Tuesday, May 15, 2012
      • Australian Ad Market To DeclineThe Australian

        The Australian advertising market is predicted to contract this year after media agency MagnaGlobal revised its figures downward based on first quarter trends. The market intelligence and research division of Media Brands predicts spending on traditional media will continue to contract, with the internet the only media posting any significant growth. Overall, MagnaGlobal predicts spending will contract by 1.3%. Magazines are expected to be the hardest hit sector, down by 10.5% compared to initial forecasts of a contraction of just 3.5%. Newspapers are expected to see a slip in advertising of 9.5%. Internet advertising was expected to lift by 19.5%, up on previous predictions, while digital out of home advertising was expected to grow by 17.3%.

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      • Former Prime Minister's Wife's Party Was 'Bonkers'The Guardian

        The "slumber party" the former prime minister's wife Sarah Brown hosted for guests including Wendi Deng and Rebekah Brooks was "completely bonkers", Sky News political editor Adam Boulon told the Leveson inquiry. Boulton said he was also surprised to see a succession of prime ministers and opposition leaders turn up at the News Corporation annual summer party. News Corp owns 39.1% of Sky News parent company BSkyB.

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      • Russell Buckley: QR Codes Are DeadThe Drum

        Russell Buckely, who many see as the 'godfather of mobile' gave a rapid fire round up of key technologies he believes will disappear as mobile technology counties it's exponential growth. Buckley, who is a former global chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, and chief marketing officer at Eagle Eye Solutions, gave a list to an Admonsters OPS conference. He said QR codes are an intermediate technology, which will be rendered redundant by face recognition type technology.

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      • WhaleShark Expands Coupon Empire to FrancePortfolio.com

        Online coupon giant WhaleShark Media, which operates the RetailMeNot coupon site in the United States and several European sites, has acquired French online coupon publisher Miwim for an undisclosed sum. The company, founded in 2009 by Cotter Cunningham, will now operate Miwim's leading online coupon site, Bons-de-Reduction, and the cash-back website, Poulpeo. Olivier David and Francois Larvor, who cofounded Miwim in 2007, will continue to serve as its co-general managers as part of the agreement, which adds nearly 20 additional employees to WhaleShark Media's overall headcount, including a product and development team that will continue to serve the engineering needs of the company in France, the company said.

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      • BBC Worldwide Extends Partnership With Video Site Viki TechCrunch

        BBC Worldwide is extending its relationship with social, online TV site Viki. Through its BBC Advertising arm, the BBC will be pooling together ad inventory from its own BBC Worldwide operations with that of Viki, which is accessed in over 200 countries and offers TV shows, movies and other premium content in over 150 languages - with those translations powered by its user base. The deal will mean that BBC can add further scale to its own advertising operations to target a class of larger advertisers looking to reach that international audience on a wide scale.

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      • Council Says Hungary Must Do More On Media LawExpatica.com

        Hungary's proposed amendments to its controversial media law are a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done, the chief of the Council of Europe said on Tuesday. "It definitely goes in the right direction, so we welcome that very much even if there is still some work to do," said Thorbjorn Jagland, the secretary general of the pan-European body.

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