Monday, September 15, 2014
  • NFL Opinion, Loyalty Way Down, But Teams Keep Fans

    YouGov BrandIndex says people's opinion hasn't been this bad since 2012 when the league banned purses and bags in stadiums, and the world learned that the New Orleans Saints paid team members for injuring opposing players. ...Read the whole story

  • ShopIgniter Named Twitter Creative Performance Partner, Revamps Platform

    ShopIgniter, the social mobile ad firm acquired by Mixpo earlier this month, on Monday announced it is one of two companies to be named a Twitter Creative Performance Partner. The other partner is Inadco, per a ShopIgniter representative. ...Read the whole story

  • LinkedIn Partners With Kaplan On 'Career Journey Program

    LinkedIn is teaming with Kaplan Higher Education Group to launch a new program called Career Journey. The new offering provides individual learning exercises, educational resources and career planning tools. It also taps into the professional network's API (application programming interface) to pull member's information. ...Read the whole story

  • SMBs Use Social Media To Promote Business

    While a clear majority of small- and medium-sized businesses are using social media -- and Facebook especially -- relatively few have invested in paid marketing efforts. While Facebook continues to dominates SMB usage, the social giant is facing more competition from LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter's promoted tweets program. ...Read the whole story

  • Many Mobile Users Favor TV On Second Screen

    Social media and its connection with TV networks and brands keeps growing: Now 84% of smartphone and tablet users in the U.S. watch TV with a second screen. For "wireless network" advertising/brands, the top "affinity" scores go to many sports networks, while young viewing networks scored well for "personal care" advertisers and household product brands did best with networks with a focus on reality TV shows. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Ad Spend Will Surpass TV By 2017

    It's happening already in some major ad economies. But while ad executives say they are "managing a transition," TV is still expected to remain a dominant media with significant influence on culture and consumers. ...Read the whole story

  • Dodo Platform Raises Nearly $5M, Adds Native Ad Sponsorships

    The Dodo is not extinct. Far from it -- the animal-obsessed, social media-driven content platform just secured a $4.68 million Series A funding round led by Discovery, along with participation from existing investors. The Dodo plans to add native ad sponsorships and commerce partnerships -- but only those that abide by the company's ethical guidelines. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Acquires Polar, Mobile Opinion Technology, For Google+

    Google has paid an undisclosed sum to acquire Polar, a startup with technology used to poll mobile device users for their opinion on a variety of subjects. The deal gives a boost to its social network Google+ and streaming video services. ...Read the whole story

Sensitive And Personal Care Brands, Step Boldly Into The Social Conversation

Social media is proving to be fertile ground for brands that help tackle tickly personal care issues. It's not just the brands that are doing the engaging, it's consumers, seizing their social media soapboxes to share ...More