Friday, December 19, 2014
  • NBCUniversal Expands With Social Synch

    Looking to get more scale from all its social-media integrations, NBCUniversal has started "Social Synch." The effort seems to build and expand on the Twitter Amplify effort, where traditional TV and social-media platforms are sent concurrent and/or integrated advertising messages. ...Read the whole story

  • BIZ DEV: KBS Toronto Wins Creative, Social Media Work For Magnum Ice Cream

    Following a review, KBS Toronto was named agency of record for Unilever's Magnum Ice Cream and social media agency of record for Unilever Refreshments, which includes Magnum, Fruttare, Lipton, Red Rose, Klondike and Popsicle. The agency is charged with achieving global recognition and appeal for the Magnum brand in Canada via a multi-year integrated activation platform. In addition, the agency is tasked with differentiating each refreshment brand across social channels to reach audiences with posts that are contextually relevant for each sub-brand. First work debuts in spring, 2015. The agency also works on other Unilever brands, serving as the activation ... ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Engagement Index

    Wal-Mart has led the pack 6 out of the past 7 days, garnering over 2.5 million engagements daily. Google continues to yield high engagement from its "Year in Search 2014" video. ...Read the whole story

  • Bahlsen Hosts 'Crappy Cookie Exchange' For The Holidays

    The company is positioning its cookies as ideal for holiday celebrations or gifts because they're affordable and available at the supermarket, but "just as beautiful as pricey bakery treats" - and free of preservatives, artificial colors and GMOs. ...Read the whole story

  • Nike Ups Spending On Digital; Future Orders Weaken

    Observers were mostly positive, and Deutsche Bank reiterated its "Buy" recommendation, based on the company's strengths, as well as the continued popularity of running in North America and the overall strength of the athletic sector. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • The Problem With Anonymous Social NetworkingTechCrunch

    Has the anonymous social networking trend run its course? That might be an overstatement, but as TechCrunch reports, turning the trend into a successful business model is proving harder than most imagined. A number of services -- most recently Secret -- are repositioning themselves as safer environments for users. But, that hasn’t done much for their appeal among users looking for juicy rumors and gossip. “And thus demonstrates the vicious cycle for anonymous apps,” TechCrunch writes. “Let people misbehave, and the app buzzes with activity. Sanitize the experience to protect people’s feelings … and the app fails.”   ...Read the whole story

  • Instagram's Fake-Account Cleanse Sends Fan Counts Falling New York Times

    As promised, Instagram has been purging its platform of “spammy” fake accounts. As a result, “More than 29 percent of Instagram’s followers, or 18.9 million users, disappeared from Wednesday to Thursday,” The New York Times reports, citing data from software developer Zach Allia. Also, “The singer Justin Bieber lost 3.5 million fans, or 15 percent of his total, while Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million followers, or 5.5 percent of her fan base." ...Read the whole story

  • Good And Bad Bots Have Officially Overtaken The WebWired

    At least online, robots have officially taken over. Yes, “bots” -- or programs that simulate human activity in the service of their creators -- now account for 56% of all of Website visits, Wired reports, citing data from online security services provider Incapsula. Among other purposes, “People use [bots] to buy gear on eBay and … to snag the best [restaurant] reservations,” according to Wired. “But, increasingly, a slice of these online bots are malicious -- used to knock websites offline, flood comment sections with spam, or scrape sites and reuse their content without authorization.” ...Read the whole story

  • 30 Of The Most Interesting Things To Happen On The Internet In 2014Econsultancy
More Of The Unvarnished Truth About Social Media Insider's 2014 Predictions

Prediction! There will be no sequel to "The Interview," that little Sony movie about assassinating Kim Jong-Un! I'll save my thoughts on why that whole affair is Dennis Rodman's fault for another time, but now, as ...More

  • Can New Features Give Twitter Wings?

    As you know, despite its seeming popularity, Twitter's numbers have failed to truly take off. According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, more than half of Twitter's 982 million users don't sign in to the microblogging platform ...More