion, 45% Of Online Spending
    Consumers continue to shop on mobile but buy online. Much to the dismay of many major retailers, mobile shopping is via browser rather than often highly superior apps and it doesn't look like any change is imminent. However, mobile will continue to account for a progressively larger portion of e-commerce, which is also projected to continue its growth, based on a new report.
  • Mobile Millennials: 68% Take Phone Camera Capture Over Typing
    Millennials not only get mobile, they see it as their channel of choice for pretty much any transaction. Whether opening accounts, banking or making purchases, millennials increasingly lean on their smartphones. In the no-surprise department, most (86%) millennials make purchases and conduct transactions from their smartphones, based on a new study.
  • Mobile Payments In Search Of A Holiday Shopping Season
    Mobile payments are getting a fair shot during this holiday shopping seasons but the timing may not be so good overall. Each of the various payment methods have been pretty well fine-tuned over the last year or so, but that isn't turning out to be the issue. Rather than a single mobile payment system emerging, which was not expected anyway, the different systems available to mobile shoppers can seem somewhat bewildering, not to mention what the checkout associates are facing during the payment process.
  • Looking for the Profitability in Out-of-Store Sales
    With study after study showing mobile having a blowout impact on holiday sales, it would appear many retailers are reaping some of the revenue windfall. But there's revenue and then there's profit, where the picture is not quite as clear. It's no secret that consumers shop with smartphones, tablets and PCs and then head to physical stores for the final purchase.
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