Friday, July 25, 2014
  • Google Must Explain Handling Of Privacy RulingThe Guardian

    Google was brought in front of European data protection regulators Thursday to explain its handling of the “right to be forgotten” ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The ECJ ruling meant that EU citizens had the right to request that information online that is inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant, or excessive be removed from search listings and other non-media websites.

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  • Netflix Signs French Content Creator

    Netflix has made the agreement with Sacem (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music), which will see Sacem members whose content is featured on the platform paid for the privilege. The agreement covers the authors of music, sketches, dubbing, subtitling, composers, directors and publishers.

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  • Google Under Fire For Slashed UK TaxesDaily Mail

    Google is facing fresh outrage over its meagre contribution to the UK taxman, after revealing it paid just £20million in corporation tax last year. The California-based internet giant has faced stinging criticism for using a complex corporate structure that allows it to route UK sales through Ireland to slash its tax bill.

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  • UK Seniors Getting Comfy With Shopping OnlineMobile Marketing Watch

    Senior citizens in the UK are starting to get more comfortable with the digital world and are going online for at least some of their shopping. On top of that, attitudes among the silver set toward shopping online indicate that this kind of behavior is destined to become even more common. According to eMarketer, more UK seniors are saying they’re using digital more in their shopping endeavors. For instance, 14.8% of over-54s said they researched online and then bought in-store, vs. 19.5% of 18- to 24-year-olds.

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  • Social Media Users Feel Inadequate To PeersBelfast Telegraph

    Nearly two thirds of social media users say that sites like Facebook and Twitter make them feel inadequate about their own lives and achievements. According to new research by disability charity Scope, 62% of Facebook and Twitter users felt their own achievements were inadequate when compared to the posts of others, and 60% said that the sites had made them jealous of other users

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  • Swedish Company Hopes To Expand Online GamblingSBC News

    Sweden’s state controlled gambling operator, Svenska Spel has requested a direct application from the Swedish Government, to allow the operator to launch an online casino product. The Swedish government are currently reviewing legal and regulatory policy with regards to online gambling. In June the Swedish government launched a special investigation into advertising of online gambling products within Swedish Media.

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  • Food Styling More Than Instagrams Of LunchThe Globe and Mail

    At food marketing agency The Hot Plate, rustic distressed wood tabletops are stacked against the wall. A prop closet is stacked with colourful plates, bowls and ramekins in all sizes. Four refrigerators are needed to keep the test kitchen running.

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A Plea On Behalf Of Native

A couple of weeks ago, The Advertising Standards Authority made a ruling against Outbrain which has now is forcing publishers and technology platforms to review the labelling of paid content recommendations on their sites. Anyone who has read a couple of newspaper web stories has seen these widgets which punt paid content on publisher sites that tell readers they "might also like" one of several stories "from around the Web." ...More

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