Tuesday, August 19, 2014
  • EU Justice Accuses Google Of DistortionGigaom

    Critics of the European Union's controversial "right to be forgotten" policy, which lets citizens ask companies to delete their personal data, are "playing false" and trying to derail important reforms, according to EU Justice Commissioner, Martine Reicharts. Speaking in Lyon, France on Monday, Reicharts singled out Google for allegedly trying to undermine a controversial court ruling in May that has already led to more than 91,000 asking for it to delete search results they dislike.

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  • How To Harness Phone Tech For NewsMonday Note

    The modern smartphone is 7 years old and yet, when it comes to designing mobile applications, we are still barely scratching the surface. Today we'll see how harnessing technology already embedded in a phone can unleash great potential.

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  • Contributoria Mixes Collaboration, Crowdfunding, PrintPBS

    Matt McAlister, who serves as director of digital strategy at Guardian Media Group, had a vision for collaborative, crowdfunded journalism that would facilitate two different kinds of communities. That vision has become Contributoria, which allows independent writers to pitch stories that are supported by people who like their ideas. And the finished result ends up not just online - but in a popular print magazine.

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  • New Ask.fm's Owners Vow Bullying CrackdownThe Guardian

    The new owners of Ask.fm, the social network implicated in the suicide of 14-year-old Hannah Smith in summer 2013, have sworn to end bullying on the platform, or shut it down entirely. Doug Leeds, the CEO of once-dominant search site Ask.com, which bought the previously unrelated Ask.fm on Thursday, made the promise in an interview with Silicon Valley news site Pando Daily.

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  • Share Your DVR Recordings Via Simple.tvGigaom

    Connected DVR maker Simple.tv just launched a new feature that will make it easier for users to share TV shows with their friends and family - and in turn possibly get Simple.tv a few new customers. Owners of Simple.tv's DVR for cord cutters can now set up guest passes to let others access their DVR recordings over the internet.

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