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  • the wifi is working at OMMA Global!
    hallelujah!  And thanks to SocialVibeAds for sponsoring the free wifi.
  • Apple is too sexy for the world mobile conference
    I'm always fascinated, and sort of annoyed, by Apple's decision to strategically not attend industry functions. Steve Horowitz, CTO of, recalled that Apple doesn't even have a presence at the World Mobile Conference, despite (or I guess because) their mobile devices are currently the cutting edge -- so good, I guess, that they don't even have to talk about or sell their features to other industry players. I'm sure this tech snobbery is justifiable from some strategic PR point of view.... but honestly it just looks like prissy, baseless conceit to someone who isn't an Apple fanboy or member of the cult ...
  • mobile is key to Facebook's future
    Interesting stat suggesting mobile access correlates with increased engagement: Facebook users who access the site through mobile devices are twice as active on the site as the average user, according to Steve Horowitz, CTO of
  • Nordstrom, Disney Celebrate "Small World" With Clothing Line
    It's enough to get you tapping the toes of your Dutch wooden shoes: Nordstrom and Disney Consumer Products are introducing a limited-edition collection of children's clothing to celebrate the 45th birthday of the 'It's a Small World' attraction at Disneyland.

    The inspiration for the four seasonal collections is decades old, and came from Disney artist Mary Blair's original mid-century artwork. And the upscale retailer has given the line a modern cause-related twist: TOMS Shoes, the footwear marketer involved in the project, will donate shoes for children in need, and FEED Projects' Small World items will benefit UNICEF. (That organization's ...

  • Email, The Workhorse
    Reach over to the Blackberry or the iPhone laying on the nightstand after opening your eyes first thing in the morning. Email isn't the shiny new object, but it still drives a tremendous amount of activity and conversions, according to some. It's the workhorse, says Eric Kirby, CEO at Connection Engine, during OMMA Global in San Francisco on Monday. He says it's the workhorse that can drive other campaigns.
  • Is Email Still Relevant Or Old School?
    Stephen Pretorius, president at Acceleration, led a panel on Monday at OMMA Global in San Francisco discussing whether email is still relevant and does all the data even matter? The data absolutely matters depending on how marketers use it. How has the email space evolved? One things for sure, marketers are not using the data to their advantage. Every company has their own data capture analysis and it's important to build common targeted approaches to campaigns, from email to search to display. A second source of data is what you can append, meaning demographic data appended to files. Asking for ...
  • Report: ISP Serving Own Ads At Google, Other Sites
    The Internet service provider Mediacom recently started serving its own ads at the top of Google, Apple and other Web publishers, according to Commenters at BroadbandReports first noticed the ads around one week ago. The ISP has not yet responded to MediaPost's request for comment.
  • Rumor: Saudi King Courting Facebook
    By now, you may have heard the one about King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia offering to buy Facebook for $150 billion to prevent the social network from facilitating further social unrest in the Middle East. No, it's not true, but the attention the rumor generated this weekend -- making it into Iran's Tehran Times -- speaks to the surreal nature of recent world events. Indeed, who could have predicted a few years ago that Facebook would now be valued at upwards of $50 billion, and be partially responsible for overturning Middle Eastern governments, while threatening the stability of others? "The ...
  • And The Oscar Goes To:
    Coinciding with the Oscar's telecast on Sunday, offered a glimpse into the promising future of multichannel, consumer-controlled event coverage, paidContent confirms. Though not without its glitches, the Web extension "played opposite the telecast about as well as Geoffrey Rush did Colin Firth in Best Picture winner The King's Speech," exclaims paidContent's Andrew Wallenstein. Wallenstein took in the awards show with the browser-based view known as All Access rather than the Backstage Pass view, which assembled the same video feeds for iPod, iTouch and iPad. "Even though All Access cost $4.99 (Backstage Pass was a more economical 99 cents), ...
  • Can SocialEyes Make Video Chat Social?
    With the help of Facebook Connect, a new startup named SocialEyes is trying to make video chat "truly social," reports GigaOm. What does that mean? "The San Francisco company is building a video messaging platform that tries to move beyond largely one-to-one or group chatting experiences and looks like something Facebook would make it if went after video chatting." And what does that look like? The service, which will exist as a standalone site as well as a Facebook application, lets users maintain multiple chats throughout the day, while also tapping Facebook's social graph for conversations. "Users can pop ...
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