• Google Ventures Invests In Deals Site

    Signpost, a community-powered deals site, received seed funding from Google Ventures, joining an initial investment from Spark Capital. The site allows consumers to post affordable things to do in their city such as a weekend-only sample sale, the too-good-to-be-true happy hour, or the free yoga or pole dancing classes. The community curates the content, so consumers can browse the best deals on the site. ...Read the whole story

It's About Who You Know

As we enter the holiday shopping season, search marketers are anxiously planning away and anticipating strong year over year growth. For long-time sophisticated search programs, this presents an interesting conundrum: Where is this growth going to come from? While you can continuously build out keywords, this is usually going to deliver incremental volume at best. Sure, new products present greater opportunity, but only if searchers know those products exist. In this case, it's all about who they know. ...More

  • Ode To An Ipad

    I really had no idea how much I'd love my iPad. I have to say that it's now my preferred connection to the online world. Somehow, whether by design or coincidence, Apple has tapped into something primal and intuitive in myself. Judging from other iPad owners I've talked to, I suspect I'm not alone. There is a magical thing happening between me and this sleek little device. And whatever it is, it's important, even prescient. This, I suspect, is our future sitting in our laps. ...More