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  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Social Media: Amex Case
    some good things, some bad things about Amex's social media strategy
  • Buddy Media's Bourque on conversion and attribution
    Carla Bourque of Buddy Media recounts a campaign for Pretzel Crisps that grew their Facebook fan base from 6,000 to 45,000, and achieved a coupon redemption rate of 16%.
  • Google Analytics Is Moving Into Social Media
    The big dawg of search is sniffing around social.
  • Own Your Verbs
    "like you own your nouns"
  • Advertisers Are Now Developers
    David Kidder is echoing the wisdom of an anonymous Facebook VP who said "advertisers are now developers." Advertising as app development: a brave new world, but also one that's considerably more demanding in terms of resources, time commitment, and necessary expertise on the part of advertisers.
  • Facebook Fandom is a Social Contract
    It's a Pavlovian reward.
  • People Don't Buy Things On Facebook
    It's all about cats.
  • MoPub Opens Mobile RTB Marketplace
    Mobile ad startup MoPub Thursday announced the launch of a real-time bidding platform for mobile advertising. The MoPub Marketplace aims to provide publishers and independent app developers a new outlet for selling inventory through a competitive auction process. The addition of RTB builds on MoPub's ad-serving technology allowing publishers to monetize mobile media through directly sold ads, ad networks and cross-promotional campaigns. The company serves ads across Android and iOS devices and the mobile Web. Other firms that have rolled out RTB exchanges for mobile advertising this year include DataXu as well as Turn and TubeMogul, each in partnership with ...
  • Shake out for video ad networks and exchanges?

    Digital marketers are going to get more selective when it comes to video ad networks.

    Buying 70 video ad networks and/or exchanges? Forget it. Andrew Budkofsky, executive vp and sales partnerships Break Media, a video ad network and digital video producer, says there is going to be a "shakeout." 

    Marketers are not going to buy ...

  • TubeMogul: RTB Ins't Just For Direct Response
    To help demonstrate RTB isn't all about direct response advertising, video ad platform TubeMogul recently ran brand surveys on five video advertising campaigns totaling 44.7 million impressions and 4,487 random survey-takers. Four of the five brands are from Fortune 500 companies, and the list reflects the automotive, consumer packaged good (CPG), insurance and restaurant industries. Once exposed to a pre-roll ad, respondents were re-targeted with in-banner surveys within 30 days and not given any direct incentives to answer. To calculate brand lift, a control group was asked the same set of questions and the raw difference between the percent of ...
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