Thursday, October 27, 2016

    Around The Net

    • Facebook Adding Animated LensesMashable

      Facebook is finally introducing what look very much like Snapchat's animated lenses. “The feature, called masks, will be available within Facebook's app as well as the Mentions app for verified users,” Mashable reports. “The feature allows you to add animated overlays to your live videos.” Adds Mashable: “The filters themselves are pretty similar to what you would find in MSQRD -- the face-tracking and 3D face-placement app that Facebook acquired in March.” ...Read the whole story

    • Facebook Brings 'Lifestage' App to AndroidTechCrunch

      Facebook just added Lifestage -- its “teens-only” app -- to Android. “Previously an iPhone-only application, this experimental app represents Facebook’s attempt to woo the high-schooler crowd, while also testing other features like video profiles, gamification elements, and more,” TechCrunch reports. “These things could make their way into Facebook’s main application, even if Lifestage itself later fails.”   ...Read the whole story

    Vine's Time Has Come -- And Gone

    What the Vine?! Twitter on Thursday said it plans to discontinue the pioneering app "in the coming months." ...More

    • Facebook Messenger Makes 'Secret Conversations' Standard

      Top platforms are rushing to meet demand for more secure lines of communication. To that end, Facebook has reportedly finished rolling out one-to-one "secret conversations" to all of its 900 million or so Messenger users. ...More

    • Moderating A Shaming-Free Experience

      Raw but shaming-free conversations are the draw at, which started as a pregnancy tracker called Preggie and recently relaunched to include moms raising kids from birth to about kindergarten age. ...More