Thursday, December 17, 2009
  • Paris Hilton Forges Intimate Relationship With Consumers

    Paris Hilton is using her line of hair and beauty products to reach out and touch someone: primping teenage girls. While the campaign featured on her new line of hair and beauty products aims to create long-term bonds between consumers and the notoriously commitment phobic heiress, it also creates the means to generate leads for future promotions. ...Read the whole story

  • IAB And AAAA Update Contract Guidelines, Specify Who Owns Data

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau and Association of American Advertising Agencies have unveiled an updated model contract for online media buys that would limit advertisers' and publishers' ability to use data "owned" by the other. Among other changes, the updated terms and conditions restrict advertisers' ability to retarget users based on information collected at publishers' sites. That is, advertisers (and their agencies) can't now decide to send a second ad to users simply because they already viewed a first ad at a particular publisher's site. ...Read the whole story

  • Kids Are Clicking On Video Ads (Grown-Ups Not So Much)

    If the 25- to 54-year-old demographic is the sweet spot for online video advertisers, they may need to aim a little lower. Kids under 14 are generating the highest click-through rate on pre-roll ads, at 3.7%, according to the latest user data from video ad network YuMe. ...Read the whole story

  • Generation Buy: Younger Consumers Splurge Despite Recession

    Doing their parts this year, Generations X and Y -- consumers age 18-44 -- assisted in the economic recovery of the nation by continuing to splurge on certain types of purchases, according to new data from Publicis Groupe's search engine marketing services provider Performics. The younger set splurged more than any other age group in 2009, despite one of the worst economic years in decades, according to the study conducted by ROI Research. ...Read the whole story

  • Vimeo Accused Of Copyright Infringement For Encouraging Lip Dubs

    The record label EMI has sued video site Vimeo for copyright infringement, alleging that the company goads users to post video clips of themselves lip-synching songs by musicians like Billy Idol and KT Tunstall. The complaint alleges that Vimeo not only displays "lip dubs" but also advises users to create the clips by combining videos of themselves with high-quality copies of songs. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Music Growth Levels Off

    Despite the best marketing efforts of companies like MySpace and Pandora, mainstream Americans still haven't taken to streaming music services, according to a survey of some 4,600 Americans, along with 13,000 Europeans. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Starts Preferred Developer Program

    Facebook has launched a preferred developer program to help brands and advertisers connect with a pool of proven applications creators and consultants on the social network. The initial group of 14 preferred developers includes Archrival, Buddy Media, Involver, Shuffle Interactive, Sprout and Vitrue. Among them, they have built branded Facebook apps for companies including Red Bull, Chase, MTV and Disney. ...Read the whole story

  • Will Startups See a Renaissance Of VC Funding In 2010?

    The advertising industry could see a double lift in 2010 for dollars flowing into rich media ads, video and other forms of online advertising. That uplift comes from companies increasing their share of online advertising in 2009, although overall budgets remained low. That will change in 2010. ...Read the whole story

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