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  • iPhones, Samsung And Walmart Dominate Loyalty Ranking
    A new ranking of the brands that inspire the highest level of customer loyalty puts Apple's iPhone—even with its well-publicized tech glitches—in the No. 1 spot, followed by Samsung's handsets, and Walmart. And by category, cosmetics and retailers inspired the most loyalty, according to the 10th annual top-50 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders, an annual survey by Brand Keys.

    "Brand loyalty is driven by emotion, but a little less so as the economy gets better," Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president, tells Marketing Daily. "People are wanting to engage with brands, but in a meaningful way—sometimes marketers mistake entertainment ...

  • Princesses And Pumpkins Top Costume List
    Expect your friends to show up as witches, vampires and pirates, your kids as princesses and Spiderman, and your dog to don a pumpkin or devil suit, according to the National Retail Federation's ranking of hot Halloween costumes. The survey, conducted by BIGResearch and based on responses from some 8,000 adults, estimates that about 4.3 million little girls will go the princess route this year—the sixth consecutive year as No. 1. New to the kids' list this year are Buzz Lightyear (about 648,000 kids) and Harry Potter characters (459,000.) For adults, nurses—which dropped off the list last year—are back with ...
  • Lincoln Uses Mad Man To Launch New Ad Push
    Goodbye Major Tom, hello John Slattery. Ford's Lincoln division has a new ad campaign starring the Mad Men actor that introduces a new tag-line, "Smarter Than Luxury. " The campaign debuts on Saturday with a raft of TV spots that feature the 2011 Lincoln MKX and MKZ Hybrid. The ads star actor Slattery. The spots, breaking during the Ryder Cup golf tournament on NBC, Slattery is shown walking around, driving and interacting with the car, all while his voice-over plays.

    "We chose John for his authentic, real-world appeal," said Connie Fontaine, Lincoln communications manager, in a company release. "He ...

  • Autotrader Focuses on Women In "Purse Powers The Pedal" Sweeps is launching a social-media sweepstakes program offering a trip to Los Angeles through the "Purse Powers the Pedal" Sweepstakes. The program, which runs from Sept. 30 to Oct. 20, targets women who, per Autotrader, are the sole buyers of more than 50% of all cars sold in the U.S.

    The program is meant to address womens' skittishness about the dealership experience, as the firm says 75% of women "Don't feel certain or sure of themselves when visiting car dealerships."

    The sweeps are meant to raise awareness of Autrader's "Roadmap to Car Shopping Success," a shopping guide eveloped ...

  • Kohl's, JCPenney, Borders Set To Expand
    More retailers are getting back to building. Kohl's says it is opening 21 new stores in 15 states, as well as a new customer service center in San Antonio. And JCPenney says it is beginning a five-year drive to expand in underserved markets, starting with three new stores. It also says it has begun a major renovation program, including 76 stores this year. And by 2014, the Company plans to complete major renovations at a total of more than 375 stores. And Borders says it will open 25 seasonal Borders Express stores, which will open Oct. 25, with Halloween themed ...
  • Lauren (Zalaznick), Not Laura (Lang) "Blows" It
    That's what I get for sitting in the back of the room, tucked behind the video camera operator, and looking down  for a moment when a female voice rejoined Trevor Kaufman's quip that 90-95% of branded content "blows," with her own observation that "90-95% of everything blows." Turns out the blower was not Digitas' Laura Lang, but NBC Universal's Lauren Zalaznick.

    Hey, you can see for yourself, and you can fact that all the rest of my "raw" blog coverage of the Future of Media Forum at the video posted here:

  • Laura Lang: "99% Of Everything Blows"
    You certainly don't expect to hear that from a leading brand steward like Digitas CEO Laura Lang, but I'm sure she meant that the 1% that doesn't blow happen to be the brands represented by Publicis agencies like Digitas.

    Actually, Lang made that quip, when Schematic CEO Trevor Kaufman was pointing out that "99% of branded content blows." Of which there is little debate.

  • Hilary Schneider Shares Yahoo's "Diabolical" Plot
    Actually, Schneider chided her fellow Future of Media Forum panelists who have been discussing the DemandMedia model of sourcing content to people based on what they are searching for.

    "It all sounds so diabolical to me," Schneider quipped, adding, "There's a lot of goodness for the consumer right now."

    "We can tell, during the Olympics, what people are seraching for."

    So when users are searching for information about, say downhill skiing, Schneider said Yahoo knows to serve it to them. She pointed out that Yahoo also recently acquired Associated Content to help fill that demand.

    "We ...

  • NBCU Chief Likens Video Sampling Model To Drug Dealers Pushing Addictive Drugs To Kids
    NBC U's Lauren Zalaznick, amazingly just disclosed a seemingly secret big media strategy that I've never heard articulated quite this way before. Tell me what you think about it. Here's what she had to say about big media companies marketing content to kids like a drug pusher marketing addictive drugs.
  • Fred Wilson Gets It – The Conversation Has Moved Online, And Brands Can Join it
    Noting how consumer lifestyles have changed, and especially how "hectic and full" they've gotten, and most importantly, how they are displacing conventional forms of communicating, Fred Wilson just made an astute observation that they are shifting to online forums where brands can actually insinuate themselves into the conversation.

    His example is that old school "knitting circles" have gone the way of the horse and buggy and are now are happening online in places like iVillage's forums.

    iVillage, NBC U's Lauren Zalasnick, pointed out currently averages about 20,000 "brand mentions" a month.

    "Think about it," Wilson noted, pointing ...

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