Monday, June 4, 2012

      Around The Net

      • The Search Engine Benelab And Its Teenage EntrepreneurMashable

        The non-profit search engine Benelab, founded by Seattle teenager Jack Kim, donates 100% of revenue to charity. Kim learned how to code HTML and build Web sites in his freshman year at King's High School in Shoreline, Wash. With knowledge and talent, the engine now routes through Bing, according to Lauren Drell, who also tells us about Kim's goals for the business. ...Read the whole story

      • Google Still Stuck On Local Ad RevenueThe Wall Street Journal

        Having so far failed to turn Google Offers into a thriving business -- on par with Groupon and other daily deal services -- Google is reportedly pursuing several strategies to increase local business advertising. Positioned as a “platform,” Google Offers has seen a boost in the number of partners using the service -- including KGB Deals, Zozi, Tippr, and HomeRun -- along with a “precipitous” increase in the overall number of deals being offered through Google Offers, according to deal aggregator Yipit. “The downside for Google is that in such instances, it must share revenue with such companies, bringing down ... ...Read the whole story

      • Quick Take On Mobile, Connected TVs, Video, SearchEconsultancy

        The amount of long-form content viewed on connected TVs and gaming consoles rose to nearly 90% in Q1 2012 compared with 57% in Q4 2011, according to Graham Charlton, who cites a report from Ooyala. Charlton rounded up some stats released least week on paid search, mobile, and online video, and he shares them here. Among them, 35% of smartphone users in five European countries reported accessing maps from their device, compared with 49.6% on desktop. ...Read the whole story

      • Google Buys Ecommerce RankerThe Register

        Delving deeper into online commerce, Google has quietly acquired KikScore, a company that assigns scores to e-commerce businesses based on their level of reputation and trustworthiness. “The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, is a Google acquire-and-shutdown special with the service being discontinued from June 28,” The Register reports. Under the terms of the deal, Google bought KikScore’s service, platform, technology and other assets, but  reportedly has no plans to take on its staff or management. A patent-pending online reputation company, KikScore currently has more than 1,700 small business customers. “It is understood that KikScore’s platform will be intergrated [sic] into ... ...Read the whole story

      • Google Acquires KikScoreSmall Biz Trends

        The KikScore blog describes how Google has acquired the technology and assets of the Washington, DC and Denver-based provider of online trust seals for small businesses, according to Anita Campbell. The company supports more than 1,700 small businesses worldwide, but the product will no longer be available as of June 28. Campbell points customers toward the Google Trusted Stores product and explains what Google and customers gain from the acquisition. ...Read the whole story